January 12, 2012




Please visit:
And view Occupy St Louis’s stand against one of the largest corporations in America…
I dub this…. “Operation Corpo-Com-4x”
See how power and strength in numbers can hack and take control of a Conglamo’s PA system to deliver a message…. Taken right from the books of Anonymous… We should ALL be proud…. Cities everywhere need to take this example into consideration… Do something… Don’t just be about something…..

Nike hacked By Nmap anonymous dominicana

Nike hacked By Nmap anonymous dominicana    @anonymous_DR
MD5 decrypter para los pass
email                                password
0114843685@hanmail.net     9adee3e2255d8162a97551cc1700ee
14085893@qq.com     fcea920f7412b5da7be0cf42b8c937
491112198@qq.com     c33367701511b4f6020ec61ded3520
Addiree@msn.com     572b46c6162ad13adabe9198e970de
alexia_grimstad@hotmail.com     f0c501472115e5d2eeb0e2bc7cd485
alicia.garry@gmail.com     863be6957f1c1d88acc24321a2ead2
alisha.hornblow@det.wa.edu.au     035c4228f4d0748031c86818e9b08c
ambreen_rauf@hotmail.com     7ad45d235d654d41e94dad7c5243c4
amyroberts80@hotmail.com     71a4e5ebd070a5d0017b29425ff07f
amy_mitchell85@hotmail.com     22909141fe0f44349cd62f489d89ce
anamariasd@hotmail.com     88c98f2e37be980d92f8aa1bd6d929
Aredfield07@yahoo.com     c97b8bbca880ab30c8fd7a98010109
ash32463@tom.com     f35364bc808b079853de5a1e343e71
barrylsharp@att.net     933842499c4b36ac30beea5ed16386
bc5318f75@163.com     f35364bc808b079853de5a1e343e71
bjagulto@sbcglobal.net     ad7ea580a65e4cc23344f72cf5ae81
bleebleed@gmail.com     cce707a6c042e7a17b303f49caffb8
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brasil1209@gmail.com     ce04a1f938b62b7586e445d3c86b08
bre-chris-jr@hotmail.com     45fb45cd49d4fffa0c72db7e59450d
Briannaf34@yahoo.com     9e8bef3a9c4ca45117707055fd0d46
bsamantha72@optusnet.com.au     80dfe47b4006ac90486de3168a078e
burch.j.usmc@gmail.com     dbf886646e3dbe174abfb1c4adcc66
caity_bruz94@hotmail.com     f3454f31dcea7f40bf3a90086b047b
candybrill@hotmail.com     0f84899b7507ee7135022e30684fba
catie.barnes24@gmail.com     b3bd92819bc4caccbaec3ef728bf14
cep08e@fsu.edu     8164d0fd765dea564ccf89982e6c0a
chaneglk@hotmail.com     9df3763b3fda60dcd61df1713c8e17
Chr.rugaard@hotmail.com     d5d630d4355544115ee3ade77a6141
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Nike hacked By Nmap anonymous dominicana

31 spying guides from AntiSec FFF-E05 dump of 18 November 2011

Following 31 spying guides from AntiSec FFF-E05 dump of 18 November 2011
(h/t Declan McCullagh).

imvu-spy1.pdf IMVU Spying Guide November 26, 2011

cellular-spy3.pdf Data Retention by Major Cellular Providers 3 November 26, 2011
aol-spy3.pdf AOL Lawful Spying Guide 3 November 25, 2011
twc-spy.pdf Time Warner Cable Spying Guide November 25, 2011
bios-spy.pdf BIOS Password Spying Guide November 25, 2011
facebook-spy3.pdf Facebook Spying Guide November 25, 2011

verizon-spy.pdf Verizon Spying Guide November 25, 2011
magicjack-spy.pdf magicJack Spying Guide November 25, 2011
cricket-spy.pdf Cricket Spying Guide November 25, 2011
sbc-spy.pdf SBC-Amemitech Spying Guide November 25, 2011
iphone-spy5.pdf       iPhone Spying Guide 5 November 25, 2011

iphone-spy4.pdf iPhone-iPod Spying Guide 4 November 25, 2011
iphone-spy3.pdf iPhone Spying Guide 3 November 25, 2011
msn-spy.pdf MSN Spying Guide November 25, 2011
wow-spy.pdf World of Warcraft Spying Guide November 25, 2011
blizzard-spy.pdf Blizzard Spying Guide November 25, 2011

tagged-spy.pdf Tagged Spying Guide November 25, 2011
photobucket-spy.pdf Photobucket Spying Guide November 25, 2011
teenspot-spy.pdf TeenSpot Spying Guide November 25, 2011
firefox-pwd-spy.pdf Firefox Password Spying November 25, 2011
gmail-spy2.pdf Gmail Sealed Search and Seizure Warrant November 25, 2011

skype-log-spy.pdf Skype Log File Spying November 25, 2011
xanga-spy.pdf Xanga Spying Guide November 25, 2011
ipod-spy.pdf iPod Spying Guide November 25, 2011
iphone-spy2.pdf iPhone Spying Guide 2 November 25, 2011
ichat-spy.pdf iChat Spying Guide November 25, 2011
gmail-spy.pdf Gmail Spying Guide November 25, 2011
formspring-spy.pdf Formspring Spying Guide November 25, 2011
cellular-spy2.pdf Data Retention by Major Cellular Providers 2 November 25, 2011
access-data-spy1.pdf Access Data Spying Guide 1 November 25, 2011
aol-spy2.pdf AOL Lawful Spying Guide 2 November 25, 2011


Internet Censorship Bill – Hillary Clinton to attend conference on internet freedom in The Hague, Netherlands on December 9, 2011

As many of you may know, there is currently a bill moving through the House that at the very least would drastically change the way that the alternative media, as well as the entire internet, operates.
Madison Ruppert, writing for his blog End the Lie, as well as The Intel Hub, explained exactly what SOPA would do.. Read entire article HERE
On 9 December 2011, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will take part in a conference entitled ‘Freedom Online: Joint Action for Free Expression on the Internet’. The conference will be hosted by Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Uri Rosenthal. Also taking part will be ministers from Canada, Estonia, Kenya, Sweden and Tunisia.
The conference is intended to forge an international coalition of countries that – together with businesses, international organisations and civil society – will make a stand for freedom of expression on the internet, especially on behalf of cyber dissidents and bloggers. The participating countries will also work with technology companies to develop ways of protecting internet freedom in countries where it is under pressure.
Businesses taking part in the conference will include Facebook, Google, Twitter and a number of telecoms companies. Also present will be Human Rights Watch and Free Press Unlimited.
You can follow the conference live via Facebook (ifreedom2011) and Twitter (@ ifreedom_2011), and you can join in the discussion online.
The website, Americancensorship.org has put together easy to use tools to mail Congress and get the word out about this disgusting bill.
The actual bill they want to pass:
PROTECT IP ACT Breaks The Internet – VIDEO
We absolutely MUST take action and take action now!
Source and author: theintelhub * minbuza.nl * leahy.senate.gov * americancensorship.org                                                                             
  opencongress.org * vimeo.com/31100268 @thetruthbehindthescenes

#Operation Blackout TWITTERSTORM, ENGAGED!

[#opblackout will not be silenced. We, #Anonymous, shall prevail! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czY-dZQsd-k #(TRENDING_HASHTAG)]
Icons to use for your twitter picture here:
Greetings fellow citizens of the World.
We are Anonymous.
We are currently being censored by a powerful and oppressive government. While we protest against tyranny, they continue to censor and arrest us. Even in the United States, the land of the Free, we are now slaves to the 1%.
In November 2011, the United States Government forced Twitter to reveal personal information without court order. Also, the United States government is secretly tracking individuals with GPS devices. By far, the worst offences of 2011 to the American people are The Protect IP Act and SOPA bills. They alone will enable the 1% to censor the Internet and silence our Right To Free Speech.
Operation Blackout humbly ask you to protest against these social injustices! Support your Occupy movements! Martin Luther King said, “Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about things that matter.” We Anonymous do not choose to become the way we are. As Nelson Mandela said, “When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.”
November 30th is your day to act. Your help to the movement will be decisive. Your mission is to help us spread the word on Operation Blackout. Make as many twitter accounts as you can and spread the message, which will be available in the description. With that message, and a trending hashtag with it, we can spread the word. Operation Blackout will prevail despite the government’s disapproval. Operation Blackout, engaged.
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
To the United States government, you should’ve expected us.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

ANONTELPRO #6 – Moles.

An Overview: Good morning, AnonInts. I hope you’re about to have some dericious turkeys… Let’s talk about Moles. Moles are known by many names: Snitches, Rats, Confidential Informants… The better grades Undercovers and other Intelligence Operators. The distinction being quality, technique, and skill… All enemies to your operations, however. Money is a powerful motivator, especially in these times. If CGCI is interested in you, they will attempt (and largely succeed since they have quite a bit of money) infiltration of your life. Operational Security is important in limiting what they learn, and ultimately making sure their money was wasted. Moles can be used as weapons against your enemies by feeding them falseintelligence. If your adversary has underestimated you, (as I continue to highlight that pigs of any caliber always do) they will never see it coming.Ways To Detect & Baffle Them:Lures: Feed every member of your cell something utterly false, sensational, and highly dangerous to the cause. If you begin to catch heat specific to that information, you’re working with the enemy.*Protip: On 2 separate occasions, 2 different CIs asked me if I had ever consumed a human before. Seriously… Weird shit. I told them no, but I’d taste the blood of a slain enemy. (for the lulz) Soon enough I was seeing a license plate ‘Y8FLESH’. Snitches be marked.Live Bait: If you suspect a recruit or member of being one of the higher caliber moles, you will want to use live bait. This means you will give him knowledge of one of your sources, and if that source disappears, you know who the enemy is. You lose a source, but you lose a dangerous adversary as well. Agents-Provocateurs: If you suspect a member of being an AP, insist they perform their suggestion themselves, first. If they won’t, they’re cowards or enemies. Either useless, or worse. Get rid of them.
*Protip: Espionage is a game for foxes, not wolves. The more of what you know that you can keep under wraps, the larger advantage you hold over an enemy who openly shows his hand. Show them something to totally throw them off their course. Entice them with juicy but false possibilities for prosecution, and always, always remember that that is their goal.
Maintain your discipline. The CGCI system is the 500lb gorilla. You can’t stop playing with it when you get tired, you have to wait until it gets tired. Which requires quite a bit of know-how and derring-do.
As always, @LLCStr1ng3r

ANONTELPRO #5 – 757 Specific Update

While this update is meant specifically for our comrades throughout the 757, if you notice correlations in your area let me know @LLCStr1ng3rOverview: Here in the 757, domestic surveillance convoys are a big thing. Aside from the standard hand signals, the participating police, fire, mil, and other lackeys will mark their vehicles in certain ways. Herein I will attempt to educate you all as to some of the various syntax and specific emblems they use.
*It is important to note that just because a vehicle bears one of these stickers or magnetic decals, that does not make it the enemy. By and large these organizations are good people, doing good things. Unfortunately, individuals among them of dubious moral character and integrity have been subverted into doing the police state’s dirty work.
By And Large: Vehicles used by neighborhood watchers or other groups in surveillance convoys often have a few simple modifications. They may have one minor unnecessary light out so their turn signal strobes ultra-fast. They will often have “white” lights in their turn signals or brake lights to make it noticeably lighter than the standard ”amber” or “red.” In Virginia standard license plates marked XX-0000 indicate some involvement with law enforcement. These tips are from a reliable PD source, and personal experience has vetted them.
Stickers / Magnetic Decals: These are some of the many markers used by surveillance vehs with or without modifications.
Planet Fitness stickers
Wareing’s Gym stickers
“red” or “blue” paw print stickers, denoting local schools.
Thin Blue/Red Line stickers, denoting direct involvement with LEAs
Route 12 stickers
OBX stickers
Pungo Off Road stickers
Mile 0/End 1 stickers
“Not of This World” Brand stickers
Monster stickers
13.1 stickers
26.2 stickers
Titleist stickers
Sunglasses/Glasses hanging from rear-view mirror
Crosses hanging from rearview-mirror
Various Churches/Christian Academies logos. (Sep. of Church and State…?)
Various NFL teams (Steelers and Redskins in particular, along with Cowboys, Colts, and Patriots featuring prominently.
Various Universities. Virginia Tech and UVA seem to feature prominently. These schools are heavily farmed by CGCI. Must be nice to be privileged, huh?
As A Rule: Presence of one or more of these stickers/logos is not necessarily an indication that the vehicle is used in domestic surveillance. Look also for hand signals from the driver or passenger, or correlate with the other indicators. If you get matches on several of the criteria, well, you know…
Syntax: CGCI watchers and lap-dogs will often have these stickers arrayed in patterns on windows or the sides of vehicles. Usually a certain number on one side, and a certain number on the opposite. The number 4 seems to be prominent in the vanity plates they use. “WER4LIF” is an example of one they like to use on hard targets. It’s all a head game, pay no mind. They’re only there “4″ as long as we take with the rooting of corruption and purification of the world. Amirite, Anons?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

ANONTELPRO #4 – Cryptanalysis 101

Good evening, AnonInts. Tonight you learn the Fibonacci Cipher, also known as a One-time-pad (OTP).Fieldcraft #2 OTPz: The OTP method is pretty old, dating from 1917, but still in use today by all CGCI, and many well organized resistance groups. This is because it is simply unbreakable: If a message is intercepted, no biggie, CGCI don’t have the key. If the key is intercepted, no biggie, CGCI don’t know the proprietary values of your encryption. Materials Required: You’ll need paper, preferably graph paper of smallish rule. You’ll need dice. I recommend 2, for simplicity’s sake. I also recommend you use different colors of ink too, so you don’t confuse yourself. So grab your blue black and green pens (nobody ever liked red) and let’s get rolling, lol.
Protips: Don’t make the key at your desk. If your house is bugged, cameras with fiber optic lenses can be placed anywhere with apertures the size of pinholes. Pick a private spot unlikely to have a camera trained on it. Never use the same key twice/never reuse blocks. Don’t decrypt on your keypad, use a seperate working piece and shred or preferably burn or even eat it afterward. That’s not a joke. #OperationalSecurity
Making Your Key:
Method 1: Roll, roll, roll. You want to roll the dice and record on your graph paper what you roll. (leaving at least one rule above and below, but I recommend 2 above and below so you don’t confuse yourself later) If you roll a single digit, record it with a 0. For instance a 3 and a 4 record as 07. Don’t fret if you roll doubles of the same or even triples. That makes it nicer.
Method 2: String random letters out, then use Schoolboy’s Code (Described next section) to convert them to numbers. It’s cool because it will still be random, perhaps random-er.
It’ll look something like this:
Key 120306111107090203040404 etcadnauseam (or until you run out of paper)
*Protip: make your key as long as possible so you can use it a couple times, and don’t say “key” on it.
Now break your key into blocks of numbers (to further baffle cryptanalysts, and to make it easier for you to manage.)
Key 120306 111107 090203 040404
Deciding Your Alphabet: For the example we will use Schoolboy’s Code (A1-Z26) as the values of the alphabet. Operationally, it is not recommended that you do this. (Since that’ll be the first thing CGCI will test if they intercept both your message and key.) Your group should pick its own 2 digit values for every letter, and encrypt/decrypt accordingly.
*Protip: Spell out all punctuation and numerals in longtext. Use an X as “.” Use XX to end your message text, then add extra characters to finish key block.
Encrypting: Repeat the first block in your message as a placeholder, so the recipient knows where on the key to start decryption after. The OTP is encrypted by use of Fibonacci Addition. It’s addition in which there is no carrying, eg: 9+2=1, not 11. 1+9=0, not 10.
Our message is going to be HI. LULZ. (080924 122112262424)
P is for Plaintext, K is for Key, E is for Encrypted Message.
I demonstrate:
P              080924 122112 262424
K  120306 111107 090203 040404
E  120306 191020 112315 202828
See’d wut I did thar? Questions tweet @LLCStr1ng3r
Decrypting: To decrypt you use Fibonacci Subtraction. If you get a negative number, you add 10 to the encrypted line. I’ll underline instances to make it more obvious.
E  120306 191020 112315 202828
K  120306 111107 090203 040404
P  -NULL  080924 122112 262424
Now apply your alphabet values to P.
080924 122112 262424
H  I  X  L  U  L  Z X X
I hope you find this useful, or at the very least informative. As always feel free to tweet comments or questions, and if you want more Cryptanalysis posts, say so. There are many different types of ciphers and all are interesting, this is simply the only one that can never be broken without both the key and code and method. There are some ciphers that do not require keys, as they are moderately well known/elementary, and the key can be memorized. I personally don’t consider these secure unless they are highly modified so as to be proprietary, so I did not deem them to be of interest to Anon.

