January 27, 2012

Against the surveillance state - #Anonymous launches action against #ACTA and retention #Austria

Against the surveillance state - Anonymous launches action against ACTA and retention

When it comes to anonymous members are from all countries strongly for the rights of citizens as one whose governments.
This fact has recently been shown in the protests in Poland. A clear sign of protest against the proposed "Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement" was set in Austria.

Obviously, some governments consider it necessary at present, to undermine fundamental rights and citizens massively restrict their freedom and privacy to want. Council of Ministers to sign the already released "Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement" (ACTA) will serve to establish uniform legal framework to combat uncomplicated internationally copyright infringement and piracy. As well as digital content are affected by this Convention, the implementation of ACTA massive cuts in the free Internet use will carry with you.

Providers could be forced to monitor the usage behavior of their customers and to withdraw, for example in France in accordance with the established principle of three strikes, Internet access after three copyright violations. The providers would be obliged to provide the necessary infrastructure and could make themselves liable to prosecution in another case even. The additional costs would be, not surprisingly, passed on to consumers. ACTA would mean that even private or confidential e-mails would be checked as to their content - images, or sound files, even if they were self-generated, could no longer with a clear conscience by e-mail no later then be sent. Moreover, a use of services such as Tor or P2P networks would be made illegal, as this can be considered as a preparation to commit a crime.

While ACTA can still be avoided, is the first with April 2012 in Austria planned implementation of the EU directive on data retention pratkisch nothing in the way - up to a successful ongoing initiative of the citizens of AK stock. The retention means for every citizen, be that logs all connection and location data from phone / mobile phone and internet and archived for six months. Authorities may also check at any time, with a particular person who phoned when and at what location. This applies equally to any activity for which an Internet connection is required. The Home Office justified the project thus, preventing terrorism, and who have one more tool in the investigation of crimes available to try.

Conceal what the proponents of retention, however, is first of all, the VDS that has proven not to reduce crime and secondly contribute to terrorism or any other crimes can be prevented so far. In addition, the data collected during the data retention, easy to manipulate. When creating criminals out there so you can easily respectable persons crimes are laid at the door. Quite apart from all Austrian citizens (including lawyers, notaries, doctors and other professionals who are bound by professional secrecy or confidentiality) placed under general suspicion. In addition, the VDS is a huge intrusion into freedom of the press: Critical journalists persecuted by the authorities could, informants be identified. The irony of it: Every single Austrian citizens paid with tax dollars these surveillance mania or fees.

Anonymous is sick, that the Austrian government sold the public are stupid, because obviously other interests are in the foreground. For the fight against crime, the retention contributes at least at a much smaller part than it is given by the proponents. The prize for this discovery method, namely to intervene in the privacy of all Austrians, is not only too high, but also contradicts basic rights such as the right to presumption of innocence. It would be conceivable, however, that the government already has plans to expand the VDS in a second phase (and then apply not only to criminal offenses) in order to get even deeper insight into the privacy of Austrian citizens. Given the disastrous fiscal policies of this scenario would not only not far-fetched, but conceivable.

To raise awareness of the consequences of data retention and attention to put a clear sign, however, be on Saturday, 28 January, in some provincial capitals of Austria hundreds of activists take to the streets and distribute flyers. All who wish to oppose the retention should seize the opportunity and sign the online petition of the AK stocks (www.zeichnemit.at). To date, supporting around 40,000 people, the action with their digital signature.

Our appeal to the media: We are confident that with the introduction of data retention adorned the front pages of the Austrian media with this topic. Assign this front page right now and set a clear sign against the VDS, after all, you are as a journalist more affected than other citizens.

Our appeal to politicians: Do not let that Austria become a police state! Hear the cry of the citizens who fear for their freedom! Vote against ACTA! Stop the madness retention! Do the right thing for Austria!


Anonymous Austria


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