April 16, 2012

AntiSec. Exposed

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David Morgan and his associates (AntiSec.) have decided that the only way to stop Echelon was to physically harm Kree Love, a high ranking officer of Echelon. He also decided it would be best to destroy Kree Love's connections within Occupy London with false claims of being a informant and snitch, with the help of a couple of Liverpool.

> http://www.picvalley.net/u/2235/86944310416625120701334453675StW5O2pWhPWaDehEwkvI.JPG <


[4/14/12 8:34:01 PM] Callum Smith: Hello there kree, are you there?
[4/14/12 8:34:43 PM] Kree Love: Yes.
[4/14/12 8:34:53 PM] Kree Love: I hear you have intel.
[4/14/12 8:35:48 PM] Callum Smith: Heya kree
[4/14/12 8:35:51 PM] Callum Smith: Well to put it simply
[4/14/12 8:36:03 PM] Callum Smith: I'm the person who they've "Hired" to come and take you down
[4/14/12 8:36:35 PM] Kree Love: And you're wiresharking me right now?
[4/14/12 8:36:43 PM] Callum Smith: And by that I mean I know you go to occupy liverpool, went to a squat rave, have contacts there who recognise you as well as the fact you have fake american ID, and they expect me to end you, which I would do, if antisec wasn't a lump of shit.
[4/14/12 8:36:51 PM] Callum Smith: Wireshark? Nope, basic skype, Im not into that shit
[4/14/12 8:37:02 PM] Kree Love: I've never been to Liverpool*
[4/14/12 8:37:04 PM] Callum Smith: I'm a friend of the "Fag hag"
[4/14/12 8:37:09 PM] Kree Love: I met people from Liverpool in London
[4/14/12 8:37:10 PM] Kree Love: Occuoy
[4/14/12 8:37:20 PM] Callum Smith: I know you havn't you have however been to occupy london, which I have contacts at
[4/14/12 8:37:26 PM] Kree Love: Sam?
[4/14/12 8:37:26 PM] Callum Smith: Basically speaking, I have a proposition
[4/14/12 8:37:37 PM] Kree Love: head of tech team...
[4/14/12 8:37:43 PM] Callum Smith: You scratch my back, I help you make antisec look like utter fools while similtanously giving me the opportunity to implant my self into them.
[4/14/12 8:38:21 PM] Callum Smith: can we call? I'll explain it in detail, there was a momentous sport occasion in liverpool today so im a bit drunk so bear with me, but I still have my wits about me
[4/14/12 8:38:29 PM] Kree Love: Okay
[4/14/12 8:38:36 PM] Kree Love:
[4/14/12 8:43:32 PM] Callum Smith: Basically what they want me to do is "Send you message"
[4/14/12 8:56:08 PM] Kree Love:
[4/14/12 9:58:27 PM] Kree Love: May I ask the names of the people who told you about me in Occupy London?
[4/14/12 10:00:06 PM] Callum Smith: No because they are innocent parties in this situation and not related to antisec, they are just a part (Unknowingly) in my intelligence network.
[4/14/12 10:00:20 PM] Kree Love: Well, I have a right to know...
[4/14/12 10:01:27 PM] Callum Smith: And if you go running your mouth then my intelilgence links get comprimised . . . If we can sort something out then we can probably talk about it, but until we have our meeting, sorry.
[4/14/12 10:01:45 PM] Kree Love: Could you come to London tomorrow?
[4/14/12 10:01:45 PM] Callum Smith: But, if things go well in the meeting, then it should be fine to tell you.
[4/14/12 10:02:24 PM] Callum Smith: Tomorrow, short notice, too short notice, If you can get a liverpool to london ticket, sure yeah, but if not you'll have to wait until after the 20th when I get paid
[4/14/12 10:03:49 PM] Kree Love: http://uk.megabus.com/JourneyResults.aspx
[4/14/12 10:03:52 PM] Kree Love: It's only £13
