August 28, 2012

Anonymous #FreeAnons

#FreeAnons plays a vital role in the context of Anonymous. We see our mission consisting of three main parts; Education, Advocacy, and Support. Our educational mission consists of educational material and training. You can find our tutorial bot over in the tutorials channel on Anonops IRC. We also have a number of other educational materials available at Our second mission is advocacy. We publish media and material, send people to hearings and work with the media to advocate the cause of Anonymous. The third essential part of our mission is support. We raise funds, send care packages, arrange for attorneys, perform research and, in any other way we can, support those Anons who are being persecuted. We never have enough resources or support, but we do our best to support those Anons in their time of need. If you would like to contribute to the Anonymous Solidarity Network join us on IRC at

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