July 29, 2015

Douglas Ray Gilbert #D0X

Douglas Ray Gilbert
Who is he?
A registered sex offender
| Personal Info |
Name: Douglas Ray Gilbert
Age: 40 Years old
Phone Number: (817) 447-2524
Occupation: Full time SexOffender and Aryan Knights wannabe
Dog's Name: Blackie
Mother's Name: Paula Sue Gilbert
Aliases: Sue Gilbert and P S Gilbert
Age: 63+ Years old
Phone Number: (817) 447-2524
Occupation: Retired
Wife's Name: Meagan Irene Gilbert
Also Uses: Meagan Baldree
Age: 27 Years old (He does like them young)
Phone Number: (817) 447-2524
Occupation: Pole dancer and Meetme pro
Location: Burleson, TX 76028 ( U.S.A. for all)
Current Address: 316 Lena Ln, Burleson, TX 76028
| Social Media |
His Facebook:
Mother's Facebook:
Wife's Facebook:
Found but excluded, young child in photo.
Meetme Page:
| The proof |
This is proof you were doxed. There's no denying, the pics match.
Note: Will be updated ;-)>  Peace to all my Anon brothers and sisters.


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