[4/14/12 10:04:02 PM] Kree Love: and £9 return
[4/14/12 10:05:30 PM] Kree Love: How about I pay your return.
[4/14/12 10:05:31 PM] Callum Smith: And I'm skint financially while my finances get torn apart by the benefit system for going to a family funeral instead of a meeting with the job center ¬_¬
[4/14/12 10:05:48 PM] Kree Love: I thought you got paid already?
[4/14/12 10:06:19 PM] Callum Smith: i did, half of it anyway, the other half for dealing with you, I spent my current half getting me out of debt
[4/14/12 10:06:32 PM] Callum Smith: £220 pound away from reaching that target so far
[4/14/12 10:06:56 PM] Kree Love: Well, I think if we could talk about this tomorrow in person
[4/14/12 10:07:00 PM] Kree Love: that would be a lot better.
[4/14/12 10:08:02 PM] Kree Love: There is a starbucks just outside of the coach stattion
[4/14/12 10:08:05 PM] Callum Smith: Of course we could, but bank wise, im fucked, I mean I could re-imburse you in person no worries but, ticket wise that would have to be sorted by your end if thats the method of communication you prefer.
[4/14/12 10:08:05 PM] Kree Love: we could talk there.
[4/14/12 10:08:10 PM] Callum Smith: Gladly.
[4/14/12 10:08:22 PM] Kree Love: You can pay at the station
[4/14/12 10:08:28 PM] Kree Love: if you're working with cash.
[4/14/12 10:09:59 PM] Callum Smith: Oh? that's usefull, but to be quite honest my anonymity is key, if you buy a ticket, I will oblige and meet you there, otherwise, im skint, literally skint, you could give me £200 in a transfer, and i'd still be skint, which is utterly shit ¬_¬
[4/14/12 10:10:12 PM] Callum Smith: but I mean, I could video conferance you if tickets are a problem?
[4/14/12 10:10:22 PM] Kree Love: I would rather meet you in person.
[4/14/12 10:10:31 PM] Kree Love: I meet all of my team in person.
[4/14/12 10:10:47 PM] Kree Love: and I think it would be more than respectful for you to come to London.
[4/14/12 10:10:59 PM] Callum Smith: That makes sense, security and such, I would coem to london gladly if you fund the ticket.
[4/14/12 10:11:09 PM] Kree Love: You could say you beat me up, and take the photos with the AntiSec.
[4/14/12 10:11:14 PM] Kree Love: say you went with the second option.
[4/14/12 10:12:00 PM] Callum Smith: Mmm, that would be handy, fund me a ticket and I'll be there, if not, video conference, im skint money wise, I will reitterate that to you agian, im skint money wise, skint, that means nothing
[4/14/12 10:12:33 PM] Kree Love: But if you could remburst me the money when you come here, can't you afford to buy the ticket at the station?
[4/14/12 10:12:35 PM] Kree Love: in cash.
[4/14/12 10:13:06 PM] Callum Smith: Well by re-imburse you I mean stay at occupy london until my money comes through and pay you from there
[4/14/12 10:13:40 PM] Kree Love: This is the problem you see, I leave London on Wednesday
[4/14/12 10:14:06 PM] Callum Smith: I'm not really interested in that, it is you who wants to speak with me in person, I can do a video conference if the tickets are a problem?
[4/14/12 10:14:24 PM] Callum Smith: Its the information thats key, not me, Jen is helping me get a fbi contact to go further from there
[4/14/12 10:14:24 PM] Kree Love: I'll see about getting you a ticket for tomorrow.
[4/14/12 10:14:36 PM] Kree Love: Jen?
[4/14/12 10:14:39 PM] Callum Smith: Thank you, that is appreciated, I'm free for the forseeable future, bar the 20th
[4/14/12 10:14:40 PM] Kree Love: Julie?