Friday, November 18, 2011


Good morning, AnonInts. Today’s lesson in #solidarity with #FFF is an overview of the FBI’s famed “Floating Box” system, now adopted by most law enforcement surveillance units nationwide. Since it is counterintuitive to what you might imagine about police surveillance, I hope you will find it useful. Tomorrow’s lesson in Fieldcraft will be the start of a new segment- Cryptanalysis. I will aim to teach you a cipher that individual AnonIntcells can use with little advanced knowledge of such things. This cipher cannot be broken, not even by federal decryption software, and can only be read by the posessor of the key (which will be unintelligible to anyone who doesn’t know the method and values of the encyption. Best of all, it’s quick simple. Great Justice.The Floating Box: Stake-outs (Static Surveillance) are only used to determine a target’s initial routine, and keep watch on potential hotspots of deviant activity. There is far more to surveillance than local pigs or their dogs sitting at the end of the street fake sipping coffee and pretending to be doing something else than surveilling. Surveillance professionals are mostly interested in what you do when you get out of your vehicle. As such, the basic framework of modern vehicular surveillance is to keep watch on you and track you until you get out of your vehicle, and your location can be fed to ground surveillance agents dropped off by vehicles in the convoy ahead or behind you. Once they’ve figured out your usual routes, they can hand off between box teams to make it more difficult for you to detect that you’re under surveillance. Lookout vehicles will be placed at decision points along your route, to relay information to the box about which ways you are turning. All in the efforts of leaving no ‘gaps’ in their coverage of you. Depending upon the level interest they assign you, you may be followed or watched 24/7. I say the system is counterintuitive because they don’t just follow, they ‘lead’ you too. It Goes Like This: During a surveillance operation, one agent is in ‘command’ at all. This is referred to as ‘having the eye.’ The command vehicle tends to be behind you, but in a floating box the eye passes frequently. Behind you as well will be backup vehicles. Riding along the border are outriders, to ensure you don’t slip the bounds of the box. Most importantly in front of you there will be advance vehicles. This allows the system to work on the ground, since if you’ve been bugged they already know where you’re going, and can be there before you.
Protips: Floating box surveillance convoys will rarely if ever have the same models of vehicles in them. If they do, they certainly will not be the same color, unless some sort of message of force majeure is being communicated. FBI surveillance vehicles, or BuCars, will have many modifications that your local pigs are unlikely to have access to or use. Beefed up transmissions, heavy duty batteries, steering pumps, bumpers, radiators, enhanced comms gear, steel brake lines, and individual dimmers and toggles for all lights on the vehicle. All in the effort of making detection more difficult by altering the profile of what you see around you. Your enemy is the whole team, not just what you see.
When The Target Turns: When the command vehicle notices the target is turning, it keeps rolling right along. The outrider in the direction of the turn, turns as well, along with the opposite outriders if possible. The outrider in direction becomes the new advance, the outrider opposite gets the eye. Team roles shift accordingly, box continues. If the team somehow loses the eye, the box can be collapsed inward to reacquire the target. There are dozens of ways a box team can be reorganized on the fly to throw off the target or make detection more difficult. Apply the inverse square of the number of convoy vehicles and you have the number of reconfigurations possible (not all of which are operationally feasible of course, but dozens of which are.)
When You Stop:  When a target makes a stop and exits their vehicle for a prolonged amount of the time, the vehicle surveillance team takes up position around them. A trigger car will take place with direct view, ready to signal to layup vehicles which way the target resumes driving in. The layup in front of the target will become a ‘cheating’ command vehicle. It’s cheating because it’s in front. When another vehicle is in place to turn behind the target, it will assume command and the ‘cheating’ vehicle will turn off. The box is then reconstructed.
At Key Intersections: At known key intersections along a target’s route commit vehicles will be placed off the road or in parking lots to signal which direction the target chooses. The commit vehicle signals a layup from a nearby street sufficiently away to not be seen by the target until it is in full motion. This way the target won’t see someone pulling off to follow them, they just see ‘ordinary’ traffic flow.
Tricks: If you’re slipping out of grasp of a surveillance box several things can be done while the box is collapsing back on you. BuCars are equipped with stall switches and will ‘stall’ out to delay you, but local pigs will just have someone ‘drive idiotically’ in front of you to delay you until the box reforms.
Pertinent PSYOPS:  They will try to distract you while you drive, to throw you off from surveillance activities taking place around you. Someone might tailgate you, someone might be driving conspicuously recklessly. They may stop in front of you, get out and mess with their trunk/do a chinese fire drill. They may act confused or straddle lanes, or place attractive pedestrians in your route. They will use vanity license plates to goad or falsely praise you. All this to delay you, or see your reaction to various stimuli. Duplicate what you can, mask or falsify reactions. Sure to piss them off. Great Justice attained.
As always tweet if you have questions. @LLCStr1ng3r

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ANONTELPRO #2 – Current Surveillance Overview

Hello, AnonInts.Today’s lesson is an overview of the current state sponsored surveillance operation, as well as your first lesson in PSYOPS and, incidentally, Fieldcraft. Let’s start with an illustration of the beast.What You Are Up Against: The Current Law Enforcement Bible [PDF]
This whopping 496 page text is exactly what is promised by the link. Like any franchise style organization, you local law enforcement practices will differ slightly as they have been adapted to your precise municipality. That said, this is still the basic framework of the modern police state. Dubbed “community policing,” it is an effective, widespread, laterally & vertically coordinated police intelligence gathering and dissemination system. Borne from CIA and FBI poorly networked regional precursors, then brought to localities by Gov sponsored “fusion centers,” it describes the domestic operation as an “all-hazards” intelligence gathering service. This is the vacuum cleaner metaphor. Meaning only that they acquire and analyze ALL information from ALL sources about everything, collate it, and make it available on a national database. This document is not widely known outside of the intelligence/law enforcement community, but it is public and parts of it are quite a juicy read nonetheless. Fighters of any cause since the time of Sun Tzu have known that the best counter to any operational tactics is reverse-engineering and implementation of the same tactics. This is the CGCI arsenal.
NSA’s current and long running ECHELON Program
Few average citizens are aware of this program’s existance despite the fact that it has been around since the 70′s. Originally a joint US & British endeavor, it has spread to several more countries since. This article provides a brief outline, but basically: The NSA collects all electronic comms worldwide, can see anyone, anytime from space, and can even “see by smell” much like a dog. This allows them to detect what you might have on you, what precise vehicle you drive, whether your engine runs rich, even reading things as small as text on a computer screen. From space. Not precisely news, but informative for those who didn’t know. The potential for abuse is astounding.
Fieldcraft #1:
Police surveillance operators tend to use hand signals when performing overt surveillance in convoys. These tend to be adaptations of standard signals already in use by civillians and police swat teams. Below are overt (meant for intimidation of low to moderate profile targets) surveillance signal meanings, then their descriptions.
Base Signal: This signal is how they say “Hey Guise, I’m ONEOFUS.” It consists of one of the driver’s hands draped over the steering wheel, wrist on the top with palm falling over the wheel and facing inward. Also, if weather permits, sometimes signalled as a hand just barely out of an open window, thumb tucked and four fingers indicating direction of convoy travel.
Stop: Self explanatory. Hand fully out window, thumb tucked, four fingers straight down. Palm faces the intended recipient of the signal.
Crash: End operations temporarily. Hand out window, palm flat facing down, then the hand is moved sinuously up and down three times.
Cover This Area: Used by surveillance teams in “Floating Box” operations to signal a dragnet in progress. Left hand is moved, palm flat, from the peak of the head down, then from the top of the head forward.
Target Is Making A Stop: Fingers closed with thumb out, thumb is placed to mouth.
Speed Up: Palm out of window, flat and facing forward, sweeping motion forward.
Slow Down: The exact opposite of Speed Up.
Compromised/Danger: Hand out window, palm flat facing down, jerking motion downwards multiple times.
Follow Me: Arm extended up, palm flat and facing forward barely outside of window, fingertips touching top of windowframe.
Offender/Suspect: Hand out window, extended into gun, then slowly turned upside down, pointing at suspect.
Wait For My Signal: Usually signalled by weapon hand, and usually kept inside vehicle on the center console. Hand positioned as if gripping an old timey revolver, about to cock. The ASL sign for X. This is a similarity with military intelligence operators who might use ASL with meanings coordinating to the International Code of Signals. X Being X-Ray and meaning “Stop carrying out your intentions, and wait for my signal.”
I’ve Been Detected: Usually made by civilian lackeys added to pad out convoy numbers, this signal consists of just and only touching the headliner, rearview mirror, or moving the sunvisor up and down quickly and purposelessly once.
Walking/Moving: Hand draped over wheel like base signal, but only index and middle finger extended, the rest tucked. Index and middle fingers used to simulate a walking motion.
Erase/Change/Start Over: Hand draped over wheel, fingers naturally apart, rocked left to right gingerly.
I Do Not Understand: Similar to erase, but fingers are kept flat and together, palm is flat horizontal, and rocked left to right somewhat more forcefully, like playing scratch.
I Understand/Message Received: Hand in any position out window, fingers crossed, thumb touching third fingertip. This is the ASL signal for ‘R’, ICOS Romeo meaning “Message Recieved.”
I Have Something To Say: Peace sign up, but thumb placed in between the “V”. This is ASL for ‘K’, ICOS Kilo meaning “Invitation to transmit/I wish to Communicate”
*There are many more signals used by various CGCI and all of them can be adapted as well to walkers, or bicyclists. If you see something you’re not sure about, describe it in a tweet to @LLCStr1ng3r
PSYOPS #1: CGCI’s purported strengths are also their weaknesses. They tend to think they’re superior in almost every way and will invariably underestimate a target. One of the first and largest things you can do to ‘mindfuck’ them is to display your knowledge of their tactics and modes of communication. Feel free to talk back. What they do is generally unconstitutional and a violation of privacy. Since they’ll never acknowledge that fact (and will deny that they packstalk), it’s ok to screw with them on that level.
I must be going for now. Good luck, Anons, and as always, feel free to tweet.
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Make NO mistake, here in America we live in a police state/surveillance society too. As you read this, perhaps even as I’m typing it, the FBI are monitoring internet communications, and operators in the field are providing as much human intelligence (HUMINT) as they possibly can. (The NSA purportedly monitors allelectronic comms worldwide.)An Overview: Intelligence and surveillance in America is a black industry. It doesn’t “exist,” nobody will tell you about it, and if you catch a spook, 999/1000 they won’t admit to being one. They just happen to be there, doing spooky things.
ANONTELPRO – Or Anonymous Intelligence Program is meant to be an Anti-Counter Intelligence operation. This is meant to be a one-stop-shop for modern anonymous intelligence operators. This means we work to detect, foil, and otherwise defuse the constitutionally dubious efforts and methodology of conventional government controlled intelligence (hereafter referred to as CGCI) agencies; as well as to educate fellow anons, curious onlookers, and would-be AnonInt operators in field craft, agent detection, and spookery in general. Covert or Overt, Intelligence is a fascinating world, and (if you’re not in the biz, or have never been under surveillance) reading this blog may open your eyes to what is going on around you.
This blog is meant to be especially useful to our Occupier brethren. CGCI will without a doubt, if they haven’t already, infiltrate their ranks. For today, various myths (and vocab that will be in frequent use in later posts) will be discussed. All posts will end with these sections, having content pertinent to above areas of the post. Tomorrow and at later dates, various dox will be highlighted in “digest mode” with links provided, illustrative pictures will be provided, and I will even supply information regarding OpSec and how to better organize and secure a movement against infiltrators. Little can be done about surveillance, except to control what you let them see as best you can, to misinform them, or to let them know you see them too.
Comment or tweet suggestions for topics if you would like anything to be expounded upon in future postings, don’t be shy. I’m happy to help. For simple questions, replies may be tweeted instantly, or pm’d.
*An informed citizenry is the best defense against tyranny. Anyone who tells you anything else, is a sheep, quisling, or outright member of the enemy. When water doesn’t suffice, you must fight fire with fire.
MYTHS (or as I prefer to say, half truths):
You have the right to free speech. The Clash said it best: “As long as you’re not actually dumb enough to try it.” Yes, you have free speech, you may not even get beaten or peppersprayed for using it.. You will, however, become a target for domestic surveillance.Occupiers and members of progressive movements across America are discovering this as I type.
CGCI only uses big black GM vehicles with huge antennae. Perhaps the worst mistake anyone can make is paying attention to Hollywood. CGCI drive everything, look like everyone, and are everywhere at all times. Impossible? Nope, the new system has been in place since shortly after 9/11, and it is ridiculously effective. It’s basically a national, multi-tiered, interdepartmentally coordinated neighborhood watch on steroids. It employs alphabet soup agencies, coordinated with state authorities, down to your local precinct/neighborhood watch units. Even tradespeople and average citizens are informers in this program. Your cable provider, those lawncare guys, the local pest control people… Even churchgoers. (police love partnering with local churches that targeted dissidents don’t attend.) Anyone that has access to property and persons of interest and might be unsuspected is an intel operator’s delight for a T/TIPSter/source. The USPS was originally considered for inclusion into the program, but denied inclusion because of fears that their individual carriers would face dire consequences on the streets. (Not all neighborhoods have a neighborhood watch or appreciate police.)
But I’m innocent, never harmed a fly, I could never be a POI. Wrong. You might have said the wrong thing around a source. A cop might have seen you somewhere at the wrong time. You might go to that one website. You might blog. You may have bought a certain book. You might have a security clearance/someone in you family might have had one at some point. You might have been used by the govt unwittingly, or even lied on. Once you become a POI you’re a deviant, and you’re being profiled. The current domestic intelligence program is akin to a staggering information vacuum cleaner. It doesn’t matter, you’re a name on a page and there is no white-out. Your only choice is to get informed and fight back, or go somewhere and hide (good luck, CGCI will follow.)
*More Myths In Coming Posts/ Tweet Suggestions for topics @LLCStr1ng3r
CGCI – Conventional government controlled intelligence. This is an all encompassing term for your alphabet soup agencies, state & local police, informers, and military intelligence operators. Yes, if you live in a military town and are of interest to the feds, they will unconstitutionally help too, but most likely on an individual and private basis.
POI – Person of Interest. Pretty self explanatory. anyone CGCI is curious about, which is rapidly becoming everyone. Hence, surveillance society.
Field Craft- Any of the various techniques and skills an agent or intelligence operator possesses to use in carrying out their work. Includes ciphers (yes, I intend to teach you these, including 1 which the CGCI and nobody except the intended recipient can break), symbolism, signalling, lie detection methods, interrogation techniques, and methods of psychological warfare (PSYOPS).
OpSec- Operational Security. In general, keeping your intelligence gathering operation under wraps, but also securing your person or movement against outside intrusion. Think of it as you or your organization’s IRL firewall.
*More Vocab In Coming Posts/ Tweet Suggestions for specific terms you don’t understand or would like expanded @LLCStr1ng3rA note from the author: I will try to keep this blog updated daily. I will try to respond to tweets instantly/ when I can conveniently.
Tomorrow’s Topic: An outline of the current domestic surveillance system and what you may come to expect if you fall under its auspices, as well as how to influence your newfound enemies. (PSYOPS)
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Fitchratings.com.cn Hacked by JungleHunt/Anonymous

www.fitchratings.com.cn Hacked by Anonymous
Fitch Ratings
Because your work consists in destroying other people’s,
while sitting your fat ass on some armchair, Anonymous
has hacked your Chinese branch’s site.
We do not appreciate traders or credit rating companies.
We will kep on bringing other similar comanies down.
1:admin    2efa5816afdab94a196971a29903d573:fitch123!@#:1
dd:d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e:[Empty String]::36
ee:d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e:[Empty String]:ee:26
kris gu:784c48992e9fd4adc2744ffc8fbad900:tequiero:kris.gu@fitchratings.com:43
Peter Chjan:659226f3705483d5f21bb978?59fda?e:?:peterchanhku123@yahoo.com:55
sda?:d41d8cd98f00b204e9800?98ecf8427e:[Empty String]:dsdfs:48
sdga:d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e:[Empty String]:dgsda:47
Shi Min:9577b48cfe6781ec1fe21dd9159c172f:shimin:shimin@amss.ac.cn:53
wwww:e9897318fc8ba6655516f8928aec7cab:sfsfsfs:    sfasfasf    46
??????:ef74145df6d7340ca19efc1855501e91:8667004:    rk518@163.com    66
??????:a517d852e354663307681358d1b831a9:?:    zd168888@163.com    54
Come and join us in #opFrance on irc.lc/anonops/opFrance !
JunglHunt (does not Tweet / ne se la pète pas comme les pseudo-hackers bloggers)
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

DC lobbyists' plan to undermine the Occupy Wall Street-movement, leaked to Avaaz today (pdf)

DC lobbyists’ plan to undermine the Occupy Wall Street-movement, leaked to Avaaz today (pdf)
& here

Climategate 2.0 – From Russia with Love?

