February 6, 2012

Athens: ‘We are the ten hoodies…’ #greece

Nearly 5,000 protesters participated in the anarchist/ anti-authoritarian/ libertarian demonstration on Friday, February 4th, 2012, called for by several collectivities, squats, hangouts, assemblies and comrades. People gathered in Monastiraki Square from midday, and the march began at about 13.30. It crossed Athinas Street, arrived at Omonia Square, then progressed along Stadiou Street, around Syntagma Square, and ended in front of the Propylaea on Panepistimiou Street. During the demonstration, thousands of counter-informative leaflets and texts of anarchist agitation were shared out to passersby. On some occasions, people on the sidewalk applauded the demonstrators and a couple of elderly citizens even raised their fists in support; nevertheless, most of the passersby as well as homeless people across the demo route had blank and tired stares from the misery of everyday life, and only a couple of people joined spontaneously the march. While the demo was underway, various slogans were painted on the metropolitan walls.

Despite the massive anarchist presence on the streets, where several political trends came together under the projectuality of social class counterattack, the demo gave the sense of a comradely walk, rather than a protest march, and breaks between chanted slogans felt at times as if they reflected our inability to give a firm and decisive response to the hardest issues that we all face today: How will we overthrow this system of death, which suffocates us on a daily basis? How can people be mobilized to meet revolutionary desires? Why won’t the words come out of our mouths that will give the definite blow to our consciences, so that the exploited will practice once again the multiracial revolt? How can we regain lost ground in the Struggle?

There may be many, inside and outside the territory controlled by the Greek State, who believe that this event was a magnificent demonstration of strength which the anarchist movement has in its polymorphy and unity, and others who think that this was merely a good opportunity for agitation and propaganda; both may be right interpretations of what unfolded on February 4th in Athens. However, withdrawing from the demo and returning back home, a few of us were left with the indescribable bitterness that encapsulates the frustration, despair and submission of an entire society.

Without wishing to dismiss neither the demonstration, nor our comrades who worked hard for its preparation, we finish this note by saying that the manifestation ended ‘without undesirable incidents’.

Some of the slogans that were chanted:

- The State and IMF take new measures; set up barricades, throw a stone

- Fascists and bosses down at the bottom of the well; long live the global proletariat

- In Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, banks and ministries are the enemies

- The cops are not the workers’ children, they are the bosses’ guard dogs; and even if they are workers’ children, they are still bosses’ guard dogs

- Neither fascism, nor democracy; down with statism, long live anarchy

- Solidarity is the people’s weapon; war against the bosses’ war

- Forward to rebellion and anarchy; arson and wildfire for every property

- Arson, blast for this brothel [outside the city hall]

- Police are standing on every corner; the Junta did not end in 1973

- Greece/EL.AS. of the Greeks and the police, of ruffians, murderers and torturers

- People, you’re starving; why do you kneel down in front of them? People, you’re starving, why don’t you hang them?

- Victory in the struggle of the steelworkers; war against the bosses’ war

- The only terrorists are the State and the Capital; solidarity with the armed guerrillas

- Burn, burn the brothel called parliament

- Fascist scum, you’ll soon be hanged

- Listen up, you humanguards; down your limbs from the fighters

- The working hours are painted with blood; it’s time to see the banks burnt

- 40 hours for 500 euros; slaps and kicks to each and every boss

- Free–free–freedom to those who are imprisoned

- Another warfare is feasible; a class, social, anti-state war

- Forward, people, do not bow your head; the only way is to uprise, struggle/again

- Cops, pigs, murderers

- Forward, people, either now or never

- Terrorism is the wage slavery; no peace with the bosses

- Terrorism is to look for a job; no peace with the bosses

- The passion for freedom is stronger than all prisons

We are the ten hoodies… We are the ten kukulofori…

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Several groups by anarchists/anti-authoritarians/libertarians are calling for a rally and march in Monastiraki Square in Athens today 4/2/12

“Consensus or Default” – They have declared a war against us and they are asking as to keep peaceful – General Social Revolt





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