[4/14/12 10:15:00 PM] Callum Smith: Sorry, im still a bit innebriated, julie, she claims she works alone, but I feel she's using that as an excuse to protect her self
[4/14/12 10:15:06 PM] Callum Smith: the one called "mom" on skype
[4/14/12 10:15:11 PM] Kree Love: lol
[4/14/12 10:15:33 PM] Kree Love: Let me just see about getting you, your ticket.
[4/14/12 10:15:51 PM] Callum Smith: Thank you, need anything from my end I'm more than willing to oblige
[4/14/12 10:18:42 PM] Kree Love: Ah, we'll have to wait until Friday then
[4/14/12 10:18:52 PM] Callum Smith: but . . . fridays the 20th
[4/14/12 10:19:01 PM] Callum Smith: which is my birthday =/
[4/14/12 10:19:07 PM] Callum Smith: sure you can' do thursday or saturday? =/
[4/14/12 10:19:08 PM] Kree Love: I can do Thursday
[4/14/12 10:19:12 PM] Callum Smith: That's fine then
[4/14/12 10:19:14 PM] Kree Love: but you would have to buy the ticket
[4/14/12 10:19:24 PM] Callum Smith: Then that's problematic
[4/14/12 10:19:25 PM] Callum Smith: saturday?
[4/14/12 10:19:30 PM] Kree Love: Ok, caturday it is.
[4/14/12 10:19:40 PM] Callum Smith: Mhmm
[4/14/12 10:20:27 PM] Callum Smith: btw, I'm supposed to like, order my contacts to attack you or kick your ass and antisec rely on me to do this so, let's think of something fun to inpliment a infiltrator in them while simultanoiously rediculing them :)
[4/14/12 10:20:51 PM] Kree Love: Indeed.
[4/14/12 10:22:06 PM] Callum Smith: Awesomeness, I'll keep you posted in the meantime
[4/14/12 10:22:30 PM] Kree Love: Ok
[4/14/12 10:22:36 PM] Kree Love: So the meeting is off for tonight?
[4/14/12 10:22:41 PM] Kree Love: we'll talk later during the weekend?
[4/14/12 10:23:50 PM] Callum Smith: well if you want the meeting, sure, if you wanna talk at the meeting on the weekend instead, sure
[4/14/12 10:23:55 PM] Callum Smith: whatever, balls in your court
[4/14/12 10:24:03 PM] Kree Love: I'd rather wait until Saturday
[4/14/12 10:24:25 PM] Kree Love: I'm going to have a nice smoke now, and rest. So I'll speak to you later.
[4/14/12 10:24:29 PM] Kree Love: BTW: What is your number?
[4/14/12 10:26:18 PM] Callum Smith: Haha, I don't use mobiles, their . . . problematic
[4/14/12 10:26:21 PM] Callum Smith: you can contact me through the followign though
[4/14/12 10:26:34 PM] Callum Smith: callum49@gmail.com this skype account, and well . . . that's pretty much it
[4/14/12 10:26:40 PM] Callum Smith: or 0151 652 0435 - home number
[4/14/12 10:26:49 PM] Callum Smith: im not assed about my home adress, i have nothign to hide, im not scared of antisec
[4/14/12 10:30:02 PM] Kree Love: Ok, thanks
[4/14/12 10:31:04 PM] Kree Love: So how old are you Callum?
[4/14/12 10:31:09 PM] Kree Love: What else do you know about me?
[4/14/12 10:37:20 PM] Callum Smith: I'm 19, I know your a kid, I know your still in the london area, I know you like your weed, I know you go to O london, I know you go to the squat party's they have, I know that you and ryan are the same (or I believe so) and I know your house location
[4/14/12 10:37:29 PM] Callum Smith: it's fortunate i'm not the person antisec thinks I am
[4/14/12 10:37:45 PM] Kree Love: Can you confirm my address>
[4/14/12 10:37:46 PM] Kree Love: ?
[4/14/12 10:40:28 PM] Kree Love: Also why do you want to infilirate AntiSec.?
[4/14/12 10:40:35 PM] Kree Love: You know that they're not apart of proper AnonyOps?
[4/14/12 10:42:47 PM] Callum Smith: That's exactly why I want to infiltrate them
[4/14/12 10:42:51 PM] Callum Smith: mainly because their assholes
