January 29, 2012

Anonymous- creation of the CIA illuminati scam?

Anonymous-creation of the CIA illuminati scam?

[vid espanol/ES)

(LGN says: co-opted partly sure, but failed to hijack. & legion cannot be hijacked!)

(LGN says:also elite stole and misused symblols. and distorted the meaning) #wake up)




That means the leaves are always in companies, banks and organizations controlled by the elite? very simple: they are the wings of the god Horus of the Illuminati Satanic (the all-seeing eye) ... THEY lucifer

That Pastil prefer blue or red pill? if you take the blue pill will remain a bighorn sheep or semi elite mind controlled by the assault who just try to open your mind a little, and never will be free. Accepted red pill once and you should keep her head open because you accept that you can not deny or accept any information without having previously investigated.
I'm trying to free your mind, but I can only show you the door. You have to traversed

Look at this photograph "official" Anonymous showing one eye that sees everything, reflecting those who control

(LGN says: again,this is from the movie, not the collective. ) differenciation is key

Your logo hides the truth about who controls means that n and question mark on his head ¿Anonymity? Of course not! the elite have access to high technology and could find any person by means of satellites. Come to google maps and you'll see your neighbors and yourself panties hanging in the courtyard. The question mark means "you know who we are, you do not know, but we do know is Anonymous"

(LGN says: again, 2 sides play the game. greywalkers keep itbalanced, aka enforcers. both have played and no more game over. this is a decree given. and legion is here.)

LGN says: what path will we choose?



educate yourlself and raise your awareness by raising your level of knowledge thus also raise your conciousness thus no lacking in info and thus express fear. thats the elite;s game. no more game over.

open game,. willyou play?

 Devido perguntas. Não somos a favor dos "Illuminati" nem da Nova Ordem Mundial, vai totalmente contra a idéia Anonymous.

Because questions. We are not in favor of the "Illuminati" or the New World Order, goes completely against the idea Anonymous.



anonopshispano : Anonymous es Illuminati, dice un borracho - http://t.co/jbnr6Web //en serio, ya dejen de drogarse tanto.

anonopshispano: Anonymous is Illuminati, says a drunk - http://t.co/jbnr6Web / / seriously, stop taking drugs so much.




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