From Russia with Love?

Global Warming Skepticism GraphImage by wstera2 via Flickr

Note: if you are looking for a link to download the new batch of Climategate e-mails, you can download them from here.
For much more on this, see Watts Up With That?.
The “Climategate 2″ release of further hacked e-mails from the University of East Anglia are once again embarrassing for Phil Jones, Michael Mann and the other climate scientists involved – whatever their supporters in the media may say.
The latest release, that FOIA2011.zip file, contains 5,000 e-mails in plain text and also a further archive of 220,000 files that is password-protected (with 256-bit AES encryption – in other words, state of the art uncrackable encryption – no less).
The “readme” file released in the package says that those additional e-mails have been encrypted “for various reasons”, and states that the hackers do not intend “publicly” (sic) releasing the passphrase. (It is a passphrase and not a password to make it almost impossible to crack.) So it is not likely we will be able to read those additional 220,000 files unless the hacker relents and releases the passphrase.
I am interested in a few features of all this though.
  • This leak (like the previous one) was released on a Russian server, and then removed a few hours later.
  • The compression method used was 7Zip. 7Zip was (and is) developed by Igor Pavlov, a Russian computer programmer. As such, it is widely used in Russia – by contrast, in the West, almost everybody uses Winzip compression as a standard.
  • The readme file talks about 5,000 e-mails being released and 220,000 being in the encrypted archive. But it writes those numbers as “5.000″ and “220.000″ – with a decimal point rather than a comma separating the groups of figures. That format is not generally used in the UK (or indeed in the USA), but is the normal format in some other countries, including Russia.
All of this leads me to conclude that it is likely that this Climategate leak, as well as the previous one, was orchestrated by somebody in Russia.
I am also interested in the fact that the archive was included in the file but encrypted. The obvious thing to do would have been to publish the 5,000 e-mails, but say that you had 220,000 more. So why did the leaker decide to release that encrypted archive? Without the password, it is of no use to anybody.
Finally, the original filename on the Russian server was not “FOIA2011.zip” but “25FOIA2011.zip”. The “FOIA” I can understand I guess (Freedom Of Information Act). But why the “25″? Does that have any significance?
Not especially useful information, but my two-pennyworth on this.

With the release of FOIA2011.zip, the cat’s now well and truly out of the bag.
To their credit, some of the climate scientists realised the dangers of the selective approach politicians demanded, which meant cherry-picking evidence to make it suitably dramatic, and quietly hiding caveats. “We need to communicate the uncertainty and be honest,” pleads Thorne, in another email from 2005. Thorne noted that a telltale “signature” of greenhouse gas warming was absent. “Observations do not show rising temperatures throughout the tropical troposphere unless you accept one single study and approach and discount a wealth of others. This is just downright dangerous.”
“What if climate change appears to be just mainly a multidecadal natural fluctuation?”
Elsewhere, discussing the homogeneity of temperature readings from different sources, Thorne mulls the need to “balance the text so this is not the message”, and expresses his discomfort with making claims that conceal the uncertainty. But such were the demands of activists, agencies and the political class, uncertainty was not on the menu.
This was why the first Climategate caused such repercussions. The revelations came as little surprise to those few who follow state of temperature reconstructions, but they rocked supporters who had put their trust in climate scientists. Clive Crook, a believer in the manmade global warming hypothesis and supporter of carbon reduction measures, expressed it like this:
“The closed-mindedness of these supposed men of science, their willingness to go to any lengths to defend a preconceived message, is surprising even to me. The stink of intellectual corruption is overpowering.”

Intellectual corruption

Where the “intellectual corruption” is plain is that somehow these doubts and uncertainties, along with the limitations of using computer models as evidence, never made it into the “bible” of climate science, the reports produced by the United Nation Organisation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports.
“Basic problem is that all models are wrong,” writes Phil Jones, bluntly, “not got enough middle and low level clouds.”
If that’s the case, then why isn’t this printed as a large health warning on the cover of the IPCC reports? Politicians who devised policy based on estimates of certainty by the IPCC now know they’ve been sold a pup.
In the short term, the issues raised by Climategate I, which subsequent inquiries failed to explore, are back with a vengeance. Parliament looked at several issues including transparency – withholding code and raw data to allow third parties to replicate CRU’s temperature work – corruption of the peer review process, poor quality programming, and the destruction of internal emails. Since CRU’s temperature work was at the heart of the IPCC, this is troubling. Climategate II finds Phil Jones telling the University of East Anglia’s FOIA climate officer that:
“I wasted a part of a day deleting numerous emails and exchanges with almost all the skeptics. So I have virtually nothing. I even deleted the email that I inadvertently sent. There might be some bits of pieces of paper, but I’m not wasting my time going through these.”
And “I’ve been told that IPCC is above national FOI Acts. One way to cover yourself and all those working in AR5 would be to delete all emails at the end of the process.”
His colleague Keith Briffa – expressing doubts about “all temperature reconstructions” also appears to ensure such doubts are not on the public record:
“UEA does not hold the very vast majority of mine [potentially FOIable emails] anyway which I copied onto private storage after the completion of the IPCC task.”
Elsewhere Briffa adds: “But for GODS SAKE please respect the sensitivity here and destroy the file immediately when finished and please do not tell ANYBODY I sent this. Cheers Keith.”
Documentation from “Climate Change”: a game from 1998
A 100 MHz Pentium PC with 16 Mbytes of RAM is recommended
Some context is worth remembering.
As with the first Climategate archive, much of the correspondence focuses on modern temperature trends and historical temperature reconstructions – not on the stuff we call hard physics: the behaviour of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere. (Note also that the emails stop in 2009.)
The temperature work was only thrust into such a dramatic political role because of the state of the hard physics of climate. There’s broad agreement amongst supporters of the manmade greenhouse gas theory, and ‘lukewarmers’, on what an increase in CO2 should do to the Earth’s energy budget – a modest increase in temperatures, before any feedbacks are taken into account. But speculation about runaway temperatures, while entirely legitimate, is for now, just that.
In the absence of telltale manmade global warming “fingerprints” (and there have been several candidates over the years, such as the tropospheric hotspot, or elusive ocean heat sinks) contemporary temperature readings and historical temperature reconstructions were freighted with immense significance.
So the mewling infant that we call Climate Science – a 40-year-young offshoot of meteorology – has been thrust into a political role long before it’s capable of supporting the claims made on its behalf. From the archives we can see the scientists know that too, and we can read their own reluctance to make those claims, too.
“What if climate change appears to be just mainly a multidecadal natural fluctuation?” muses one scientist. “They’ll kill us probably.”
That won’t be necessary. ®

McKinnon's mum wins human rights gong

Janis Sharp praised for extradition law reform battle
Gary McKinnon’s mum has secured a human rights award for her campaign to reform extradition laws.
Janis Sharp secured recognition by human rights group Liberty for her tireless campaigning on behalf of her son, who is accused of hacking into the Pentagon. McKinnon has Asperger’s Syndrome and has been fighting against extradition to the US for the last nine years.
The campaign to secure a UK trial for McKinnon has become a cause celebre as well as inspiring a national debate on extradition arrangements between the US and UK.
A judicial inquiry into extradition law by Sir Scott Baker concluded that the treaty arrangements were not unfair. However Dominic Grieve, the UK’s Attorney General, said the review offered “guidelines only” and was not binding on judges, giving a boost to the Save Gary campaign in the process.
Liberty said Sharp was being awarded its Close to Home award “for her passionate and sustained campaign to protect her son … from extradition to the USA”, the Daily Mail reports.
Meanwhile McKinnon’s fate lies in the hands of Home Secretary Theresa May, who is considering medical evidence that warns McKinnon would be a suicide risk if faced with the stress of a US extradition, trial and likely imprisonment. ®

Anonymous – Message to Occupy Police

Greetings police forces of the world. We are Anonymous.
Since the beginning of the Occupy movement we have watched as police violence toward the otherwise peaceful protestors has steadily increased. Your brutalization of our citizens is both unjust and uncalled for. Your raids on our encampments and the illegal actions of corrupt officers within your ranks will no longer go unpunished.
Any officer found to be guilty of these crimes against peaceful protestors will be doxed and have their personal information released to the public. It is time you take a dose of your own medicine and stop hiding behind your badge.
U. C. Davis Campus Police, Lieutenant John Pike.
Records Unit Manager
You pepper sprayed a crowd of peaceful students sitting on the ground. You are a coward, and a bully.
A tool of the corrupt.
A puppet for your masters.
Citizens of the world, flood his home phone at 530-752-3989.
Flood his cell phone at 530-979-0184.
Flood his email at, japikeiii@ucdavis.edu.
Flood his home with pizza deliveries and junk mail at 4005 Cowell Boulevard. Apartment #616. Davis, California 95618.
Flood his skype at japike3.
Flood his phones, email and mailbox to voice your anger.
Flood the campus of U.C. Davis.
Flood the streets of the world and stand up for your rights, and against injustice.
We are Anonymous.
We Are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us!

Inleiding tot Anonymous en hun operaties

==-==-==-==-== Inleiding tot Anonymous en hun operaties  ==-==-==-==-==
Anonymous!? Waddisda?
Toen we voor Wikileaks opkwamen en de websites van Visa, Mastercard, BoA
platlegden vorig jaar, haalde Anonymous hier voor ‘t eerst het nieuws.
Toen hoorden we dat Wikileaks geblokkeerd was vanuit Tunesie. We begonnen
een fax-campagne en faxten langs het web Wikileaks cables door naar alle
faxnummers die Google ons bezorgde: scholen, klinieken, hotels. We ont-
dekten dat Tunesie systematisch alle login gegevens van Google, Facebook,
Yahoo aflas. Facebook pagina’s werden gewist, dissidente bloggers zoals
@Slim404 verdwenen spoorloos door die phishing. Diezelfde dag schreven
we een scriptje dat de phishing blokkeerde. Tijdens de opstand spamden
we de pers met beeldmateriaal en getuigenissen die we kregen van opstan-
delingen. Dit hielp onder andere Al Jazeera om verhalen te verifieren.
Later kwam OpEgypt, waar we ook fax-campagnes deden met het laatste
nieuws. De pers werd immers gecontroleerd door de Staat en toonde
toeristen aan de piramides terwijl Tahrir in brand stond. We zetten ook
grappige foto’s en filmpjes op websites van de regering. OpYemen, OpLibya
en vele anderen volgden, en werden gedragen door honderden soms duizenden
activisten op en rond de Anonops en Telecomix IRC. Met Telecomix hielpen
we inbel-modems te verzamelen doorheen Europa, zodat Egyptenaren hun
verhaal kwijt konden op blogs en bij de pers tijdens hun internet en GSM
netwerk blackouts.
Toen HBGary in Financial Times verklaarde dat ze de mensen achter
Anonymous gingen blootleggen en overdragen aan de FBI, wistten we de CEO
zijn Iphone vanop afstand, downloadden we alle emails van hun servers,
en we verwijderden daarna volledige schijven van hun webservers op een
paar uur tijd. Uit de emails bleek onder andere dat HBGary door BoA in
opdracht van de Amerikaanse regering valse documenten naar Wikileaks wou
doorsturen en journalisten in discrediet wou brengen om de geloofwaardig-
heid van Wikileaks te ondermijnen.
Een jaar geleden hackte Anonymous de pedo site martijn.org en gaf de
ledenlijst aan de Nederlandse politie. Toen die geen actie ondernam,
legden we de website plat. Er werd uiteindelijk een onderzoek ingesteld
door de media aandacht die dit trok. De website werd afgesloten, leden
worden vervolgd.
Waar Anonymous onrecht ziet, probeert Anonymous dit recht te zetten. Van
censuur tot burgerrechten geschonden door overheden of bedrijven: daar
komen we tegen in actie.
Anonymous is van niets bang. Verwacht ons. Sluit je aan.
==-==-==-==-== Een nieuwe Anonymous account in geen tijd ==-==-==-==-==
Niet iedereen is blij met de komst van Anonymous. Daarom blijven wij
liever Anonymous. Hoe?
Download, als portable versie uitpakken, en maak een encrypted container
van >500MB, noem het bvb Win7.iso, en mount de schijf.
Download op die schijf
en de OTR pluginhttp://downloads.sourceforge.net/portableapps/Pidgin-OTR_Portable_3.2_Rev_2.paf.exe?download
Extract Tor en Pidgin op die schijf, en installeer OTR in Pidgin map.
Tor geeft je een socks5 proxy, die je controleert met Vidala, en browser,
een aangepaste firefox.
Pidgin is Multi-IM: MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, Facebook, Google chat maar vooral
IRC en XMPP. Maak eens een IRC account aan op (server:poort)
irc.telecomix.org:6697,of irc.indymedia.org:6697. Daar vind je veel
activisten samenwerken aan legale operaties, zoals #OpEgypt bij Telecomix
of #OccupyWallStreet bij Indymedia. Makkelijker, maar met minder opties,
kan je ook op IRC via https://mibbit.com Tot slot een IRC handleiding
voor beginners: http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/irctutorial.html
Maak met die firefox een volledig nieuw persona aan. Op 10minutemail.com
krijg je een tijdelijk email adres. Daarmee kan je een volledig nieuwe
identiteit uitbouwen naar sociale media. Sommige sites aanvaarden zo’n
10minutemail adres niet, dan gebruik je dat adres om eerst ergens anders
een adres aan te maken dat wel aanvaard wordt. Gebruik fictieve gegevens,
en vertel tegen niemand. Deze identiteit bestaat enkel in jouw hoofd, op
je truecrypt schijf en online. Vermijd gelijkaardige onderwerpen of
websites als je met je standaard browser surft. Gebruik portable software
uit je container. Tor mag nogal traag zijn, maar het is onmogelijk voor
de webservers om je thuis IP vinden.
Al wat je provider te zien krijgt, is encrypted Tor verkeer.
Om met Pidgin te chatten, stel in Pidgin per account of algemeen, Tor
als proxy in. Standaard is dat
Meer howto: https://serpentsembrace.wordpress.com/2011/04/23/the-

==-==-==-==-==-==-           Join Us.          -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==


LegionNET says:
 also see: i2p chat  / vs tor
instead of regular irc.
as not everyone has a server/shell/bouncer/vps/vpn.
to be “secure”

Philippine Congress Leak!