[4/14/12 10:42:56 PM] Callum Smith: and Im bored and get money for it
[4/14/12 10:42:58 PM] Callum Smith: im not gonna lie
[4/14/12 10:43:02 PM] Callum Smith: I really fucking love money
[4/14/12 10:43:13 PM] Kree Love: Ha!
[4/14/12 10:43:34 PM] Callum Smith: honesty is the best policy (y)
[4/14/12 10:43:46 PM] Kree Love: So what I get my flight, if I agree to this?
[4/14/12 10:44:54 PM] Callum Smith: I'm not sure, we can sort that out in person, I just know that we can really fuck over anon ops and the fbi pay for us to spy on anon ops
[4/14/12 10:45:18 PM] Callum Smith: so, ergo, help me, I help you with a ticket by getting you one that doesn't cost the rediculous cost of $1500
[4/14/12 10:45:30 PM] Callum Smith: and try get you one more around the $500 mark and try put money towards it
[4/14/12 10:45:33 PM] Kree Love: My ticket costs £450.
[4/14/12 10:45:46 PM] Callum Smith: well $500 is still less than £450
[4/14/12 10:45:57 PM] Kree Love: I would need to leave via Ireland.
[4/14/12 10:46:01 PM] Callum Smith: Anyway, rewards are to be discussed in person after I know what I can actually commit too
[4/14/12 10:46:02 PM] Kree Love: or the Netherlands.
[4/14/12 10:46:07 PM] Kree Love: Ok.
[4/14/12 10:46:18 PM] Callum Smith: Would you rather leave from england for a cheaper ticket?
[4/14/12 10:46:23 PM] Callum Smith: Its lovely having family who work with british airways
[4/14/12 10:46:41 PM] Kree Love: I wouldn't have the choice, I would have to leave via Ireland on American Airlines.
[4/14/12 10:47:31 PM] Callum Smith: Why? are you on a no fly list or something O.o
[4/14/12 10:47:31 PM] Callum Smith: or financial problems?
[4/14/12 10:47:45 PM] Kree Love: Let's just go with the 'no fly list'
[4/14/12 10:48:00 PM] Kree Love: I'm already working with some people in the U.S. Gov't.
[4/14/12 10:48:08 PM] Callum Smith: I see, hmm, drug traficking?
[4/14/12 10:48:17 PM] Kree Love: Computer related activities
[4/14/12 10:48:20 PM] Callum Smith: I mean if you like weed that much I can get a contact for you wherever you wanna go
[4/14/12 10:48:34 PM] Callum Smith: Oh, understandable
[4/14/12 10:48:42 PM] Kree Love: Personally, between you and me, I only like weed on the weekends.
[4/14/12 10:48:52 PM] Kree Love: I'm not a huge fan of it.
[4/14/12 10:49:05 PM] Callum Smith: Oh? Fair enough.
[4/14/12 10:49:19 PM] Kree Love: I haven't smoked weed in 3 weeks.
[4/14/12 10:49:52 PM] Callum Smith: That's a lie, you smoked it when my friend was talking with you O.o
[4/14/12 10:49:58 PM] Callum Smith: Or at least he seems to think
[4/14/12 10:49:59 PM] Kree Love: And when was that.
[4/14/12 10:50:03 PM] Kree Love: Callum...
[4/14/12 10:50:08 PM] Callum Smith: Between 2-3 weeks ago
[4/14/12 10:50:10 PM] Kree Love: or those two people from Liverpool
[4/14/12 10:50:25 PM] Callum Smith: There was more than 2 who were my contacts XD
[4/14/12 10:50:28 PM] Callum Smith: I'm not that naieve
[4/14/12 10:51:06 PM] Callum Smith: Tutini was helpfull like, as was a friend from LSX's tech team
[4/14/12 10:51:30 PM] Kree Love: Who is she...
[4/14/12 10:51:39 PM] Kree Love: Do you know Devin?
[4/14/12 10:51:42 PM] Kree Love: A female lass from the U.S.
[4/14/12 10:51:46 PM] Kree Love: who lives in Camden
[4/14/12 10:51:49 PM] Kree Love: attends uni, here.
[4/14/12 10:51:56 PM] Kree Love: European Business School?
[4/14/12 10:52:21 PM] Callum Smith: Nope, I know tutuni however, devin is more of a friend of a friend of a friend, no direct contact from my self
