November 22, 2012

Bring Aishah Home -- #OpFreeAishah #Anonymous

Greetings Anonymous

In recent news, a Britain born child has been kidnapped by her father in Egypt for the second time. He is refusing to give this little girl, Aishah, back to her mother, even though she has full custody of the child. Further into the story, the child is being abused. This knowledge was acquired by her mother on an access visit that was allowed by the Egyptian courts. She noticed human bite marks and bruises.
Note: The girl is five 1/2 years old, the tradition of genital mutilation starts at six.

@Angel_Anon started #OpFreeAishah to help her mother ultimately get her child back from her abusive father, stopping at nothing to get the girl back safely.

To help this operation, we ask for you to sign a petition to get 10,000 signatures. This is the minimum to make an impact so the (British) government will step in.

The abuse this child is suffering will make an impact on the rest of her life. To end the further damage she experiences every day, please spread the word to all of your family, friends, coworkers, neighbours, and everyone you know.

Petition Link:

Twitter accounts: @Angel_Anon
@Gothic _Artisan

 Much love, heartbreak, and supporters,

Us, Anonymous

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