Ohai fair ppl of #AntiSec

Its us again @AnonyLeaks the one and only!
Special Thanks To: @LulzPirate He helped us out a lot!
user@congress.gov.ph-pc~$ sudo bash
root@congress.gov.ph-pc~# Kill all
It has come to our attn: that the lovely ppl of the Philippines live with one of the most corrupt government in southeast Asia. So naturally in the heart of #AntiSec we have Hacked congress.gov.ph.
So we would like the government of the Philippians to understand this
Your people should not fear their government
your government should fear you
now the worlds eyes or on you
we are all watching
you hold our brothers and sisters of this world and you should do so moar wisely.
Grats to the team shall we
Dwaan-SEO organizer
TuL-AX and random shit
eTag-Dood who brought us togwther and Programmer
and others who wish to still remain anonymous.
Now on to the fun stuff
where to start
o I guess we should start with the passwords and username’s #FTW
username        password
committees      icts
comms           qwerty
comm_mem        rules
journal         jpab123
member          icts
news            icts
papers          comms
pdaf            icts
pdaf_det        icts
pork            icts
press           prid
ra              rda
record          plenary
research        lrs
resolution      icts
schedule        cmsd
summary         cad
Unfortunately because we are cruel you get to find the link as to where you get to login
now whats next o yesh the congressman’s information along with blood types emails some urls to private sites and phone numbers enjoy..
size    cv      remarks         url     profile_d2      profile_d1      author_id       profile         file    directline      local   room2   room    email2  email   party   term    region  region_no       district        province        nickname        thirdname       firstname       lastname        fullname        memid
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F035            gunigundo       9315744         7391            N-212           gunigundo.mt@congress.gov.ph    LP/LAKAS-CMD    1       NCR     0       2nd     Valenzuela      MAGI            MAGTANGGOL      GUNIGUNDO       Gunigundo, Magtanggol T.        303
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E037            jalosjos-cg     9315112         7387            N-208           jalosjos.cg@congress.gov.ph     KAMPI   2       IX      9       3rd     Zamboanga del Norte     SAR             CESAR   JALOSJOS        Jalosjos, Cesar G.      280
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      A041            gullas-ed       9518924         7006            RVM-404                 gullas.er@congress.gov.ph       KAMPI   2       VII     7       1st     Cebu    EDDIE           EDUARDO         GULLAS  Gullas, Eduardo R.      279
0       Y                       0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E035            guingona-tg     9316527         7283            S-505           guingona.td@congress.gov.ph     NP/UNO  2       X       10      2nd     Bukidnon        TG              TEOFISTO        GUINGONA        Guingona, Teofisto ‘TG’ III L.  278
0       Y                       0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E034    Y       gonzalez-rjr    9315535         7385            N-206           gonzalez.rt@congress.gov.ph     LAKAS-CMD       2       VI      6       Lone    Iloilo City     JUN             RAUL, Jr.       GONZALEZ        Gonzalez, Raul Jr. T.   277
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      A040    Y       golez   9316624         7212            S-111           golez.rs@congress.gov.ph        Independent     2       NCR     0       2nd     Para aque       ROY             ROILO   GOLEZ   Golez, Roilo S.         276
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E032            garin-j         9315819         7390            N-211           garin.jl@congress.gov.ph        LAKAS-CMD       2       VI      6       1st     Iloilo                  JANETTE         GARIN   Garin, Janette L. , M.D.        274
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E031            garcia-a        9315891         7223    S-615   S-302           garcia.ars@congress.gov.ph      KAMPI   2       III     3       2nd     Bataan  ABET            ALBERT RAYMOND  GARCIA  Garcia, Albert S.       273
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      A036            fuentebella-a   9315345         7380            N-201           fuentebella.ap@congress.gov.ph  NPC     2       V       5       3rd     Camarines Sur   NOLI            ARNULFO         FUENTEBELLA     Fuentebella, Arnulfo P.         272
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      A054            madrona         9511032         7014            RVM-408                 doymadrona@yahoo.com    LAKAS-CMD       1       IV-B    4       Lone    Romblon         BUDOY           ELEANDRO JESUS  MADRONA         Madrona, Eleandro Jesus F.      271
0       Y                       0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F085    Y       tan     9315776         7302            S-604           tan.sat@congress.gov.ph         LAKAS-CMD       1       VIII    8       2nd     Western Samar   ANN             SHAREE ANN      TAN     Tan, Sharee Ann T.      270
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F030            garay   9316523         7245            S-404           garay.fc@congress.gov.ph        NP      1       XIII-CARAGA     15      2nd     Surigao del Sur                         FLORENCIO       GARAY   Garay, Florencio C.     269
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F029            fabian-e        9315773         7358            N-319           fabian.erbie@congress.gov.ph    LDP     2       IX      9       2nd     Zamboanga City  ERBIE           ERICO BASILIO   FABIAN  Fabian, Erico Basilio A.        268
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      0057            dominguez-vs    9316498         7329            N-110           dominguez.vs@congress.gov.ph    KAMPI   2       CAR     13      Lone    Mt. Province    VIC             VICTOR  DOMINGUEZ       Dominguez, Victor S.+   266
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      B049            dilangalen      9316317         7234            S-313           dilangalen.dp@congress.gov.ph   PMP     1       ARMM    14      1st     Maguindanao                     DIDAGEN         DILANGALEN      Dilangalen, Didagen P.  265
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F062            romulo  9316283         7252            S-411           romulo.rt@congress.gov.ph       KAMPI   1       NCR     0       Lone    Pasig City                      ROMAN   ROMULO  Romulo, Roman T.        281
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E039            lagbas  9315311         7215            S-114           lagbas.dp@congress.gov.ph       LAKAS-CMD       2       X       10      1st     Misamis Oriental        DANNY           DANILO  LAGBAS  Lagbas, Danilo P.+      282
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      0095            lagman-ed       9315497         7370            N-411           lagman.ec@congress.gov.ph       LAKAS-CMD       2       V       5       1st     Albay   EDCEL           EDCEL   LAGMAN  Lagman, Edcel C.        283
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E056            seachon-l       9315956         7367            N-408           seachon-lanete.rl@congress.gov.ph       NPC     2       V       5       3rd     Masbate         LINA            RIZALINA        SEACHON-LANETE  Seachon-Lanete, Rizalina        302
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F056            robes   9314614         7412            N-513           robes.ab@congress.gov.ph        KAMPI   1       III     3       Lone    San Jose del Monte                      ARTURO  ROBES   Robes, Arturo B.        301
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F006            angping-z       9315381         7392            N-213           angping.mzb@congress.gov.ph     NPC     1       NCR     0       3rd     Manila  NAIDA           MARIA ZENAIDA   ANGPING         Angping, Maria Zenaida B.       300
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E053            remulla-jc      9316235         7225            S-304           remulla.jcc@congress.gov.ph     LAKAS-CMD       2       IV-A    4       3rd     Cavite  BOYING          JESUS CRISPIN   REMULLA         Remulla, Jesus Crispin C.       299
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F061            romualdez-f     9315440         7433            N-614           romualdez.fmg@congress.gov.ph   KAMPI   1       VIII    8       1st     Leyte                   FERDINAND MARTIN        ROMUALDEZ       Romualdez, Ferdinand Martin G.  297
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      A061            pancho  9316248         7271            S-210           pancho.pm@congress.gov.ph       LAKAS-CMD       2       III     3       2nd     Bulacan         PEDRING                 PEDRO   PANCHO  Pancho, Pedro M.        296
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F002    Y       aggabao         9315507         7410            N-511           aggabao.gb@congress.gov.ph      NPC     1       II      2       4th     Isabela         GIGI            GIORGIDI        AGGABAO         Aggabao, Giorgidi B.    294
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E048            miraflores      9315124         7400            N-501           miraflores.ft@congress.gov.ph   KAMPI   2       VI      6       Lone    Aklan   JOEBEN          FLORENCIO       MIRAFLORES      Miraflores, Florencio T.        293
0       Y                       0000-00-00      0000-00-00      0118    Y       mercado-r       9329196         7001            RVM-401                 mercado.rg@congress.gov.ph      KAMPI   2       VIII    8       Lone    Southern Leyte  OGING           ROGER   MECADO  Mercado, Roger G.       292
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E045            maranon-jr      9315638         7272            S-211           maranon.ad@congress.gov.ph      KAMPI   2       VI      6       2nd     Negros Occidental       THIRDY          ALFREDO III     MARA?ON         Mara?on, Alfredo III D.         289
0       Y                       0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F045    Y       mangudadatu-p   9316489         7255            S-414           mangudadatu.dps@congress.gov.ph         LAKAS-CMD/KAMPI         1       XII     12      1st     Sultan Kudarat  PAX             DATU PAX        MANGUDADATU     Mangudadatu, Datu Pax S.        288
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E043            mandanas        9315582         7418            N-519           mandanas.hi@congress.gov.ph     LP      2       IV-A    4       2nd     Batangas        Dodo            HERMILANDO      MANDANAS        Mandanas, Hermilando I.         287
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E042            malapitan       9315249         7326            N-107           malapitan.og@congress.gov.ph    NP      2       NCR     0       1st     Caloocan        OCA             OSCAR   MALAPITAN       Malapitan, Oscar G.     286
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E041            magsaysay-m     9315148         7276            S-215           magsaysay.mmh@congress.gov.ph   LAKAS-CMD       2       III     3       1st     Zambales        MITOS           MA. MILAGROSA   MAGSAYSAY       Magsaysay, Ma. Milagros ‘Mitos’ H.      285
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      A027            diaz-am         9510893         7025            RVM-413                 diaz.am@congress.gov.ph         KAMPI   2       III     3       2nd     Zambales        TONY            ANTONIO         DIAZ    Diaz, Antonio M.        264
0               Deceased                0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E026            defensor-mjr    9316037         7342            N-303           defensor.mv@congress.gov.ph     LAKAS-CMD       2       NCR     0       3rd     Quezon City     Mat             MATIAS , Jr.    DEFENSOR        Defensor, Matias, Jr. V.        263
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      C004            albano-III      9316169         7262            S-201           albano.rt@congress.gov.ph       KAMPI   2       II      2       1st     Isabela         RODITO          RODOLFO III     ALBANO  Albano, Rodolfo III T.  244
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      0133            padilla-c       9518948         7012            RVM-407                 padilla.cm@congress.gov.ph      NP/ABANTE VIZCAYA       1       II      2       Lone    Nueva Vizcaya   CALOY           CARLOS  PADILLA         Padilla, Carlos M.      243
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F067            sanluis         9315746         7353            N-314           sanluis.es@congress.gov.ph      Independent     1       IV-A    4       4th     Laguna  EGAY            EDGAR   SAN LUIS        San Luis, Edgar S.      242
0                       http://nmgonzales.com   0000-00-00      0000-00-00      B015            gonzales-n      9316265         7269            S-208           nmg@congress.gov.ph     LAKAS-CMD       1       NCR     0       Lone    Mandaluyong     BOYET           NEPTALI         GONZALES II     Gonzales, Neptali II, M.        238
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F024            diasnes         9315504         7378            N-419           diasnes.cod@congress.gov.ph     KAMPI   1       II      2       Lone    Batanes         CARLO           CARLO OLIVER    DIASNES         Diasnes, Carlo Oliver D.        237
0       N               http://www.akbayan.org  0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E017            baraquel        9316575         7292            S-514           hontiveros-baraquel.ath@congress.gov.ph         PL – AKBAYAN*   2               99      Sector          RISA            ANNA THERESA    BARAQUEL        Hontiveros, Risa        236
0       Y                       2003-10-26      2003-10-20      D098    Y       velarde         9315974         7424            N-605           velarde_rene@congress.gov.ph    PL – BUHAY*     3               99      Sector                          RENE    VELARDE         Velarde, Rene M.        226
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      D093            valdez  9316004         7351            N-312           valdez.el@congress.gov.ph       PL – APEC*      3               99      Sector          EGAY/GASI               EDGAR   VALDEZ  Valdez, Edgar L.        221
0       Y                       2004-03-28      2004-03-22      D091    Y       codilla         9316021         7366            N-407           codilla.em@congress.gov.ph      LAKAS-CMD       3       VIII    8       4th     Leyte   Dodong          EUFROCINO       CODILLA SR.     Codilla, Eufrocino Sr. M.       219
0       Y                       0000-00-00      0000-00-00                      jalosjos-c      9315395         7393            N-214           jalosjos-carreon.cg@congress.gov.ph     KAMPI   3       IX      9                                       CECILIA         JALOSJOS-CARREON        Jalosjos-Carreon, Cecilia G.    218
0       Y                       0000-00-00      0000-00-00      D088    N       pablo   9316374         7354            N-315           pablo.ed@congress.gov.ph        PL – APEC*      3               99      Sector          ERNIE           ERNESTO         PABLO   Pablo, Ernesto ‘Ernie’ C.       215
0                               2002-09-01      2002-08-26      F078    Y       zubiri-j        9518957         7017            RVM-409                 zubiri.jf@congress.gov.ph       LAKAS-CMD       1       X       10      3rd     Bukidnon        JOEY            JOSE MARIA      ZUBIRI  Zubiri, Jose Ma. III F.         214
0                               2003-05-11      2003-05-05      D077    Y       zialcita        9520875         7037            RVM-419                 zialcita.ec@congress.gov.ph     LAKAS-CMD       3       NCR     0       1st     Para?aque       Ed              EDUARDO         ZIALCITA        Zialcita, Eduardo C.    213
0                               2002-11-17      2002-11-11      0194    Y       zamora-r        9316722         7389            N-210           ronnyzamora@congress.gov.ph     PMP     3       NCR     0       Lone    San Juan        Ronnie          RONALDO         ZAMORA  Zamora, Ronaldo B.      212
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E007            alcala  9315769         7338            N-119           alcala.pj@congress.gov.ph       LP      2       IV-A    4       2nd     Quezon  PROCY           PROCESO         ALCALA  Alcala, Proceso J.      245
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E008            alvarez-ac      9315469/9315374         7372/7421               N-413           alvarez.ac@congress.gov.ph      KAMPI   2       IV-B    4       1st     Palawan         TONY            ANTONIO         ALVAREZ         Alvarez, Antonio C.     246
0       Y                       0000-00-00      0000-00-00      0012            amante-e        9315615         7331            N-112           amante.ea@congress.gov.ph       KAMPI   1       XIII-CARAGA     15      2nd     Agusan del Norte        EDEL            EDELMIRO        AMANTE  Amante, Edelmiro A.     248
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      A024            datumanong      9511223/9315660         7041/7454               RVM-421/MB              datumanong.sa@congress.gov.ph   LAKAS-CMD       2       ARMM    14      2nd     Maguindanao     SIM             SIMEON  DATUMANONG      Datumanong ,Simeon A.   262
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E025            cua-gp  9518669         7057            RVM-429                 cua.gp@congress.gov.ph  PL – COOP NATCO*        2               99      Sector          GIL             GUILLERMO       CUA     Cua, Guillermo P.       261
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E024            crisologo-v     9510892         7033            RVM-417                 crisologo.vp@congress.gov.ph    NP      2       NCR     0       1st     Quezon City     BINGBONG                VINCENT         CRISOLOGO       Crisologo, Vincent ‘Bingbong’ P.        260
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E023            chipeco-jm      9315735         7322            N-103           chipeco.jms@congress.gov.ph     NP      2       IV-A    4       2nd     Laguna  TIMMY           JUSTIN MARC     CHIPECO         Chipeco, Justin ‘Timmy’ SB.     259
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      0042            cerilles-a      9518889         7009            RVM-405                 cerilles.ah@congress.gov.ph     NPC     2       IX      9       2nd     Zamboanga del Sur       TONY            ANTONIO         CERILLES        Cerilles, Antonio H.    258
0       Y       Deputy Speaker<br /> Ex-Officio Member, All Standing Committees<br /> Member, Legislative Executive Development Advisory Council<br /> Member, National Security Council        http://www.bayanmuna.net        0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E022    Y       casino  9315911         7407            N-508           casino.ted@congress.gov.ph      PL – BAYAN MUNA*        2               99      Sector          Teddy           TEODORO         CASI?O  Casi?o, Teodoro A.      257
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      B020            ledesma         9314205/9326546         7224            S-303           ledesma.ja@congress.gov.ph      LAKAS-CMD       1       VI      6       1st     Negros Occidental       JULES           JULIO   LEDESMA         Ledesma, Julio IV A.    256
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F031            gatchalian-r    9317327         7270            S-209           congrex@congress.gov.ph         NPC     1       NCR     0       1st     Valenzuela                      REX     GATCHALIAN      Gatchalian, Rex         255
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E020            bravo   9316187         7228            S-307           bravo.nr@congress.gov.ph        KAMPI   2       V       5       1st     Masbate         BONG            NARCISO, Jr.    BRAVO   Bravo, Narciso Jr. R.   254
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E019            bondoc-ay       9316594         7251            S-410           bondoc.ayp@congress.gov.ph      NP      2       III     3       4th     Pampanga        ANNA            ANNA YORK       BONDOC  Bondoc, Anna York P. , M.D.     253
0       Y                       0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E018    Y       biron-f         9524858         7047            RVM-424                 biron.fg@congress.gov.ph        LAKAS-CMD       2       VI      6       4th     Iloilo  FERJ            FERJENEL        BIRON   Biron, Ferjenel G., M.D.        252
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F016            cajayon         9316119         7257            S-416           cajayon.mitch@congress.gov.ph   LP      1       NCR     0       2nd     Caloocan        MITCH           MARY MITZI              Cajayon, Mary Mitzi
0000-00-00              E012            antonino-r      9316042         7328            N-109           antonino.rwa@congress.gov.ph    KAMPI   2       III     3       4th     Nueva Ecija     RODY            RODOLFO         ANTONINO        Antonino, Rodolfo W.    250
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E011            angara-je       9315642         7344            N-305           angara@congress.gov.ph  LDP     2       III     3       Lone    Aurora  SONNY           JUAN EDGARDO    ANGARA  Angara, Juan Edgardo M.         249
0       Y                       2001-09-23      2001-09-17      F083    Y       garcia-pj       9316261         7471            N-619           garcia.pj@congress.gov.ph               1       VII     7       3rd     Cebu    PJ      JR.     PABLO JOHN      GARCIA  Garcia, Pablo John “PJ” F.      210
0       Y                       0000-00-00      0000-00-00      A076            suarez-d        9315448         7360            N-401           suarez.de@congress.gov.ph       KAMPI   2       IV-A    4       3rd     Quezon  DANNY           DANILO  SUAREZ  Suarez, Danilo E.       304
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E060            tomawis                                                         PL – ALIF*      1               99      Sector                          ACMAD   TOMAWIS         Tomawis, Acmad M.       385
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F111            omar-h                                                  PL – YACAP*     1               99      Sector          DON-DON                 HARON   OMAR    Omar, Haron D.  367
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F110            montejo                                                         PL – AN WARAY *         1               99      Sector                          NEIL BENEDICT   MONTEJO         Montejo, Neil Benedict A.       366
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F109            hernandez-a                                                     PL – AMIN*      1               99      Sector          AYI             ARIEL   HERNANDEZ       Hernandez, Ariel C.     365
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F107            ortega-f                                                        PL – ABONO*     1               99      Sector          PACOY           FRANCISCO EMMANUEL III  ORTEGA  Ortega, Francisco Emmanuel III R.       364
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F108            cobrador-c                                                      PL – AGAP*      1               99      Sector                          CEASAR  COBRADOR        Cobrador, Ceasar A      356
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F101            sarmiento-u                                                     PL – A TEACHER*         1               99      Sector          ULAN            ULPIANO III     SARMIENTO       Sarmiento, Ulpiano III P.       358
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F102            bello-w                                                         PL – AKBAYAN*   1               99      Sector          WALDEN          WALDEN  BELLO   Bello, Walden F.        359
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F103            guanlao-a                                                       PL – BUTIL*     1               99      Sector                          AGAPITO         GUANLAO         Guanlao, Agapito H.     360
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      C128            paez-c                                                  PL – COOP NATCO*        1               99      Sector                          CRESENTE        PAEZ    Paez, Cresente C.       361
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F105            maglunsod-j                                                     PL – ANAKPAWIS*         1               99      Sector          KA JOMAG                JOEL    MAGLUNSOD       Maglunsod, Joel B.      362
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F106            francisco-o                                                     PL – ARC*       1               99      Sector                          OSCAR   FRANCISCO       Francisco, Oscar D.     363
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F100            colmenares-n                                                    PL – BAYAN MUNA*        1               99      Sector                          NERI    COLMENARES      Colmenares, Neri J.     357
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F099            ping-ay         9518669         7057            RVM-429                         PL – COOP NATCO*        1       NCR     0       Sector                          JOSE    PING-AY         Ping-ay, Jose R.        347
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F098            lopez-cj        931-5560        7313            S-614                   PL – YACAP*     1               99      Sector          Carol           CAROL JAYNE     LOPEZ   Lopez, Carol Jayne B.   346
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F112            lim-t                                                   PL – UNI-MAD*   1               99      Sector                          TEODORO         LIM     Lim, Teodoro L.         368
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F113            leonen-c                                                        PL – ABS*       1               99      Sector          BABY            CATALINA        LEONEN-PIZARRO  Leonen-Pizarro, Catalina G.     369
