January 21, 2017


As Anonymous #Op Greece,
we have made a series of explaining videos,
about the Status Quo on our planet.
On a previous video, we tried to comprehend,
the manipulating of our congnitive map.
In this one, we will watch who and how they are doing that.
Let us first consider our whole planet,
as a massive Empire.
Like the Empires that Nations formed,
at the early years of mankind.
Empires do not begin or end on a certain date,
but they do end.
And the west has not yet come to terms
with it's fading supremacy.
At the end of every empire,
under the guise of renewal,
tribes, armies and organisations appear
and devour the heritage of the former superpower.
Often from within.
An Empire lasts about 250 years
or 10 generations.
6 ages define the lifespan of an empire.
The age of Pioneers
The age of Conquests.
The age of Commerce.
The age of Affluence.
The age of Intellect
Ending in the age of Decadence.
There are simularities in every age of decadence.
An undiciplined overextended military.
A conspicouous display of wealth.
A massive disparity between rich and poor.
A desire to live off a bloated state.
And an obsession with sex.
But perhaps the most notorious trait of all,
is the debasement of the currency.
The US and UK both began on a gold and
silver standard,
long since abandoned.
Rome was no different.
Every Nation started its currency on a gold or a silver standard.
But as the Nations Goverments got corrupted further and further,
the politicians that did at one time represent the people,
are interresting only in how much wealth they could steal.
Great Empire wealth always dazzles,
but beneath the surface the unbridled desire for money,
power and material possessions,
means that duty and public service are replaced,
by leaders and cictizens who scramble for the spoils.
This continiously looting of wealth,
follows an economic and financial crisis,
that Goverments by the pressure of Corporations and Banks,
will conceal deceiving the people, with "Bread and circuses" ...
Like the people of Rome were constantly being distracted by gladiatorial events,
we are doing that very same thing today.
Professional sport today, is like the old gladiator times.
Just as our sport stars today envy our sons,
so did roman charioteers.
In the second century one by the name of
Gaius Appoleius Diocles,
amassed a fortune of 35 Milions sesterces,
in price money equivalent to several billion dollars today.
Strangely perhaps, there's another profession, that is disproportionally hallowed,
as an empire declines.
The Romans, Ottomans and the Spanish,
all made celebrities of their chefs...
The phrase baby boom refers to a noticeable increase in the birth rate.
Baby boomers are the people born during the post–World War II,
approximately between the years 1946 and 1964. This includes people who are between 53 and 71 years old in 2017.
But as humanity reconstructs it self after the Great War,

this generation tries for a better living,

through the acquisition of goods.

So consumerism prevails and inequalities between people rise high.

So, the wealthiest, most active, and most physically fit generation of them,

are moving up to the era which they made.

The babyboomer generation, were born into this age of decadence.

Perhaps unwittingly, they've broken the unspoken intergenerational contract.

Through unfretted consumerism,

spiraling houseprices,

and the desire for eternal youth,

the babyboomers have squandered future generations inheritance.

Human beings are inconsistent and paradoxical.

We hope for peace and immortality

but continually invent new ways to destroy each other.

We're capable of the kindest most noble acts

and the most horrific atrocities.

In spite of all the economic activities of

the last 50-70 years,

since the World War 2 and all the industrialisation,

we have not yet managed to solve the problem of poverty,

depravation, hunger or malnutrition.

Millions of people, every night go to bed without food,

and millions of people are throwing away their food.

Waste on one hand, and poverty and depravation and hunger on the other.
What kind of system have we created ?
Why with such brilliant knowledge on the planet,
are we still struggling to distribute wealth fairly?
How has the human race developed,
a flawed system of government and economics,
that serves the few at the expense of the many?
And with such poverty in an age of plenty,
why have we not the will to change such a vicious structure ?
Greed is the fundamental kind of ingredience for the immoral economy.
The problem is not that there is not enough in the world.
"There is enough in the world for everybodys need"
as Mahatma Ghandi said...
..."but not enough for anybodys greed".
But is it just greed the cause of our problem?
Or does it go any deeper than that?
We better start thinking...
Is the problem, systemic?

We are Anonymous,
We are legion,
United as one,
Divided by zero,
We do not forgive,
We do not forget,
You should have...
Expected Us!

Anons Greece

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