February 7, 2012

WEPAutoCrack by zx2c4 #Tools


WEPAutoCrack is a pentesting tool that cracks wifi connections secured with WEP and is coded in python by Jason A. Donenfeld a.k.a zx2c4 who also discovered the Linux Local Privilege Escalation via SUID /proc/pid/mem Write (CVE 2012-0056).

WEPAutoCrack or autocrack.py is an automatic template builder for cracking WEP networks and puts network card into monitor mode and sets correct channel. In other words, it is a utility that guides you in using the Aircrack-ng suite to crack WEP because it allows an easy network target selection.



- Terminates disruptive daemons

-  Scans for networks

- Easy Target Selection

- Switches to the right channel or target

- Sets up fake MAC address

- Puts you on the monitor mode automatically

- Captures IVs

- Can get Deauthetication Packets (Fake Authentication)

- Requests ARP Packets

- Fragmentation Attack

- Chop-Chop Attack

- Construct ARP Packet

- Inject Constructed ARP

- Collect 4-way Authentication Handshake

- /* etc. */


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