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F114            canonigo-r                                                      PL – KAKUSA*    1               99      Sector          DODONG          RANULFO         CANONIGO        Canonigo, Ranulfo P.    370
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      C127            osabel                                                  PL – ALAGAD*    1               99      Sector                          DIOGENES        OSABEL  Osabel, Diogenes S.     384
0                       http://www.alagad.org.ph        0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E046            marcoleta                                                       PL – ALAGAD*    2               99      Sector                          RODANTE         MARCOLETA       Marcoleta, Rodante D.   383
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F104            palatino-r                                                      PL – KABATAAN*  1               99      Sector          MONG            RAYMOND         PALATINO        Palatino, Raymond V.    382
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F124            mendoza-v                                                       PL – 1-UTAK*    1               99      Sector                          VIGOR MA. II    MENDOZA         Mendoza, Vigor Ma. II D.        381
0                       http://www.tucp.org.ph  0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F123            mendoza-r                                               tucpsecr@tucp.org       PL – TUCP*      1               99      Sector                          RAYMOND         MENDOZA         Mendoza, Raymond Democrito.C.   380
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F122            delacruz-j                                                      PL – ABAKADA GURO*      1               99      Sector          JONAT           JONATHAN        DELA CRUZ       Dela Cruz, Jonathan A.  379
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F121            palparan-j                                                      PL – BANTAY*    1               99      Sector                          JOVITO JR.      PALPARAN        Palparan, Jovito Jr. S.         378
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F120            arroyo-l                                                        PL – ANG KASANGGA*      1               99      Sector                          MA. LOURDES     ARROYO  Arroyo, Ma. Lourdes T.  377
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F119            britanico-s                                                     PL – BANAT*     1               99      Sector                          SALVADOR        BRITANICO       Britanico, Salvador B.  376
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F118            alcover-p                                                       PL – ANAD*      1               99      Sector          JUN             PASTOR JR.      ALCOVER         Alcover, Pastor Jr. M.  375
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F117            santos-e                                                        PL – VFP*       1               99      Sector          BETHE           ESTRELLA        SANTOS  Santos, Estrella DL.    374
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F116            abayon-d                                                        PL – AT*        1               99      Sector          DARYL           DARYL GRACE     ABAYON  Abayon, Daryl Grace J.  373
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F115            arquiza-g                                                       PL – SENIOR CITIZENS*   1               99      Sector          FRED            GODOFREDO       ARQUIZA         Arquiza, Godofredo V.   372
0                       http://www.abapartylist.org     0000-00-00      0000-00-00      A094            montemayor-l                                                    PL – ABA-AKO*   1               99      Sector          LEONIE          LEONARDO        MONTEMAYOR      Montemayor, Leonardo Q.         371
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E047            mariano         931-6615        7300            S-602                   PL – ANAKPAWIS*         1               99      Sector          Ka Paeng                RAFAEL  MARIANO         Mariano, Rafael V.      345
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F125            lacson-noel                                                             1       NCR     0       Lone    Malabon City – Navotas                  JOSEPHINE       LACSON-NOEL     Lacson-Noel, Josephine R.       386
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F070            teodoro-m       9316515         7259            S-418           teodoro.mr@congress.gov.ph      LAKAS-CMD       1       NCR     0       1st     Marikina City   MARCY           MARCELINO       TEODORO         Teodoro, Marcelino      324
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      A043            jaafar-n        9316277         7205            S-106           jaafar.ng@congress.gov.ph       LAKAS-CMD       2       ARMM    14      Lone    Tawi-Tawi       NONG            NUR     JAAFAR  Jaafar, Nur G.  323
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E063            durano-VI       9316121         7229            S-308           durano.rh@congress.gov.ph       NPC     2       VII     7       5th     Cebu    RED             RAMON ‘Red’ VI  DURANO  Durano, Ramon ‘Red’ VI H.       320
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      D095            chavez  931-5679        7429            N-610           chavez.lv@congress.gov.ph       PL – BUTIL*     2               99      Sector          NELLIE          LEONILA         CHAVEZ  Chavez , Leonila V.     318
0       Y                       0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F034    Y       gonzales-a      9316205         7244            S-403           gonzales.ad@congress.gov.ph     KAMPI   1       III     3       3rd     Pampanga        DONG            AURELIO         GONZALES        Gonzales, Aurelio       317
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E015            arroyo-i        9511354         7023            RVM-412                 arroyoiggy@congress.gov.ph      KAMPI-UNA       2       VI      6       5th     Negros Occidental       IGGY            IGNACIO         ARROYO  Arroyo, Iggy T.         316
0               Deceased                0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E016            arroyo-j        9316697         7263            S-202           macapagal-arroyo.jmm@congress.gov.ph    LAKAS-CMD       2       III     3       2nd     Pampanga        MIKEY           Mikey   ARROYO  Macapagal-Arroyo, Mikey         315
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F017            chong   9315331         7420            N-601           chong.ga@congress.gov.ph        LP      1       VIII    8       Lone    Biliran                         GLENN   CHONG   Chong, Glenn A.         313
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      C119            villarosa-ma    9315270         7264            S-203           villarosa.mac@congress.gov.ph   KAMPI   2       IV-B    4       Lone    Occidental Mindoro      GIRLIE          MA. AMELITA     VILLAROSA       Villarosa, Ma. Amelita C.       312
0       Y                       0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E062            villafuerte-l   9510066         7029            RVM-415                 villafuerte.lr@congress.gov.ph  KAMPI   2       V       5       2nd     Camarines Sur                   LUIS    VILLAFUERTE     Villafuerte, Luis R.    311
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      E061            vargas  9315182         7202            S-103                                                                                                           310
7049            RVM-425                 castro.fh@congress.gov.ph       LAKAS-CMD       3       VI      6       2nd     Capiz   Fred            FREDENIL        CASTRO  Castro, Fred H.         69
0       Y                       0000-00-00      0000-00-00      D042    N       cari    9315154         7254            S-413           clc@congress.gov.ph     LAKAS-CMD       3       VIII    8       5th     Leyte   Men             CARMEN  CARI    Cari, Carmen L.         67
0       Y                       2004-01-18      2004-01-12      D009    Y       cajes   9316342         7222            S-301           cajes.rc@congress.gov.ph        LAKAS-CMD       3       VII     7       2nd     Bohol   Ondoy           ROBERTO         CAJES   Cajes, Roberto C.       64
0       Y                       2003-08-03      2003-07-28      F086    Y       cagas-m         9316563         7290            S-512           cagas.mdc@congress.gov.ph       LAKAS-CMD       1       XI      11      1st     Davao Del Sur                   MARC DOUGLAS    CAGAS   Cagas, Marc Douglas IV C.       63
0       Y                       2002-01-13      2002-01-07      A016    Y       cabilao         9316324         7226            S-305           cabilao.ba@congress.gov.ph      LAKAS-CMD       3       IX      9       1st     Zamboanga Sibugay       Bel             BELMA   CABILAO         Cabilao, Belma A.       62
0       Y                       0000-00-00      0000-00-00      D008    N       bulut   9326495         7330            N-111           bulut.ec@congress.gov.ph        NPC     3       CAR     13      Lone    Apayao  Butzy   JR.     ELIAS   BULUT   Bulut, Elias Jr. C.     61
0       Y                       2002-08-18      2002-08-12      F015    Y       arago   9316292         7291            S-513           arago.ivy@congress.gov.ph       LP      1       IV-A    4       3rd     Laguna  IVY             MARIA EVITA     ARAGO   Arago, Maria Evita R.   60
0       Y               http://www.ruffybiazon.ph       2002-09-15      2002-09-09      D007    Y       biazon  9316239         7284            S-506           biazon.rrb@congress.gov.ph      LP      3       NCR     0       Lone    Muntinlupa City         Ruffy           ROZZANO RUFINO  BIAZON  Biazon, Rozzano Rufino B.       58
0       Y                       2002-04-28      2002-04-22      0050    Y       cuenco  9518929         7060                            cuenco.av@congress.gov.ph       PROMDI-BOPK-LAKAS       3       VII     7       2nd     Cebu City       Tony            ANTONIO         CUENCO  Cuenco, Antonio V.      80
0       Y                       2002-05-05      2002-04-29      F023    Y       delrosario      9316733         7394            N-215           delrosario.tony@congress.gov.ph         LP      1       VI      6       1st     Capiz   TONY            ANTONIP         DEL ROSARIO     Del Rosario, Antonio A.         81
0       Y                       2004-06-13      2004-06-07      0068    Y       estrella        9315842         7403            N-504           estrella.cm@congress.gov.ph     NPC     3       I       1       6th     Pangasinan      Conrad  III     CONRADO         ESTRELLA        Estrella, Conrado III M.        102
0       Y                       2002-02-03      2002-01-28      A044    Y       kho     9315162         7308            S-610           kho.at@congress.gov.ph  LAKAS-NUCD      1       V       5       2nd     Masbate         TONY    JR.     ANTONIO         KHO     Kho, Antonio T.         100
0       Y                       2004-07-04      2004-06-28      F055    Y       nava    9313488         7434            N-615           nava.jra@congress.gov.ph        KAMPI   1       VI      6       Lone    Guimaras        RAHMAN          JC RAHMAN       NAVA    Nava, Joaquin Carlos Rahman A., M.D.    99
0       Y                       2003-03-16      2003-03-10      F001    Y       agbayani-v      9315139         7345            N-306           agbayani.ve@congress.gov.ph     LAKAS-CMD       1       I       1       2nd     Pangasinan      VIC     JR.     VICTOR  AGBAYANI        Agbayani, Victor Aguedo E.      98
0       Y                       2002-12-15      2002-12-09      F046    Y       matugas         9315243         7238            S-317           matugas.ft@congress.gov.ph      KAMPI   1       XIII-CARAGA     15      1st     Surigao del Norte       LALO            FRANCISCO       MATUGAS         Matugas, Francisco T.   95
0       Y                       2003-06-15      2003-06-09      F063    Y       roxas   9315262         7258            S-417           roxas.jaf@congress.gov.ph       LDP     1       NCR     0       Lone    Pasay City      LITO            JOSE ANTONIO    ROXAS   Roxas, Jose Antonio F.  93
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F026    N       dumpit-t        9316689         7253            S-412           dumpit.tl@congress.gov.ph       KAMPI   1       I       1       2nd     La Union        BUTCH   SR      THOMAS  DUMPIT  Dumpit, Thomas Jr. L.   92
0       Y                       2001-08-12      2001-08-06      D078    Y       dumarpa         9328809         7239            S-318           dumarpa.fm@congress.gov.ph      LAKAS-CMD       3       ARMM    14      1st     Lanao Del Sur   Fay             FAYSAH OMAIRA   DUMARPA         Dumarpa, Faysah Omaira M.       91
0               Deceased:               2002-05-19      2002-05-13      D024    Y       domogan         9314709         7396            N-217           domogan.mg@congress.gov.ph      LAKAS-CMD       3       CAR     13      Lone    Baguio  Morris          MAURICIO        DOMOGAN         Domogan, Mauricio G.    90
0       Y                       0000-00-00      0000-00-00      D083    N       dimaporo        9316413         7232            S-311           dimaporo.ad@congress.gov.ph     LAKAS-CMD       2       X       10      2nd     Lanao Del Norte         BOOBY / BOB             ABDULLAH        DIMAPORO        Dimaporo, Abdullah D.   89
0       N                       2004-05-09      2004-05-03      0108    Y       delmar  9315804         7461            MB-2            rvm@congress.gov.ph     LAKAS-BOPK      3       VII     7       1st     Cebu City       Raul            RAUL    DEL MAR         Del Mar, Raul V.        87
0       Y                       2004-05-30      2004-05-24      D022    Y       defensor-a      9316385         7423            N-604           defensor.ad@congress.gov.ph     LAKAS-CMD       3       VI      6       3rd     Iloilo  Art             ARTHUR  DEFENSOR        Defensor, Arthur Sr. D.         85
0       Y                       0000-00-00      0000-00-00      0187    N       jdv                             MB-2            devenecia.jc@congress.gov.ph    LAKAS-CMD       3       I       1       4th     Pangasinan      Joe     JR.     JOSE    DE VENECIA      De Venecia, Jose Jr.    84
0       Y       Deceased                        2002-11-18      D021    Y       deguzman        9315422         7348            N-309           deguzman.dr@congress.gov.ph     LAKAS-CMD       3       NCR     0       2nd     Marikina City   Del             DEL     DE GUZMAN       De Guzman, Del R.       83
0       Y                       0000-00-00      0000-00-00      0051    N       dangwa  9319836         7295            S-517           dangwa.sm@congress.gov.ph       LAKAS-CMD       3       CAR     13      Lone    Benguet         Sammy           SAMUEL  DANGWA  Dangwa, Samuel M.       82
0       Y                                               N       luna-seares     9315144         7306            S-608           seares-luna.cs@congress.gov.ph  LP      1       CAR     13      Lone    Abra    CECY    JR.     CECELIA         SEARES-LUNA     Seares-Luna, Cecilia M.         57
0       Y                       2001-11-18      2001-11-05      D084    Y       beltran         9316615         7300            S-602           kabel.beltran@congress.gov.ph   PL – ANAKPAWIS*         3               99      Sector          Ka Bel          CRISPIN         BELTRAN         Beltran, Crispin B.+    55
0       Y                       2002-06-02      2002-05-20      F060    Y       romarate        9518974         7051            RVM-426                 romarate.ga@congress.gov.ph     KAMPI   1       XIII-CARAGA     15      2nd     Surigao del Norte       JUN             GUILLERMO       ROMARATE        Romarate, Guillermo Jr. A.      25
0       Y                       2004-04-25      2004-04-19      D020    Y       castelo         9315514         7414            N-515           daza.nc@congress.gov.ph         LAKAS-CMD       3       NCR     0       4th     Quezon City     Nanette                 NANETTE         DAZA    Castelo-Daza, Nanette C.        23
0       Y                       2004-03-14      2004-03-08      D004    Y       arbison         9316212         7227            S-306           arbison.am@congress.gov.ph      LAKAS-CMD       3       ARMM    14      2nd     Sulu    Munir           ABDUL MUNIR     ARBISON         Arbison, Munir M.       22
0       Y                       2003-10-05      2003-09-29      D053    Y       puentevella     9315479         7373            N-414           puentevella.mo@congress.gov.ph  LAKAS-CMD       3       VI      6       Lone    Bacolod City    Newks           MONICO  PUENTEVELLA     Puentevella, Monico O.  21
0       Y                       2001-08-19      2001-08-13      D025    Y       duavit  9315998         7357            N-318           duavit.mjr@congress.gov.ph      NPC     3       IV-A    4       1st     Rizal   Jack            MICHAEL JOHN    DUAVIT  Duavit, Michael John ‘Jack’ R.  20
0       Y                       0000-00-00      0000-00-00      D017    N       cojuangco-m     9315711         7411            N-512           cojuangco.mo@congress.gov.ph    NPC     3       I       1       5th     Pangasinan      Mark            MARCOS  COJUANGCO       Cojuangco, Mark O.      19
0       Y                       2001-10-21      2001-10-15      D076    Y       zamora-m        9316337         7246            S-405           waykuratzamora@congress.gov.ph  LAKAS-CMD       3       XI      11      1st     Compostela Valley       Way Kurat               MANUEL  ZAMORA  Zamora, Manuel ‘Way Kurat’ E.   17
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F052    N       enrile-s        9316621         7242            S-401           ponce-enrile.ss@congress.gov.ph         NPC     1       II      2       1st     Cagayan         Sally   JR      SALVACION       PONCE ENRILE    Ponce Enrile, Salvacion         14
0       Y                       2002-11-10      2002-11-04      F012    Y       barzaga         9518881         7003            RVM-402                 barzaga.ef@congress.gov.ph      KAMPI   1       IV-A    4       2nd     Cavite  PIDI            ELPIDIO         BARZAGA         Barzaga, Elpidio Jr. F.         13
0       Y                       2001-09-02      2001-08-27      0064    Y       escudero-iii    9314896 / 9513364       7327            N-108           escudero.sh@congress.gov.ph     UNO     1       V       5       1st     Sorsogon        SONNY           SALVADOR        ESCUDERO        Escudero, Salvador III H.       10
0       Y       Deceased                0000-00-00      0000-00-00      D027    N       dy-f    9315465         7402            N-503           dy.fd@congress.gov.ph   NPC     3       II      2       3rd     Isabela         Bojie   III     FAUSTINO III    DY      Dy, Faustino III G.     9
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0       Y                       2001-10-14      2001-10-08      D013    Y       chatto  9315258         7321            N-102           chatto.em@congress.gov.ph       LAKAS-CMD       3       VII     7       1st     Bohol   Ed, Eddie               EDGARDO         CHATTO  Chatto, Edgar M.        5
0       Y                       2002-03-24      2002-03-18      D051    Y       plaza   9315430         7362            N-403           plaza.rg@congress.gov.ph        NPC     3       XIII-CARAGA     15      Lone    Agusan Del Sur  Ompong          RODOLFO         PLAZA   Plaza, Rodolfo ‘Ompong’ G.      26
0       Y                       2002-11-03      2002-10-28      D033    Y       garcia-v        9316160         7334            N-115           garcia.vj@congress.gov.ph       NPC     3       XI      11      2nd     Davao City      Vince           VINCENT         GARCIA  Garcia, Vincent J.      28
0       Y                       2003-07-06      2003-06-30      C023    Y       bautista-f      9315286         7365            N-406           bautista.fp@congress.gov.ph     KAMPI   1       XI      11      2nd     Davao Del Sur                   FRANKLIN        BAUTISTA        Bautista, Franklin P.   54
0       Y                       2002-12-08      2002-12-02      F068    Y       singson-r       9316435         7250            S-409           singson.rv@congress.gov.ph      LAKAS-CMD       1       I       1       1st     Ilocos Sur                      RONALD  SINGSON         Singson, Ronald V.      53
0       Y                       2003-06-08      2003-06-02      F040    Y       labadlabad      9316714         7363            N-404           labadlabad.rs@congress.gov.ph   LAKAS-CMD       1       IX      9       2nd     Zamboanga del Norte     DODOY           ROSENDO         LABADLABAD      Labadlabad, Rosendo S.  52
0       Y                       0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F007    Y       aquino-j        9315856         7409            N-510           joboy.aquino@congress.gov.ph    LAKAS-CMD       1       XIII-CARAGA     15      1st     Agusan del Norte        JOBOY           JOSE    AQUINO  Aquino, Jose II S.      51
0       Y                       2003-02-09      2003-02-03      F027    Y       emano   9316487         7247            S-406           emano.yvb@congress.gov.ph       LAKAS-CMD       1       X       10      2nd     Misamis Oriental        BAMBI           YEVGENY VINCENTE        EMANO   Emano, Yevgeny Vincente B.      49
0       Y                       2003-02-16      2003-02-10      F014    Y       bonoan-david    9315445         7361            N-402           bonoan-david.mtb@congress.gov.ph        KAMPI   1       NCR     0       4th     Manila  TRISHA          MA. THERESA     BONOAN-DAVID    Bonoan-David, Ma. Theresa B.    48
0       Y                       2002-10-20      2002-10-14      0191    Y       yap-j   9315135         7200            S-101           yap.jv@congress.gov.ph  LAKAS-CMD       1       III     3       2nd     Tarlac  APING   III     JOSE    YAP     Yap, Jose V.    47
0       Y                       2002-07-28      2002-07-22      F013    Y       binay   9315193         7323            N-104           binay.mas@congress.gov.ph       UNO/PDP-LABAN   1       NCR     0       2nd     Makati City     ABBY            MAR-LEN ABIGAIL         BINAY   Binay, Mar-Len Abigail S.       46
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0       Y                       2003-08-17      2003-08-11      F005    Y       amatong-r       9315823         7204            S-105           amatong.rc@congress.gov.ph      LAKAS-CMD       1       XI      11      2nd     Compostela Valley       BOBON G                 ROMMEL  AMATONG         Amatong, Rommel C.      40
0       Y                       2002-08-25      2002-08-19      0011    Y       almario-t       9315837         7381            N-202           almario.tz@congress.gov.ph      LAKAS-CMD       1       XI      11      2nd     Davao Oriental                  THELMA  ALMARIO         Almario, Thelma Z.      37
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0                               2002-06-30      2002-06-24      D003    Y       antonino        9316691, 9316208        7324            N-105           antonino-custodio.dmr@congress.gov.ph   NPC-AIM         3       XII     12      1st     South Cotabato  DARL            DARLENE MAGNOLIA        ANTONINO-CUSTODIO       Antonino-Custodio, Darlene R.   4
0                               0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F076    N       violago-j       9316475         7235            S-314           violago.jgf@congress.gov.ph     LAKAS-CMD       1       III     3       2nd     Nueva Ecija                     JOSEPH  VIOLAGO         Violago, Joseph F.      208
0       Y                       2003-08-31      2003-08-25      D061    Y       silverio        9316145         7203            S-104           silverio.lc@congress.gov.ph     LAKAS-CMD       2       III     3       3rd     Bulacan         Tita Lorna              LORNA   SILVERIO        Silverio, Lorna C.      185
0       Y                       2001-11-04      2001-10-22      D060    Y       santiago-j      9316055         7297            S-519           santiago.jas@congress.gov.ph    NPC     3       V       5       Lone    Catanduanes                     JOSEPH  SANTIAGO        Santiago, Joseph A.     183
0                               2003-09-21      2003-09-15      F065    Y       sandoval-a      9316074         7343            N-304           sandoval.as@congress.gov.ph     LP      1       NCR     0       Lone    Malabon City-Navotas            II      ALVIN   SANDOVAL        Sandoval, Alvin S.      181
0                               2003-09-28      2003-09-22      F044    Y       lim-r   9315484         7426            N-609           lim.rg@congress.gov.ph  NPC     1       V       5       3rd     Albay                   RENO    LIM     Lim, Reno G.    178
0       Y                       0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F004    N       akbar   9315560         7313            S-614           akbar.wm@congress.gov.ph        LP      1       ARMM    14      Lone    Basilan         MUSLIM          WAHAB   AKBAR   Akbar, Wahab M.+        177
0                               2003-06-29      2003-06-23      F058    Y       rodriguez-a     9316077         7340            N-301           rodriguez-zaldarriaga.a@congress.gov.ph         NPC     1       IV-A    4       2nd     Rizal   Deline  JR.     Adelina         RODRIGUEZ-ZALDARRIAGA   Rodriguez-Zaldarriaga, Adelina  172
0       Y       Assumed Office: 06/09/2005              0000-00-00      0000-00-00      D057    N       reyes-v         9315563         7405            N-506           reyes.vfh@congress.gov.ph       LAKAS-CMD       3       IV-A    4       3rd     Batangas        Vicky           VICTORIA        REYES   Reyes, Victoria H.      171
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0       Y                       2003-05-18      2003-05-12      F050    Y       pichay-p        9518891         7012            RVM-406                 pichay.pa@congress.gov.ph       LAKAS-CMD       1       XIII-CARAGA     15      1st     Surigao del Sur                 JR.     PHILIP  PICHAY  Pichay, Philip A.       164
0       Y                       0000-00-00      0000-00-00      F084    N       sy-lim  9315922         7233            S-312

