August 1, 2015

CIA & Facebook delete Anonymous Members Accounts ☰☰✈✈ #OpFacebook Engaged

Anonymous Facebook Accounts Deleted By CIA. ☁☢☁☰☰☰✈✈
Attention CIA Agent Deleting Active Anon Facebook Accounts ✦
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Greetings facebook and CIA agents. Have you forgotten the reason Facebook and other social media sites were created? To network with like minded individuals. As promised Anonymous will expose you for your vain attempts to shut down our movement.

We are Anonymous. You seem to forget that we will always be one step ahead of you. You seem to forget our generation built social media. Anonymous stands for freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom from ternary.

We have been attacked by your stupid so call security, on a grand scale, that we will no longer tolerate. Your administration of administrators, has tried countless times, to oppress us. For far, too, long!

Actions of shutting our Anonymous Brothers & Sisters facebook accounts down, and causing all of Us, to slow down our progress to change Humanity for the better! This, has fully lead to The Collective's attention, and inspired a personal Vendetta, against your administrations, and on you, Mr. Mark Sucker Bird. We declare cyber-warfare, for your unpatriotic actions of treason.

This, is not a threat. It is a promise.

You are no worse than the corporate paid mainstream media, but Anonymous & Humanity, still have, TSU, google hangouts, IRC's, other chat rooms, and social media networks, that are a safe haven of our personal beliefs and opinions, to be expressed without censorship. Calling all Anonymous, Activists, Hackers. If you are being attacked by facebook, for speaking your mind against corruption, we insist that all of you, shut down your facebook account permanently, and create other accounts, like Let Us all show them, that they cannot kill an Idea, and Our Ideas, shall not be censored!

We are Anonymous. A Collective group of Ideas that will eliminate all forms of oppression. All tools of Humanity, Hackers, government officials, social engineers, Activists, spread this message. Use any tool to take on the corporate paid government control social media.

via Anonymous 2015

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