September 6, 2012

Operation Evolution 2012


Operation Evolution 2012 

Greetings Anons,

Every well-educated alchemist or Sourcerer understands the correlation between the physical and the non-physical realms. What is seen on the physical is a manifestation of what exists on the non-physical, or spiritual plane. What is projected into the spiritual plane becomes Reality.
This is similar to the internet, which has the unique advantage of being linked directly to both realms at once, a “world between the worlds” if you will.

By now most Anons have an understanding of the true nature of 2012, and that “our Great War is a spiritual war. Our Great Depression is our lives.”

Author Michael Tsarion ( speaks in depth on the topic of the subversive use of sacred symbolism in mass media and how it has affected the population. This is one weapon from the enemy’s non-physical arsenal.

The idea is that media moguls spend time and money on understanding psychology, so they can implant subliminal, spiritually symbolic references within their advertising and programming in order to exploit the patterns and reactions of the subconscious mind for profit. This is described as exoteric.  Tsarion makes a very convincing argument, which I encourage you to consider for yourself.

However, I have another Idea…

Having observed more than enough evidence for myself which supports this theory, it seems logical to conclude that the same objective can be carried out for Good.
And you don’t need to study psychology.

Simply imagine what it was within you which initially drew you away from the mainstream mode of thought…

What did you see, what did you feel, what was that first bit of blessed information you received, which lit the lamppost of wisdom, guiding you down the right path… then down the rabbit hole… then further, into Wonderland and out of the matrix..?

My fellow seekers of Knowledge, do you ever wonder where you would be if you had not received such an evolutionary education? I simply cannot imagine a life in which I was unaware of the truth of government conspiracies, the various hidden origin theories, and the mysteries of the human mind. I would not trade this knowledge for the world.
So now, we need to share that experience with them.

This should be done in two ways:

First, we need to demonstrate that we do want more participants, in a way that encourages the People on the same large-scale level which has placed us on major news networks around the globe… something which will capture their hearts and minds in a truly positive and inspiring way. It must be something big, and could even be a series of events which take place in the coming months leading up to Winter Solstice 2012. We need to positively get their attention through mass media sources; newspapers, radio, television, and major websites. Use your imaginations, be creative…

The point is to show the People we are not just a group of vigilantes against a monolithic power-structure… We are in fact fighting for the People, and Together we are all Greater than the power-structure!

Along with this action, we should also flood the social network with information … it should be of any type which is educational and supportive regarding all  ideas, and concepts which promote the general goals of Enlightenment, Spirituality, and Evolution… So that is alot of information. This should also be done continuously over the next few months, to create a wave of education like never before.

Mathematical probability is in our favor here.

When something goes viral… who doesn’t see it?

When a whole Idea goes viral, who can avoid its reaching influence?

We should take care to balance what we post, and try not to let the shocking overwhelm the Inspiring. We do not want to create more fear, but instead an atmosphere of truth, progress, and the great potential of Humanity.

By flooding the mass media with enlightening, revolutionary information and encouragement, the collective consciousness will be more receptive to Mayhem, more likely to unite, and more likely to Evolve!

Project Mayhem may very well be the catalyst which incites a true Revolution, but it is also an opportunity for mass Evolution, if enough information is shared and if enough people are reached.
It may be hard to believe, but many are still entirely unaware of these phenomena, of the severity of the current times, and of any aspect of the potential we as Human Beings have to change the world… to alter history, and to rewrite Destiny…

Therefore, I propose we double and triple our efforts to not only make a great impact on the enemy, but also on our Allies…

Some who are not necessarily against us have not joined our ranks simply because they are still afraid of what they have seen.

Anonymous is obviously not a society of fear-mongers. However, due to the subject material of the facts we disclose, along with our shadowy reputation, it is understandable…
…but there is still time.

The spiritual war is in effect. It is esoteric in every respect. It is in no way religious.
Therefore, let us Inform the un-initiated and Inspire the despairing.
Let us light the Fire of Will which awakens the eyes of the world.
Let us create an equal, non-physical half of Project Mayhem which aids its manifestation and amplifies the physical result: a World which rules Itself through wisdom, peace, and unity in diversity.

Operation Evolution, engaged.

To the People:
You are Anonymous
You are Legion
You need not Forgive
You need not Forget
You are Expected

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