[4/14/12 10:52:36 PM] Kree Love: Tutuni, is she from Liverpool?
[4/14/12 10:52:47 PM] Callum Smith: Nope, just a O London contact I have
[4/14/12 10:52:57 PM] Kree Love: Ah
[4/14/12 10:53:24 PM] Kree Love: So, I just want to know
[4/14/12 10:53:33 PM] Kree Love: what would you do, if I didn' cooporate?
[4/14/12 10:55:10 PM] Callum Smith: I'd feel a bit sad for you for missing out on an opportunity, then I'd talk with ms Larson about you not co-operating like we hoped you would then look for other ways to bring down antisec
[4/14/12 10:55:23 PM] Callum Smith: I mean, Im not a vindictive asshole who goes on petty vendeta's on people who don't trust me, that would be fucking moronic
[4/14/12 10:55:40 PM] Kree Love: So what did Julie say?
[4/14/12 10:56:29 PM] Callum Smith: Basically that I she's surprised antisec wants me to attack a kid, but hopefully you would be able to help me use that to the advantage of anti-antisec people basically.
[4/14/12 10:56:38 PM] Callum Smith: she did say however not to do anything that could cause you harm
[4/14/12 10:56:45 PM] Callum Smith: which I have no intention of doing anyway so, alls good
[4/14/12 10:56:54 PM] Kree Love: Ah.
[4/14/12 10:57:46 PM] Kree Love: So, what do you know about David Morgan?
[4/14/12 10:57:59 PM] Callum Smith: Not gonna Bs you, nope I don't
[4/14/12 10:58:13 PM] Kree Love: He is the admin of the page
[4/14/12 10:58:21 PM] Kree Love: Everyone listed in his dox
[4/14/12 10:58:23 PM] Kree Love: is apart of it
[4/14/12 10:58:47 PM] Kree Love: So what good would come out, with infilitrating AntiSec.?
[4/14/12 10:58:51 PM] Callum Smith: aah I see, hmm, then getting him "Sorted" would be a big blow?
[4/14/12 10:59:16 PM] Kree Love: He's already getting sorted.
[4/14/12 10:59:22 PM] Kree Love: I think that's the reason they've hired you.
[4/14/12 10:59:34 PM] Kree Love: The Bikers of Melbourne are after him
[4/14/12 10:59:42 PM] Callum Smith: Each and every operation of theirs of significant importance would be foiled as well as giving me, (And you for helping) cash rewards while simultaniously making you (I wish to remain anonymous) look better for "singlehandedly" killing antisec, or as a group with your friends, wahtever I dont care
[4/14/12 11:00:09 PM] Callum Smith: He's no longer in melbourne he moved a while back, he's in brisbane now
[4/14/12 11:00:23 PM] Kree Love: David?
[4/14/12 11:00:36 PM] Kree Love: I know he is in NSW.
[4/14/12 11:00:44 PM] Kree Love: But someone has paid them to get him
[4/14/12 11:00:53 PM] Kree Love: once they've got an address confirmed.
[4/14/12 11:00:59 PM] Kree Love: Do you know who paid you and how they did it?
[4/14/12 11:01:04 PM] Kree Love: Was it WU ?
[4/14/12 11:02:25 PM] Callum Smith: Nope I don't know, they paid via direct mail cash, which I have since recieved
[4/14/12 11:02:34 PM] Callum Smith: they said £1000 at first but they only send about £890
[4/14/12 11:02:36 PM] Callum Smith: i let it go though
[4/14/12 11:02:40 PM] Callum Smith: 890 quid is good money
[4/14/12 11:02:48 PM] Kree Love: Did it come to you from AU or the US?
[4/14/12 11:02:51 PM] Kree Love: because they have a stamp
[4/14/12 11:02:53 PM] Callum Smith: Us
[4/14/12 11:02:58 PM] Callum Smith: Definately us
[4/14/12 11:02:58 PM] Kree Love: Which state?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CHAT LOG BETWEEN ANTISEC. & CALLUM SMITH (AGENT)<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