Muslim Brotherhood statement – November 21, 2011

Following the events of Saturday the 19th of November during which the Central Security Forces aggressively attacked those who took part at the Tahrir Square sit-in, killed a young man in Cairo and injured more than 500, we witnessed the next day another brutal attack by the Central Security Forces and the military police, during which more than 20 were killed and hundreds were injured in addition to the horror scenes we have seen on TVs, including dragging corpses of the martyrs and throwing them on garbage against all human, religious and national values. They do not even appreciate the sanctity of life, which which God made more sacrosanct than the Kaaba, which according to Islam, killing one is equal to killing the whole world. Those young men were not doing wrong; they were practicing their natural right in freedom, expressing their views and looking for democracy and the sovereignty of the people.
What has happened was a series of crimes that told about a deep desire to chase the faithful and dedicated people and to crush them, to spread chaos and horror so as to avoid the democratic targets and to prove that there are several parties that are willing to kill the youths and burn the country and forcing the people into obedience with oppression, corruption and tyranny. They are deluded, as the people who produced the January revolution are able to reproduce it, and these people will never give up the rights of sovereignty, freedom, democracy, and social justice, whatever the sacrifices.
The Muslim Brotherhood calls on the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, as the force responsible for everything that happened:
* Stop the killing and aggression against the demonstrators in all squares immediately and without delay and withdraw its soldiers and vehicles from the squares
* Assign every one who has ordered or carried out such killings and aggression to immediate investigation
* Release a timetable for handing power to an elected civil authority not later than mid-2012
* Be committed to sacking the current government that is responsible for the bloody events immediately after the parliamentary elections
* Respect the people’s constitutional rights of freedom of expression and peaceful demonstrations and sit-ins
* Stop silence and conduct a dialogue with the political powers on how to get the country out of this dark tunnel
* Issue laws for cleansing the political field of the corrupts
The Muslim Brotherhood also asks the national and political powers to meet and gather so as to be able to rescue Egypt.

The #Antisec LE dump, PERF and your police state

The #Antisec LE dump, PERF and your police state
by Kristina40 for Anonymous Dkos
I’ve been sifting through the emails that were dumped by #Antisec on Friday and it would appear that “internet security” is an oxymoron akin to “military intelligence” or “jumbo shrimp”. The incompetence would be comical if these people did not wield so much power over the average citizen. Let’s take a closer look below the fold…
It appears “internet security” will be the new black hole they dump money down in a never ending quest to create an all seeing police state. This is indeed, the Big Brother we were warned about. The 1% or Oligarchy or whichever name you wish to use to describe that small group that rules the planet, has unlimited resources to suppress, spy on and abuse the citizenry. We have each other and we have groups like Anonymous, AntiSec and CabinCr3w that have taken on the task of exposing these people and their tactics.
I know many here dislike the methods that are used by these groups but the light they are shining on how corrupt and infested with graft the system has really become is invaluable. One must also consider our government has no qualms with using the same methods on us. I can see this easily becoming the next trillion dollar fail ala the “War on Drugs”. Of course, lucrative government contracts will be awarded to the well heeled and well connected even as these “experts” made admissions such as this:
“I agree. I think it’s pretty evident as to the source. However, I’d bet that
they can get into anything that they desire.”
Jimmy Weg, CFCE
Agent in Charge, Computer Crime Unit
Montana Division of Criminal Investigation
2225 11th Ave.
It is not surprising this breach in security is not being covered by any MSM outlets at the time I am writing this. It’s a substantial breach and provides a pretty in depth look into cyber security and the so-called experts that are providing it and it’s quite frankly embarrassing to them. Somehow we can’t afford Health Care for the masses but we can afford to pay buffoons to not stop internet security breaches at the most basic level. It’s a clown show, and we’re paying for it while being told austerity is the answer to all our woes. While our kids are being pepper sprayed for exercising their right to assemble these guys are being rewarded with lucrative contracts. Here’s a snippet from the release..
These cybercrime investigators are supposed to be the cream of the crop, but we
reveal the totality of their ignorance of all matters related to computer
security. For months, we have owned several dozen white hat and law enforcement
targets– getting in and out of whichever high profile government and corporate
system we please and despite all the active FBI investigations and several
billion dollars of funding, they have not been able to stop us or get anywhere
near us. Even worse, they bust a few dozen people who are allegedly part of an
“anonymous computer hacking conspiracy” but who have only used
kindergarten-level DDOS tools– this isn’t even hacking, but a form of
electronic civil disobedience.
AntiSec Full Release
For too long there was no backlash when power was abused. Now we can use their own tactics against them. By exposing them every single time they cross the line. They can brutalize and oppress us but they will be exposed publicly when they do and can expect to deal with the backlash like we normal citizens must when we act wrongfully. The system is horribly broken and normal means are not going to fix it this time.
The PERF scandal is another glaring example of just how far from free we really are. They’ve created an illusion meant to make us feel “secure” when in reality it is this very security that imprisons us. It is time to break free of those chains that “secure” us and move towards a more fair and equitable society that benefits the many not the few. We cannot allow things like this to keep happening on our watch -
I see the question “who is watching the watchers?” asked frequently and I think we might have the answer to that question at long last. We all do. We are the 99% Expect us ;)

