January 27, 2012

Attorney Stanley Cohen talks over the “PayPal 14? case

Attorney Stanley Cohen talks over the “PayPal 14? case

Today, January 26th, the “Paypal 14? are back in court. The Paypal 14 are accused of participating in DDoS attacks on Paypal when Paypal – in conjunction with Visa and Mastercard – cut off financial services to Wikileaks.

We have been following the Paypal 14 cases closely and today’s trial is one of many the group will go through before anything is decided. The outcome of these trials will define not just how we see DDoS but the larger question of the right to protest online.

Here Stanley Cohen, the attorney for Mercedes Haefer, talks over what they are going through and their stance on DDoS.

A clip from WE ARE LEGION: The Story of the Hacktivists.

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