do what you can but do not get involved to much so your "account" would be to associated remember people are really watching everything ...

10 AprilCallum Philip Smith
Of course, thanks for the talk, interesting times lay ahead for us all that's for sure, be wary though as I believe facebook is planning a mass removal of activist pages over time, It already started with our anonymous liverpool page, instantly deleted and no trace of it even existing anymore, had to set up a new one, but I'm sure you guys have a back up ready if that's the case but I thought I'd warn you just to be on the safe side.

10 AprilAntiSec.
we have our backs ups... with time facebook will not even be necessary

10 AprilCallum Philip Smith
Wonderfull, that last sentence makes my day. Looking towards antisecs future with wide eyes, and Kree's with maniacal laughter

10 AprilAntiSec.
hahahaha lulz! win.

10 AprilCallum Philip Smith
Is kree still in the UK at present? and is it true he is active in occupy london?

10 AprilAntiSec.
yes, he is present in UK....he is a kid he cant travel... and the latter no... i think its just bs...

10 AprilCallum Philip Smith
Aah that's a large shame, I have friends down there who support antisec, and let me tell you, scoucers do NOT like rats, and I mean, REALLY do not like rats, Im actually hoping he does go to OL.

10 AprilAntiSec.
hahahahaha lol make him go.... hahahahaha SE him to go.. lulz!!!

10 AprilCallum Philip Smith
Hmm I mean I'm from england my self, and coaches around the country cost like less than a nights worth of weed, who needs friends when your perfectly capable of doing it your self address pl0x and expect results before the end of the month, with pictures
Verified from my friend at OL that they have seen him at a few of the party's and stuff that people tend to end up organising at OL, apparently he likes his weed a lot too, but he's not an organizer at OL, but if he goes to the party's it's likely that he's in contact with people in OL or attends there occasionally, will report more as available

10 AprilCallum Philip Smith
And I have his address sorry, didn't notice the home pic in the dox *facepalm*
He's a part of LSX's tech team, should I allert the tech team that he's an infiltrator, pay him a visit personally, or get my OL contacts to sort it?

10 AprilAntiSec.
yes, if you can make sure you get proof of "what happened" to him.. make sure they contact him

10 AprilCallum Philip Smith
Of course, I'm getting an email address from a friend from occupy london for a person who was in the tech team who will be able to verify his identity so he can't claim to others that him and ryan are a seperate entity etc etc, Finding out if he still attends too as Im guessing it's likely that he doesn't since this situation, but if he does, happy days, if not, I give you my guarentee that I will see to it personally.

10 AprilAntiSec.
perfect brother. thank you.

10 AprilCallum Philip Smith
Anything to help the purge, I feel that maniacal laughter growing as I realize just how lucky it is that he's so moronic to leave such information left on his twitter XD This shall be fun.
Email sent, I shall inform you of the reply as soon as I receive one, if I don't have one by the 13th I'll start planning for a lovely day trip to london/oxford

10 AprilAntiSec.
ok brother.... lulz! major win.

10 AprilCallum Philip Smith
Most certainly

FridayCallum Philip Smith
It's confirmed, kree and ryan are 100% the same people.

