November 29, 2012

Stop GREEN MAFIA , Stop palm oil crops , Stop wood destruction in Borneo

Operation Green Right

In 2005 Monsanto,WWF,Syngenta,Cargill, and other few partners, founded the Round Table on Responsible soy (RTRS), and the Round table on Responsible Palm Oil. These associations, till now, certify the environmental sustainability of the cultivations by Monsanto and other groups.In the aforementioned crops Monsanto and other growers uses Round up(a pesticide by Monsanto based on glyphosate) which provokes cancer and genetic alterations. Furthermore,Round Up rends soil sterile in few years.
Often pristine forest is destroyed in order to grow oil palms or soy. In Borneo 13,920 hectares of the pristine forest have been destroyed.The pristine forest of Borneo was the habitat of orang utan. Only 80 hectares of the forest were preserved from the destruction. Now less than 10 orangutans are living there.The aforementioned palm oil's crops in Borneo are owned by a firm named Wilmar International.Wilmar International uses round up and GMO in its coltures in Borneo. RSPO, and WWF, certifies that the cultures of oil palm by Wilmar have been deforested in a sustainable way. All these accusations are included in a film by the German public television ARD of the June 22,2011. Different sources say that 4000 hectares on 14,000 and not only 80,as reported by ARD television, hasn't been destroyed. However is a massive deforestation that endanger the life of orang utan.

How can coltures which destroy forests,animal and nature, be environmentally sustainable?
Your environmentalist mask cannot hide the devastation of different cultures and living beings by Monsanto, Wilmar international and other greedy big firms of genetic agro-business.

WWF Indonesia HACKED! 

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