January 17, 2012


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  1. 1:Honorable Chief Judge Beth Ann Gibson

    Your money scam will be expose for what it is: http://www.lucecountyorvdamage.com/index.php?page=NEWS_CLIPS You have place a judgment of 3x the property worth. 10x the cost so called property damage. We see nothen other then marks on a trail, near a camping park in the middle of the woods. We see 3 down state kids sued for helping a local get unstuck and fined over $20.000 in grass damages!

    2:We saw many times two different defendant's, With the same charges, suppert cases, with similar criminal backgrounds, receive completely different sentences.This is not fairness. This should not be.

    3:You target these people because they cannot vote against you. You target the poor. you target the weak.

    4: And what you did to me...year's ago. You put me in jail because I dated your friends daughrter (your friend who worked for the proscutor) She was a collage student and I AM a high drop out/with record. FAKE CHARGE. No I didnt forget. their was NO probation violation. I didnt move. You would not let me show evendince to prove my self. TO PROVE MYSELF! You fuckin bitch! my lawer said there was a snake. 90 days sentence but when the my gf went back to collage 33 days later you let me out on the 36 day of JAIL. What happened to 90?

    5: I need this message out.