FridayCallum Philip Smith
"lad i have seen him his name is "kree love" he has been showing us fake ID from USA like driving licences and birth certificuts etc he also said he was "missing" or summit but was verry cagey about y and what he was wanted for
he came to a squatted pub rave in south london ... dodgey kid but not seen him in a coupple of weeks ... have u personly met him how do u know him" <-- From my friend at occ london.

FridayCallum Philip Smith
There's also a reward out (Amount unconfirmed) for anyone who can oust him in public and get evidence of it I believe, so if you see him again and want to make some dollar then I can pass you what anti sec have on him if you want?
I've also offered the contact a unknown amount cash reward if he can oust kree in public if he is ever seen again and make a public debacle of it, further information and plans to follow as soon as further information is available.
Oh shit sorry I sent the reward info to you guys instead XD fail
Oh and btw cagey means Weirdly secretive/dodgy/

alright bro... very well done..... this most certainly is awesome...this guy has been a headache....but confirmation of identity was good nuff

15 hours agoCallum Philip Smith
Your welcome, I don't fuck about
[4/15/12 2:22:51 AM] Callum Smith: Aah I see, I've tried to be as active and as helpful with antisec as a supporter and member of anonymous, but I feel that well . . . you guys seem to get shit done, would you mind me asking how I can get involved with ops and irc with antisec directly? I am more than willing to do anything neccasary to prove I'm not a rat of course, I'm just sick of sitting on the side lines when I know I have the time and resources to be of a much more help to the movement since I left camping at occupy when the liverpool camp closed.

10 AprilAntiSec.
...in time.. we have problems with a ex-member...now we are reorganizing around we are trying to set up a irc...anonnets is not secure...and once the ops set up... well we will try to prove ur not a rat...and also...we need to know your TRUE technical abilities...

10 AprilCallum Philip Smith
Wonderfull, I have experience In setting up VPN's as well as setting up Secure forms of communication, Rainbow table based brute force hacking, packet sniffing and various decoding methods, fair experience with social engineering (However I understand thats not exactly "Technical") and basic experience in SQL injection, and minor experience in XSS, I understand that this is not near the technical level of most anti sec members but I'm constantly learning and hope to use antisec to improve upon my skills, my Father is also a Senior network engineer who while not a direct support, as sympathetic to the movement and has no problems giving me advice, also I'm not really scared of serving jail time for doing something I believe in so being a patsy or such would not be much of an issue with me as long as of course that if I was to be used for such a purpose that it would be a last resort to protect people whos skills and capabilities are neccasary to the vital functions of the movement. At the moment I'd say that my skills probably lie above the average skript kiddy, but I'm by no means at the level of a real hacker I wont lie but I guarantee you that you will be hard pressed to find someone as dedicated to helping various causes such as antisec, and of course as explained I would have no problem proving I'm not a rat by whatever methods you ask for, and of course I can DDOS but well, any 5 year old who can google loic can do that now, I'm UK based and can pretty much spare as much time as neccasary due to the whole unemployed thing. Just, want to help, and will do anything I can to do so, and I have no problem taking orders as long as the cause is good.

10 AprilAntiSec.
ok brother we will take it under consideration... (: we need to get resolved some issues... after those....we'll have more time to plan out somethings... ok? patience btw is a virtue... this might take time.

10 AprilCallum Philip Smith
Completely understandable, I realize this is not an overnight thing, with snitch problems and constant threat of infiltration It's a security measure that I not only understand, but I support, in the meantime if there is anything I can do to help just let me know, you have my unwavering support, I wish you all the luck in the current ops and in dealing with the current problems and I hope that whichever one of you personally is reading this, has a lovely evening, stay safe brother.

10 AprilAntiSec.
always... we are purging everything we can, as in that post we put last, this traitor, which apart from slanders our friends and people who we know, as a fact and also we know Mai which is untouchable. try to pry more info and known associations of the jason steele a bit, lets connect him to our known enemies beside whats stated in the pastebay



  1. His NEW DOX is at:


    He's caused much trouble and esp. on Facebook.

