#OpBlitzkrieg: Nazi-Leaks

Nazi opponents have called just before Christmas to chop Nazi websites under the #OpBlitzkrieg action. The latter is the season not unusual, between Christmas and New Year there are regular collective search of vulnerabilities in Nazi infrastructures. Shortly before New Year's Eve, the platform was nazi-leaks.net started to document research results and to leaken example, a list of authors of the Junge Freiheit, including detailed contact information, a list of NPD donors or the purchaser of Nazi memorabilia from online shops. About the legitimacy of the action, there is little debate. Nazis found not amused, others argue again so that Nazis indeed want to abolish a democratic order and to prevent the disclosure would such actions legitimized.

The hacker ethic says again "Make public data available, protect private data."
Practical side effect: With diverse data sets, it is at least somewhat possible to make visualizations. This one can be combined with election results and other records to show where there is obviously a problem in Nazi Germany. But that would be possible with psyeudonymisierten data.


Anonymous is still at it with their wonderful #opblitzkrieg campaign against fascism. Their latest target was the American Third Position website and one of it’s most active leaders Jamie Kelso. The Indiana wing of A3P, Hoosier Nation, and its director Matt Parrott are less than pleased. Though we’re still combing through the full copy of their internal emails, anons were nice enough to leave us some highlights of the pwnage within their redesign of the A3P site. You can download a copy of the text from the new front page text here.
As the redesigned webpage tells us, there’s the usual racist bullshit you’d expect, but much more interesting is the correspondence which illustrates the links between the white nationalist community and Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. Kelso mentions ties to Paul’s Illionois campaign, though not surprisingly Paul’s Illionois campaign director has yet to respond to our inquiry. Kelso also is fond of boasting about his connections to Paul including face-to-face lobbying efforts at the behest of the A3P. Members also boast of injecting Ron Paul into left wing dialogue at left-wing websites:
While Ron Paul’s ties to the white nationalist community aren’t especially news, direct ties between campaign leaders as well as continued mutual support between Paul and the fascists will be impossible for Paul to dismiss as he has previous accusations like his racist newsletters.
Anonymous Redesign of A3P
Also interesting are the conversations about selling extreme right bigotry to mainstream audiences. These marketing tactics are pretty transparent but pretty illustrative of how the far-right tries to sell itself in this ‘post-racial’ world we live in.
Essentially this email details how to take the white nationalist ideology of a political party founded by SoCal boneheads in order to make it sound similar to Fox News, as the public is so used to Murdoch’s flavor of fascism that they won’t notice the difference.
Matt Parrott warned his followers to change their passwords on his facebook page after A3P was hacked. Displaying a comical level of ignorance, Kelso chimes in to commend A3P’s system administrators for their “competence”.

There’s plenty more to come and we’ll be going through it all in detail. We’ve added a list of known A3P party members within Indiana to our site and they can expect to see us soon. We’ll be visiting their neighborhoods, workplaces, and communities letting everyone know just what kind of neighbors they are.
UPDATE 2/13/2012 – Scott Davis of Ron Paul’s Illinois campaign denied knowing of or association with the individual referred to in several of these leaked documents as Ron Paul’s #2 man in Illinois.

To: Uilliam (OneCleverCookie@gmail.com)
From: patthemick (duxinarowe@yahoo.com)
Hey check out my latest thread on failure proof plan. I got another website to promote crossover voting for Ron Paul.lol My scheme is coming together nicely. I hope you’ll post to them that Democrats are crossing over to vote for Ron Paul to give Obama an easier opponent.:cool:
# To: “Adrian Krieg”
# Subject: Re: news release
# From: merlin@americana-pictures.com
# Date: Sun, 08 Jan 2012 18:07:34 +0000
Thank you, Adrian. I had seen this press release (dated Dec 22nd) but thought that it was undergoing Board revision. In my opinion it is close, but I have a couple of recommendations.
1) The opening paragraph positions A3P in a defensive manner comparing us to JDL, SPLC, NAACP, etc in that racial context. I would instead use an opening paragraph similar to Alex’s closing paragraph under “Immigration & Race” - ”The character of a nation depends on those who comprise it. A country is the product of its people; if you change the people you inevitably change the nature of the country. Each nation has the right to maintain the identity upon which it was founded”. I would then add…”The American Third Position (A3P) is the fastest growing political party in America and is the sole representative for the interests of traditional white Americans and the restoration of our Republic.”
2) In the fourth paragraph I would change “…total control of our southern border, before any discussion relating to our 24 million illegal immigrants, …” to “…total control of our borders disallowing any illegal immigration,…”
As far as the press release referring to our full platform on the web site, I would recommend (for the time being) using the one sheet, six panel flyer ”American Third Position PLATFORM” that I believe was developed in conjunction with The Nationalist Times. It is clear, succinct and will have broad appeal to our people. I would only make two minor revisions to it. 1) add “radical” in front of “feminism” – as we don’t want to alienate women who juggle careers and family, yet would support us, and 2) I would remove “including voluntary racial separation” after “…freedom of association,” – as it is implied and will occur naturally when we remove the social engineering influences of government and media.
My approach may seem “soft” to some, but it will work much better at this stage than being too explicit. I believe we can quickly grow the party and reach many of our disillusioned – if we dynamically appeal to their subverted reasoning - with facts and rational remedies. I want to posture myself as a patriot who is decisive (aggressively on the moral high ground), yet compassionate – and very concerned about our country and the active efforts to destroy all that we hold dear.
This will allow me to turn their smear campaigns upside down, rather than responding defensively to false allegations based on ammo that we have provided., If we are too authoritarian and explicit, we will be branded (even by our own people) as extremists, skinheads, racists, etc. A National Socialist approach may evolve in time, out of necessity, or through the dissolution of our country into small nation states (depending on the actions of the “global elites”), but at this stage we must posture to save our Constitutional Republic and restore a future for our kids/grandkids that our founding fathers envisioned.
Over the next few days, I will dissect “Our Vision for America” and add my voice, which I believe will moderate the tone and help us reach much further. On the campaign trail, I can discuss issues that Ron Paul believes he cannot, but I still want to maintain the moral high-ground in defense of our people and the Constitution. I believe this is why you considered me for the A3P ticket. Supported with the right tools, I will prove my worth.
Thank you and keep up the great work, Merlin


  1. AFD mails - http://pastebin.com/KUvdnAkb

  2. d0wned by #opbk http://pastebin.com/PH9BGpKV