May 5, 2012

MalSec - Don't worry, we're from the internet.

MalSec - Don't worry, we're from the internet.

A new hacking group entered the hacktivist scene to join forces with Anonymous! They introduced themselves with an interesting way, releasing their first video with their first hacking release.

Anonymous - You Are Part of the Global Uprising - MalSec and Hacktivism

MalSec's First Release:
The Development Bank of the Philippines -
Romanian Minister of European Foreign Affairs /
Raiffeisen Bank -

Greetings from the interwebz!
We are Malicious Security, and today marks our premiere release.

For many years we have watched as more unconstitutional laws are proposed and passed and as censorship, disinformation, and corruption have become the norm. In an attempt to bring these acts to a halt, we are targeting the very people that have attempted to do us harm. We do, however, fervently believe in free speech. Everyone should be able to express themselves freely, even if others disapprove. As such, we have decided never to remove the original data, when a website of an enemy is defaced.

A defacement is not just an attempt to point out a lack of security; it's also a form of protest, akin to covering a billboard with a poster.

MalSec has new methods and ideas. We have witnessed aggressive hacks that included, the general public getting attacked, and credit card information being stolen. We also have witnessed Anonymous supporters harming each other within the collective. Do you not see that this is a tactic to divide us and make us lose sight of our goals, of what is truly important? We cannot sit by idly and watch as our values are ripped away and disgraced. This is ineffective and counterproductive to achieving our goal. We do not wish to take from the people, or to harm them, but rather to empower them.

Last year we saw "The Rise of the Hacktivists"; we saw what Anonymous and its associated collectives were capable of. We now know that there are people unafraid to react when they are being oppressed. People that do not tolerate scarcity and fear tactics. This was the rise of the 99%. In one year we achieved what was seemingly impossible. But our battle doesn't end there. We have only just begun. This year will mark something new; something unseen by previous collectives of Anonymous. This will be "The Year of Progress". Where things are a little bit more than for the lulz. This will be for the win. Where we tackle critical points, rather than letting our efforts go unnoticed.

MalSec has taken initiative into widening it's ranks. From China, Romania, and Sweden. Our collective wishes for the people to join us in our fight and help us toward a global revolution; one of less hypocrisy and more challenging of authority. Where we can one day in the future look back at our actions and see them as unified acts of honor.

We are MalSec. We are Anonymous. We do not forgive. We do not forget. You would do well to expect us.

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