  2. Kree is 15 years old too... a child nonetheless.

  3. Attack FAT 32@OXBRIDGE

    Nothing is for
    Sure ,

    Thinking our love was

    Yes, I was so

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    Our future plans were

    Contracts and deposits

    Naturally, I got

    My visions were

    When I saw you kissing your web child & wife,

    That’s when I realised we have a life,

    Those Nazi’s said I was the bit on the side.

    And you were the one that lied.

    Finally, I’ve bounced back and became strong,

    We can now award face book with the golden gong,

    For being such a web beginner,

    And making our blood, sexy magically thinner.

    Data DAM Tube said you had a baby and called it Bear,

    But they didn’t realise that I sit in my chair stand and stair.

    Screening my channels & airwaves,

    Swimming with dolphins & engulfing slaves.

    For Anthony Kiedis is the one who is the White Mail

    Ms Jayda Love is his only Female.

    Our Child is called Kree Love & you all know now

    That our family doesn’t step aside or do the bow

    We are hear come rain or snow

    Watching & Listening for when the wind blows

    The Kalander is what we have to sell

    You know were wicked judges & your all in hell

    Our son is in doubt about your shout

    Which is why DottyPixXal is going to use it’s clout

    By adding some color to the blue-chip-pan-clan

    A dash of Red will change them into dat-purplemeri-can

    We’ve already said purple is s00000000000o over

    Do you really think our family is gonna hand u a 4 leaf clover

    You have hurt our baby for the last time

    Now myself & Anthony are going to commit the crime

    By sentencing any fucker that attacks our kid

    Even Impacting the shareholders on the board of S-I-D

    We enjoy this gas banter but our hearts sting when K is upset

    Which is why we do things that we never fucking regret.

    Written By Firestorm

  4. and now the fool Spektre.MK aka Miguel http://www.twitlonger.com/show/ivo8e9

    You Get what you tried to give boy...

    "Better to stand alone with truth than in the company of lies."

    Introducing Miguel Augusto Arago

    Our message is simple:

    "Do not lie to the people and you won’t have to worry about your lies being exposed.

    Do not make corrupt deals and you won’t have to worry about your corruption being laid bare.

    Do not break the rules and you won’t have to worry about getting in trouble for it.”

    ~ Team NonA

    Username: Spektre a/k/a Spektre.MK a/k/a Mike


    Full Name: Miguel Augusto Arago
    Email Address: spektrephoenix@gmail.com
    Date of Birth: July 11, 1984
    Cell Phone Number: +595 (98) 174-7540
    Located: Near or Within Asuncion, Paraguay

    Social Networking Accounts

    Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/antisecops
    Facebook Account: http://www.facebook.com/onyx.spektre
    YouTube Account: http://www.youtube.com/user/AntiSecOps
    Twitter Account: http://www.twitter.com/#!/AntiSec_Ops

    Background Information *************************************

    Miguel a/k/a Michael steals and con's money from people supportive of Anonymous by pretending and social engineering them into thinking he's a big shot. He attempts to social engineer people into doing his dirty work, including trying to have a 15-year-old Anon and Member of Occupy London beaten and violently attacked in London.

    He does not have any skills, he asks for help on IRC to decrypt things, yet he claims to be a 1337 Hax0r. He spreads lies and deceit throughout the Anonymous Social Networking Community.

    He claims to have connections to the Government of Paraguay, which are completely false. He recently conned a person into sending a laptop computer and cash worth $2,500.00 to Asuncion, Paraguay under the guise he would 'change things is Paraguay' big time.

    He was born in Florida and moved to Paraguay at a young age, he is constantly out of money and keeps getting evicted from his places of residence.


    "Better to stand alone with truth than in the company of lies."

    Be Wise with Whom You Compromise Yourselves Peeps !

  5. Hows that working out for you Timm. U so mad xD