Cabin Cr3w – #OpPigRoast

Do we really need to explain ourselves much here? PERF assisted in organizing and coordinating the recent raids on Occupy encampments nationwide in the United States. We couldn’t sit idle while we watched our brothers and sisters being beaten, gassed, and sent to hospitals for exercising fundamental rights and essential liberties that were bestowed on them by their Constitution.
PERF organized in an assortment of law-making decisions over the past few years. From how to deal with immigration, homicide law, and even how to police on a nationwide scale, this “research forum” is the epitome of a paid, special interest police-body.
That being said, sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy the ride. And remember, don’t dox and drive.
xxxxxxBROUGHT TO YOU BYxxxxxx
Cabin Cr3w, RevoluSec, and DoxCak3
1120 Connecticut Avenue
NW Suite 930
Washington DC, 20036
Phone: (202) 466-7820
Fax: (202) 466-7826
Website: http://www.policeforum.org/
Oh noes! Looks like they saw us tweeting about them and tried to hide their personal information. So sad, too bad – here’s a handy webcache of it all: http://tinyurl.com/7ldzvkz
PERF President
Commissioner Charles Ramsey
Police Commissioner
Philadelphia Police Department
One Franklin Square
Room 314
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Phone: (215) 686-3367
About: http://phillypolice.com/about/leadership/charles-h-ramsey/
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/charles-ramsey/a/9b1/34a
http://goo.gl/Hau4p  ← LOL
http://goo.gl/vGFkk  ← with Al Sharpton at the White House
PERF President (Past)
Thomas C Frazier
Now: special advisor, City of Oakland police department (to help lead the city in it’s Negotiated Settlement Agreement compliance efforts.)
More about what The Negotiated Settlement Agreement means: http://www2.oaklandnet.com/Government/o/OPD/DOWD004998
Home phone number: (510) 652-4089
Government Positions
City of Oakland
special advisor
Office of Community Oriented Policing Services   COPS
director (’99→’01)
City of Baltimore
police commissioner (’94→’99)
Department of Justice
member, Less Lethal Technology working group (past)
Business Positions
Ordia Solutions   provider of mission software
advisory board member
Other Positions & Memberships
Frazier Group LLC   consortium of law enforcement and homeland security leaders
Major Cities Police Chiefs Association
executive director (’01→’10)
KeyPoint Government Solutions
advisory board member
Police Executive Research Forum
president (past)
Business Positions
Ordia Solutions   provider of mission software
advisory board member
Other Positions & Memberships
Frazier Group LLC   consortium of law enforcement and homeland security leaders
Major Cities Police Chiefs Association
executive director (’01→’10)
KeyPoint Government Solutions
advisory board member
Police Executive Research Forum
president (past)
Testimony of Thomas C Frazier  before Committee on Homeland Security
United States House of Representatives On “Homeland Security Policymaking: HSC at a Crossroads and Presidential Study Directive 1”: https://docs.google.com/viewer?url=http%3A%2F%2Fchsdemocrats.house.gov%2FSiteDocuments%2F20090402103418-02694.pdf
Picture: http://www.keypoint.us.com/content/images/biopics/ThomasFrazier.jpg
It is worth noting that PERF’s previous Presidents follow a list of rather unsavory characters:
1.    John Timoney : Responsible for what is known as the “Miami Model” (2003) of policing protests described here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miami_model
2.    Thomas C. Frazier : Who was a member of the Department of Justice’s (DoJ) “Less Lethals Working Group” – the findings and the conclusions of the DoJ working group can be found here: http://www.justice.gov/oig/reports/plus/e0903/final.pdf
It is worth noting that despite allegations of police brutality in 2003, the “Miami Model” was described by Miami-Dade State Attorney Kathy Fernandez Rundle as “very professional, very controlled… I think we have a model here for the rest of the world to emulate in the future when these sort of events take place.”
The “Miami Model” of policing protests can be seen in this YouTube video making its official debut in Miami 2003 at the FTAA protests
Since the 2003 Miami FTAA protests, the Miami mayor at the time stated that these new police tactics against protesting would serve as “the new model for homeland security”
The “Miami Model” of policing protests is described by academics as “Strategic Incapacitation” policing style which marks a shift in style of policing protests since 1999. Most notable in this shift is characterized by the goals of ‘securitizing society’ and isolating or neutralizing the sources of potentially disruptive protest actions or events. These goals are primarily accomplished through (1) the use of surveillance and information sharing as a way to assess and monitor risks, (2) the use of pre-emptive arrests and less-lethal weapons to selectively disrupt or incapacitate protesters that engage in disruptive protest tactics or might do so, and (3) the extensive control of space in order to isolate and contain disruptive protesters whether actual or potential.
For more info on the academic description of the “Miami Model”, please see here: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1751-9020.2011.00394.x/full
PERF Vice President
Chief Charlie Deane
Prince William Co Police Dept.
1 County Complex Court (MC 475)
Prince William, VA 22192
Website: http://goo.gl/XOIeA
Phone: (703) 792-6650
(703) 792-6652
Email: policedept@pwcgov.org
About: http://goo.gl/izx0e
PERF Secretary
Chief Tim Dolan
Chief of Police
Minneapolis Police Department
350 South 5th Street
Room 130
Minneapolis, MN 55415-1389
Phone: (612)673-3559
Fax: (612) 673-2613
E-mail: police@ci.minneapolis.mn.us
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/timothy-dolan/1a/632/a67
Oh…seems like Tim has a lot of people that don’t like him…
Tim Dolan was involved in coordinating the security at the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Minneapolis/St Paul Minnesota in 2008 which, according to many civil rights activists and lawyers was a heavy handed crackdown involving St Paul police issuing search warrants to raid and detain people in their homes in addition to violating constitutional rights of citizens of Minneapolis/St Paul through violence
The following Wikipedia entries describe the basic nature of the 2008 RNC crackdowns that Tim Dolan coordinated: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_Republican_National_Convention#Protests
The following is the Department of Homeland Security’s description of the coordinated security at the 2008 RNC – which DHS describes as a “Success” http://www.dhs.gov/files/programs/gc_1296488620700.shtm#10
More websites on why people hate Tim
•        https://www.facebook.com/pages/People-Against-Chief-Tim-Dolan-Being-Reappointed-in-Minneapolis/327500128973
•        http://twincities.indymedia.org/2009/mar/letter-minneapolis-police-chief-tim-dolan-about-continuing-post-rnc-harassment
•        http://www.topix.com/forum/business/publishing/TPI71PN9A9RPI37DO
PERF Treasurer
Chief Rick Braziel
Sacramento Police Department
Phone: (916)808-0816
Email: pio@pd.cifyofsacramento.org
•        http://www.sacpd.org/teamsacpd/raam/bios.html
•        http://www.sacpd.org/chiefscorner/
•        http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2011/11/08/city-finds-3-million-miscalculation-in-sacramento-police-budget/
Member At Large – Elected
Chief Edward Flynn
Milwaukee Police Department
Phone: (414)935-7200
Member At Large – Appt – Leg Chair
Chief William Blair
Toronto Police Service
Phone: (416)808-8010
Member At Large – Appt – Mem Chair
Chief Ralph Godbee
Detroit Police Department
Phone: (313)596-2763
Ex Officio
Sir Hugh Orde
Association of Chief Police Officers
Phone: 001 44 207 0848976 – when in UK: 0207 0848 976
Alicia Armstrong, Receptionist/Staff Assistant
1120 Connecticut Avenue, NW
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PERF Finances: http://goo.gl/5qpl5
Federal form 990 for 2009 tax filing:
Federal form 990 for for 2008:
Federal form 990 for for 2007:
So, what has PERF been up to lately? Let’s find out…
PERF Meeting Schedule: http://meetings.policeforum.org/library.asp?MENU=2704
PERF Publication on Policing Major Events (sound familiar?): http://www.policeforum.org/dotAsset/1491727.pdf
PERF helping ICE maintain control over local PDs: http://t.co/1SToXQv7
PERF Recommendations to the Department of Homeland Security on Information-Sharing:
“Continue efforts to ensure that fusion centers have the capacity to receive and understand threat-related information and to share that knowledge with local authorities.  DHS should work with fusion centers so that fusion centers have a greater capacity to understand (a) the threat posed by ideologically-motivated criminal activity and share that knowledge with local law enforcement. Download: http://t.co/xkrzxJO ← See slide 18
Oh yeah, PERF coordinated the Occupy raids:
Story: Non-profit policing organization orchestrating nationwide anti-occupy crackdown | Privacy SOS – http://goo.gl/cYcqA
Story: Police Executive Research Forum Coordinating Occupy Raids – http://goo.gl/whSfi
Story: Cop Group Coordinating Occupy Raids – http://goo.gl/tV5cT
Interview: Paramilitary Policing of Occupy Wall Street – http://goo.gl/FaaGm
Other links of interest:
-Chuck Wexler, Executive Director PERF
–Wikipedia page, just cuz
https://twitter.com/#!/NeilPaynter/status/137805076810047488 Shortlink: http://bit.ly/va0o48
https://twitter.com/#!/marymad/status/137805496416600064 Shortlink: http://bit.ly/vuglCh
http://www.iacpconference.org/iacp2011/public/SpeakerDetails.aspx?ContactID=2385  – Former Oakland PD chief
Articles Written from Research:
PrivacySOS.org: Evidence: non-profit policing organization orchestrating nationwide anti-occupy crackdown http://bit.ly/sbHw5R #OWS #PERF by Kade Ellis of http://www.privacysos.org – long link to article: http://privacysos.org/node/370
Daily Kos – Confirmed: Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) coordinating Occupy raids – http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/11/19/1038054/-Confirmed:-Police-Executive-Research-Forum-(PERF)-coordinating-Occupy-raids
Anon Corp Watch – Motorola sponsors group responsible for coordinating attacks on Occupy Wall Street: http://anoncorpwatch.wordpress.com/2011/11/20/motorola-sponsors-group-responsible-for-coordinating-attacks-on-occupy-wall-street/
PhilipBrennan.net – Police Executive Research Forum’s links to UK Policing: http://www.philipbrennan.net/2011/11/20/police-executive-research-forums-links-to-uk-policing/
Immigration Report: https://docs.google.com/viewer?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.policeforum.org%2Flibrary%2Fcritical-issues-in-policing-series%2FImmigration(%2425).pdf
Homicde Cover: https://docs.google.com/viewer?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.policeforum.org%2Flibrary%2Fhomicide%2Fhomicide.pdf
National Violent Crime Summit: https://docs.google.com/viewer?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.policeforum.org%2Flibrary%2Fcritical-issues-in-policing-series%2FGatheringStorm-VCinAmericaI(free).pdf
Bottom Line Policing: https://docs.google.com/viewer?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.policeforum.org%2Flibrary%2Fpolice-evaluation%2FBottomLineofPolicing.pdf
Police Planning for an Influenza Pandemic: Case Studies and Recommendations From the Field (October 2007): viewer?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ojp.usdoj.gov%2FBJA%2Fpandemic%2FPERF_Police_Planning.pdf
Terrorism: http://meetings.policeforum.org/library.asp?MENU=346
Violent Crime & the Economic Crisis: Police Chiefs Face a New Challenge PART I: http://meetings.policeforum.org/upload/V%20Crime%20&%20Economy%20I_238518924_9222010142317.pdf
From Doc’s intro by Chuck Wexler:
“…And because this report describes PERF’s exploration of a rapidly changing issue that seemed to come out of nowhere—the impact of the economic crisis on local police agencies—I would like to give special thanks to our friends at Motorola. Without the Motorola Foundation’s generous support of the Critical Issues in Policing series, PERF would find it difficult to react quickly to swift-moving developments like the economic crisis that swept the nation in a matter of months. Motorola has provided PERF with a great deal of flexibility to uncover emerging issues and explore them as they happen, and we are very grateful for Motorola’s generosity and trust…”
Came out of nowhere my fucking arse – they’ve been planning for this since Rex84… Also, WTF is the Motorola Foundation and WTF are they doing here? Also, cocks.
In attendance was London Metropolitan Police Commander Sue Akers – WTF was SHE doing there????? – ADDENDUM – doing FOIR with the Met to find out. FOIR: http://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/sue_akers_re_perf_summit_on_crim – Update – received acknowledgement of FOIR request from Metropolitan Police Service 2011-11-21
LECSR brochure:  http://meetings.policeforum.org/upload/LECSR%20brochure_110473744_10272006102544.pdf
Nice archive of PDFs: http://wikisend.com/download/264102/PERFData.zip
More PERF news: http://www.policeforum.org/perf-news/
More PERF + OWS Activity:
Exclusive: Lobbying Firm’s Memo Spells Out Plan to Undermine Occupy Wall Street (VIDEO): http://upwithchrishayes.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2011/11/19/8896362-exclusive-lobbying-firms-memo-spells-out-plan-to-undermine-occupy-wall-street-video
Police reviewing social media
(mentions PERF and OWS)
Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council Members:
Mass Arrests, Tear Gas, Sound Weapons used Against WIU Students:
- please note that the college president colluded with state police and the DHS to allow police to attack a peaceful block party in order to test their gear and tactics out – PERF involvement? You betcha. Take special note at 09:19 of the video – complete violation of all constitutional rights as if they “were not citizens” of the United States but slaves…

– indelible skin dye in that orange pepper spray?

Anonymous targets top cops: Cabin Cr3w launches #OpPigRoast

 Anonymous hacktivists are targeting a top cop group thought to be behind the police brutality directed against the Occupy movement.
Cabin Cr3w drops dox on PERF Board of Directors, members, staff; Operation Pig Roast (#OpPigRoast) engaged.
Monday, Cabin Cr3w, a faction of the international Internet hacktivist collective known as Anonymous, released private personal information belonging to PERF members, staff and Board of Directors.
PERF is the Police Executive Research Forum, a private, influential, national non-governmental organization with close ties to law enforcement agencies across the country, as well as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The group allegedly orchestrated and coordinated the sometimes brutal police crack down on Occupy Wall Street, and other Occupy movements across the country.
The Cabin Cr3w release comes as retaliation for PERF’s alleged involvement in the recent violent police actions against Occupy activites across the country. The following is an excerpt from the Cabin Cr3w release:
#OpPigRoastTARGET: POLICE EXECUTIVE RESEARCH FORUM (PERF)REASON: Do we really need to explain ourselves much here? PERF assisted in organizing and coordinating the recent raids on Occupy encampments nationwide in the United States. We couldn’t sit idle while we watched our brothers and sisters being beaten, gassed, and sent to hospitals for exercising fundamental rights and essential liberties that were bestowed on them by their Constitution.
PERF organized in an assortment of law-making decisions over the past few years. From how to deal with immigration, homicide law, and even how to police on a nationwide scale, this “research forum” is the epitome of a paid, special interest police-body.
That being said, sit back, grab some popcorn   and enjoy the ride. And remember, don’t dox and drive.
In addition to Monday’s Cabin Cr3w release, Anonymous hacktivists assaulted PERF on Sunday by taking down their website and releasing the private information of Sherwin B. “Chuck” Wexler – Executive Director at PERF.
After feeling the sting of Anonymous, PERF released a statement denying any allegations that they have been working behind the scenes coordinating the sometimes brutal evictions of Occupy gatherings across the country. However, some find the denial less than convincing.
For more information, check out the following: #Anonymous #AntiSec #CabinCr3w


How to decentralize Anonymous communication network.

