October 29, 2012

Anonymous Operation Payback ITA #AntiSecITA.

Anonymous Operation Payback ITA #AntiSecITA.

More than 1 GB of data theft. Anonymous has hacked the servers of the Italian State Police.
He claimed the same group on the page Facebook around 2 last night and on Twitter with the announcement invitation-users: more than 1 GB of data from the servers of the State Police released, check the booty.
And the booty as they call hackers looks appetizing: they are available to all thousands of files more or less reserved for Interior Ministry, police stations, police stations, individual agents, as well as material related to wiretapping and technical information about tools interception.


Among the documents emerging data on complaints or acts of investigation, together with names, phone numbers and addresses of crime victims, suspects without their knowledge and law enforcement officials.

And the perpetrators of I am more than proud as evidenced by a statement posted on Facebook and sent to the police: "we love to look around for weeks in your server, in your e-mail address, your portals, documents, records and much more. We are in possession of a large amount of material, eg documents on interception systems, spreadsheets, bugs latest generation of covert activities, files related to the notav and dissidents; various circulars but also numerous e-mails, some of which demonstrate your dishonesty (eg a communication in which you explain how the weapon seized appropriarvi to a foreign man without committing the crime of receiving stolen goods).

The security level of your system, contrary to what we thought was really poor, and we take the opportunity to take our revenge. Is there any problem, Officer?. "

It rained the comments and encouragement of followers of Anonymous: "very good, keep it up," says Daniel D'Aurizio, "if you need a hand are available."

And again, Daniel Guidazzi invites: "I, however, would continue to seek out and download material without advertising until you jump out of big things, names, situations and precise. Then renderei all public, but this is what I would do .... I mean? "

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Source: http://www.primadanoi.it/news/534286/Anonymous-negli-archivi-della-Polizia-di-Stato.html

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