January 19, 2012

Anonymous Hackers Have Naked Groupies Now

Anonymous Hackers Have Naked Groupies Now

If you need any more proof that the hacking group Anonymous has achieved rockstar status in certain nerdy circles, check out their groupies. SexyFawkes is a porn site (NSFW) of naked ladies (mostly) wearing the group’s signature Guy Fawkes’ mask. Full size

These being hacker groupies, the site is crowd-sourced, so anyone can contribute, and they have a rapidly growing Twitter follower count. While naked people wearing a mask made famous by the movie/comic book V for Vendetta doesn’t do much for me, SexyFawkes may have stumbled into one of the the last smut niches: hacker porn. Next, we’re going to have videos of busty girls installing Linux on their desktops wearing nothing but a strategically-coiled T1 cable.

Source: myepicdramasite.com...

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