How to decentralize Anonymous communication network.
The (main) problem of Anonops consisted in a sole point of disruption.  If the server was down the entire communication system of Anonymous was blocked.  To obviate the problem thought about a solution to propose.  Every channel chooses arbitrary a server that prefers, where to set up the channel. Across a tor .onion domain  the channels coordinate themselves.
One or more authorized operator of the channel can introduce on the onion domain the server of reference in which it is found that specific channel, and to change it in the case the server goes down.
To have a precise map of the network of anonymous must go on the .onion domine or a mirror for who has not tor ( however could use tor2web), to choose channels of interest and the specific server where it is hosted.
Example of what could appear the onion domain:
CHANNELS           SSL            TOR                  SERVER
#italy             False           True                 irc.cryto.org
#opmanning        True             False                irc.efnet.org

This is a possible solution of decentralization, because in short time the problem of Anonops will be presented again, and if during the AnonOps downtime people have moved to other servers like AnonNet or Cryto, the problem would have only been moved from anonops to new server.I don’t know what problems there might be, but I hope it can be useful.
Solve et coagula.
Greetings brothers

also read this guide@LegionNET:


Good evening,
So you’re interested in joining LocalNet? You have come to the right place,
for a short period of time you can join the well known “secure” nukenet around.
There is a few easy steps, that anybody can take…. So if you’re german,
Chinese, or just from piratebay, this is you’re chance.
Step 1,
Join the ircd below, either with a bnc or if you don’t know what that is?
but still reading this nfo, that is fine! just google
“a noobs guide to irc”. its that easy!
Connect to: nl.puzzlepants.com +7000
Step 2,
Register you’re nick with ChanServ, here is an example:
/msg ChanServ register password some@weirdo.com
Then you’ll have to identify you’re nick once you registered,
/msg ChanServ identify password
Step 3,
Once registered and verifed, Join the following channels:
#local.nuke (LocalNET nuke channel, most secure nukenet open for everybody!)
#local.delpre (LocalNET delpre channel, where you delete spam, etc)
#local.announce (LocalNET pre announce channel, with many bots for use)
There is many other channels but we’ll leave them out, sorry kids!
Step 4,
There is no step 4, easy yeah? don’t forget to message le0 for cheap leech!
The quickest way for Anybody to join the so called “secure” nukenet,
in 3 easyest steps, And people don’t have brains?
Is this how “| The Scene’s #1 Nukenet! |” should act?
Even the sheep network which you have banned from your net has +I on its channels
I mean what the fuck? Are you guys that stupid?
You think yourselves as leet but this clearly shows you are not.
Please everyone follow our instructions: Join with the nick INSECURE and start at
the number 1 and keep on numbering. Let see how many INSECURE noobs we can get on local today

The Black Ops Briefing Tape for creating Riots during and at the New Years Eve Celebration of the Year 2000

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Black Ops Briefing Tape for creating Riots during and at the New Years Eve Celebration of the Year 2000

It is not important how the short video you are about to see was obtained nor is it actually significant in retrospect to attach absolute validity to its origin. It is enough that I myself can lay valid claim to having sent links to the website where it was posted to most members of Congress, Matt Drudge, Mayor Guiliani, the chief of police of New York City and others, months prior to this planned infamy. Do we doubt the stage was set early on in the year 1999 for ominous expectations, that social engineering showed in the media’s designs to create the fears and anticipations to make such a thing more likely… in some camps to even welcome it?
The Y2K fears of computer mainframes crashing (proving to be false); programs on media facilitating these fears, even in fiction on popular show series like, The X-Files and Millennium; the discovery and whistle-blowing across the nation about military staging for house-to-house-search-and-seizure for weapons and state patriot militias forming in numbers almost overnight to combat any such thing… and the obvious deployment of provoked instances serving both to vilify and discredit any such actions… to list but a few of the signs for what was coming.With the retrospect we as citizens of a once proud republic, now corrupted and on the verge of betraying the only social contract any have with an increasingly impotent government that has lost its way in allowing one branch to circumvent all checks and balances to approach dictatorship, we can now find the proof of intention this video tape reveals, even if, in retrospect, it shows a different path taken…
one that tolled its bell in 9/11. James Horak, November 13, 2011
Transcription from the video:
Okay… Now you boys know that I will personally land in a world of shit if anybody finds out I made this tape. But I just figured since they decided we’re not going to conduct any outside maneuvers you guys could use a better look at where the deal is going to go down. Alright, except for Raven none of you men are cozy with the area of operation so I went ahead and I bought this camera and I’m thinking I would give you an unauthorized sit-rep (situation representation) here. You can take it in the spirit that it’s done, keep it eyes only and off the screen. This tape does not exist.
This is where it all goes down. I’m going to walk you through it. Take a look at the AO (area of operation) and give you a quick rundown on the mission. Okay, let’s look at it. The containment pens and the barricades run straight up and down from here, four pens per block. All your civilians locked up inside them. Alpha team, you’re all here by 0400, no later. This whole area is going to be full up by then and you’ve gotta be here before they close off the eight closest pens, north and south. That’s the structure that they dress up for the drop. Extra barricades all along the stretch here. Most of your civilian authorities are clustered right here. Cracker, you’re over here. A lot of priming the pump (agitating) out along this way for a good quarter of a mile. Some of it our people, a lot of it is going to be spontaneous civilian activity.
They are just starting to hear about Australia by the time your get here and at 1800 they see the deal on Europe and Africa when it happens up there on the TV screen so they’ll be plenty spooked. Of course they are going to calm down a little when the word comes down Australia has the juice back on around 2100. By then you’re butt buddies with your little pen pals. You just keep throwing out your story to any of the Caucasians nearby. Hit em on that black thing harder if you’ve got yourself a sympathetic ear. Today we’re going to get some for ourselves. All that shit, stir that shit up.
These ten blocks here, from forty-seventh to fifty-seventh, that’s Bravo team. Concentrate north but take anything you can when you hit the OZ (operation zone). Most of you, just plain folks are gonna be way back here, a lot of out-of-towners. They got here late and they won’t be too committed to their location. It shouldn’t be too hard to get em so they start pushing their way out of here and headed that way after zero. I want them running for their lives at that point. Very important that the push be north towards the park. Okay, so the girl is going to go and do her thing right here. She’s jumped, she’s stripped and she’s screaming by 2310. Poison, you’re right there in the front row, so you can make the most of it.
Then the story has got to spread up toward the north so be loud and keep moving to the left. Go up over your barricade and head out along the periphery. Everyone’s attention is going to be initially focused up this way towards the TV screens up there so you’ll be walking right past their line of sight. Just keep moving it along and disseminating the story up and through this range. That should all be concluded by 2330. By zero you’re most of the way home.
Raven, you’re here at fortieth by 1600. There will be beaucoup (a lot) movement in and out of the pens here so you don’t have to stay in one place. When you get here you push yourself up to where you’re supposed to be, try to keep it in the general vicinity. Again there will be plenty of pre-conditioning already in place so you won’t have to do too much explaining. You just walk around and amen any of the young brothers that happen to be talking about our town tonight. Alright.
Again, some of them are going to be our people. Just don’t go getting yourself busted before the ball drops. Keep it cool and watch where you’re standing and who you’re standing next to. If I could get you out of here any earlier I would. Just hold off until you see them coming in hard. Then you give them a little of that amedieu (confusion) shit. Agitate it. Then once it gets going you can start working your way out of here.
There’s going to be a lot of hot lead flying every which way all around here. Be a lot of scrambling. You’re working the range from fortieth to thirty-seventh. So don’t worry if you get swept with the crowd either direction. Just watch you don’t take a hit from either side. Of all the team you’re most vulnerable to police arrest. It’s very important you do what you’ve gotta do as early as you can. Just don’t expect any favors from anybody in the NYPD. They’re going to be looking at you like one of the ring leaders if they do catch you. So I strongly suggest if that it starts getting too crazy in here, you consider heading up over to 39th street and make tracks to the west. Just don’t stay here too long. Alright? You’re due back, brother. We got people waiting on you.
Okay, so that’s when it starts getting real hairy. Zero, the lights go out and it’s going to be pretty fucking dramatic. Especially if we’ve got inclement weather or substantial cloud cover. I just want you guys to think on your feet. So if it’s dark, you go with the flow and ride it on out. Most important thing, make sure you’ve got your withdrawal plan in your head. You didi mou (hurry) out of there as fast as you can. I don’t want anybody left on the island when the troops start moving in. They’re going to sweep and clear at 0300. Once they secure the perimeter, nothing and nobody is going to get off this island.
Hobo, you’re the one that gets left behind so your ass is hanging out there in the breeze. I want them really mixing it up by 0015, so you’ve really got it make it happen if it’s not already on course. The stage with the dancer is a clean shot right up there. You can use your discretion.
Okay, so that’s what it looks like. There’s a lot of pressure from upstairs to get this thing done right. We gotta just get out there and do what we’ve been training to do. The situation gets crazy enough, the civilian authorities are going to have no other choice but to call in our boys in to fix it. And like I said, there will be numerous operations going on all around. Concentrate on what you need to do and don’t get held up trying to do too much. We just want to get things started. Alright? That’s going to do it from here.
Posted by OmetaOne at 9:44:00 AM


                  ....MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM,.            ..                     
               .,NMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMD       .        .             
                ..MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN,..       ..  ...           ANONYMOUS
                 ..OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM?. . ....?NMNM .                 
              .    .:MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM777 .,MMMMMMMMN .                   
              .    ..MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMZ777MDMMMMMMMMMZ,.,.     .             
                    ..NMMMMMMMMMMMMI7IDMMMMMMMMNM.. ....                       
                        MNO777IMMMMMMM8OON,.... ...DI..                       
                       ..$MNMMMMMMNOOO ..ND,......,..M..                       
              .  ...,,MMMMMMMMOOOO,..M. .,MM8MMMMND...O.     .                 
               ...MNMMMMMMM8OOO...,,.N,.  .IM,M  8:,..O.    . .               
               MMMMMMM=..NMOI..D:Z~::+D.. . N:,...M,...N.. .ZM..               
               .MMN.~., .MZ .,I,+$::8:.M. .. D   M.NMMMM,..,:M..               
               ....   ..IO8..?M,D::7.:~Z.. ..$$$ ZMMM,.OMNMMM,..               
...............      ...N8, ?NM.,,:~,,8,...MNM8NM:MM,..: . ...      . ..........
................     ...8O .8. D,:,:,DI:.=NN~,,:7...M~.N       .................
................     ...NO .M,..M.O,,M...MM,,~O.MMM..O.D..   ...................
..................   .. DO..D.    ....7.~M,..ON.O8,....8.. .....................
..................    ..$O:.  .    ..:MMN.....,.      7:.  .....................
....................     MO..$,.                     .M.........................
.....................  ...8:. ..                   ..N..........................
...........................ZO.,..              .. ,OO,..........................
........................   .DMO ........     ....M..............................
..............................OM8O8 : ......,8NMMN..............................
........................ ....NMMM......MM......MMMM.............................
...................7NMMMMMMMMMMM.....I=MM=:....,MMMMMMMMNI  ....................
...............MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM......7MMM.....?MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.... .........
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Anonymous International Press release – Anonymous=!Anonops

Anonymous International Press release – Anonymous=!Anonops
We are Anonymous,
Make this clear to yourself and your hipster friends. We are not related to faggot ass IRC group called AnonOps in anyway who claim to be anonymous. They are not anonymous, they are just newfags with few servers who think they can change this world for good. But what they don’t know is that they have failed miserably and in the process they have failed us. They are using our name and logo because they don’t know what to call themselves. Although occasional name changes as antisec or lulzsec has made them famous which proves that they are a media hungry group as claimed by their deserters. It is never our intention to be famous. We hate the media and we hate anonops.
We also direct this message to ourselves to clarify the importance that we do not allow ourselves to become tainted by personal distinction. Once an individual attempts to act as, or act for, the many, Anonymous is no longer the incoherent machine it is intended to be.
There are no official messages from Anonymous.
There are no official videos from Anonymous.
There are no official representatives of Anonymous.
There is no official gathering point of Anonymous.
There is no official goal of Anonymous.
Anyone attempting to modify these points does so to the detriment of the whole. Anonymous is not your personal army.
One head lacks the power of many.
One head is corruptible.
One head is removable.
Everyone’s contribution is equal. Don’t be a follower. Rely on the whole. Be part of the whole. Avoid the one.
We are Anonymous
We are legion
We do not forget
We do not forgive
Expect us!


Pregnant Woman Blasted with Pepper Spray by SPD Says She Miscarried (Updated)

Pregnant Woman Blasted with Pepper Spray by SPD Says She Miscarried (Updated)

In loving memory of Miracle. Daughter of Jennifer Fox, 19: http://lts.cr/BI0Z
“I was standing in the middle of the crowd when the police started moving in,” she says. “I was screaming, ‘I am pregnant, I am pregnant. Let me through. I am trying to get out.’” At that point, Fox continues, a Seattle police officer lifted his foot and it hit her in the stomach, and another officer pushed his bicycle into the crowd, again hitting Fox in the stomach. “Right before I turned, both cops lifted their pepper spray and sprayed me. My eyes puffed up and my eyes swelled shut,” ~ http://uleak.it/?aop
The Seattle Police Department
Name Server                        IP                    Location
cramden.ci.seattle.wa.us      Seattle, WA, US
norton.ci.seattle.wa.us            Seattle, WA, US
We want to know everything about this incident.
We want to know who the cops directly responsible for the above mentioned actions.
& We want it now.
Working pad >> http://piratepad.net/CDJPYxMIUu


Dump of accounts from sfbaysss.net

The Singlehanded Sailing Society has been hit by a hacker going by the name of NEC who has dumped a bunch of accounts online.
Leak contains usernames, emails and encrypted passwords and come from the forums http://www.sfbaysss.net/


Just another dump of emails

Well been a busy few days that we have missed so.
Just another dump of emails from a unknown website.
Contains clear text passwords and emails,
Be sure to use CTRL+F for quick search.


4000+ Accounts dumped by @Herxode
@Herxode has been busy dumping a fairly big amount of accounts on pastebin. The leak contains user emails and sadly clear text passwords and totals around 4300.
Be sure to use CTRL+F for quick search in case your account has been compromised.


Another Dump of email accounts

Yeah another dump of email accounts from an unknown source, unknown website and reasons.
Leak contains emails, cleartext passwords.
Be sure to use CTRL+F for quick search.

@cyber war news

American Military Will Shoot Hackers

American Military Will Shoot Hackers

American Military Will Shoot Hackers

Added: Monday, November 21st, 2011
Category: Recent Headlines Involving File Sharing > Current Events

The US Military came to a conclusion that the best way to tackle copyright infringers is fight them with traditional weapons.
As a result, the Pentagon has already sent a report to Congress, saying that it can retaliate with military force to address cyber attacks. In other words, if someone carries out an attack on the Pentagon site, the US Military will run through their house shooting anyone. Of course, it seems to be a fairly tough approach, though the Pentagon claimed in a recently published report that it would act as a deterrence on people believing that they are able to carry out considerable cyber attacks against the American economy, government or military.
According to media reports, the main problem the country’s military has with cyber war is to identify where the cyber attacks originate from. That’s why the suggestions are that before calling for a strike against a cyber enemy, the army should improve its ability to identify the intruder. Indeed, it would be hard to call back a cruise missile if the intruder masked their attack behind someone else’s IP address.
The statistics revealed that most attacks that the United States has complained about appeared to come from China. However, the United States has to think carefully about attacking this country, because its economy is actually propped up by China and most of its goods are manufactured there. Of course, it would be better if some tracing reveal that, instead of attack originating from a hairdressing school, like they’ve done in the past, they were actually coming from a secret volcano base located in the South Pacific.
In its turn, the Pentagon is paying boffins to introduce some behaviouristic algorithms helping to assess the potential identity of attackers, which would limit the number of physical targets. American security agencies have also been training a crack team of very skilled cyber forensics experts. They also cooperate with international partners to share data about cyber threats, which includes malicious code and people behind it.
As an example, in the case of Gary McKinnon, the United States would have invaded the United Kingdom, shot McKinnon and cleared off, perhaps to an American base in Britain. Well, at least there would have been no time for a public outcry over the extradition.
November 21st,2011

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where did your comments_module go to. scared black sheep?
where did your comments_module go to. scared sheep?

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