November 13, 2015

Anonymous OpKKK Leaks: Emails, Phones, Politicians Involved

Announcement: Operation Ku Klux Klan
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#Anonymous #AntiSec #OPKKK
Politicians Involved
2these are the officials that have political power in the usa that are associated with either kkk or racist related. addresses will not be released so nobody gets it in their mind to take out their own justice against them.
Brought to you by Amped Attacks: @sgtbilko420
1.United States Senator From North Carolina: Thomas Tillis aka Thom Tillis: Age 55: Wife Susan Tillis, Both living in: Cornelius, North Carolina.Known KKK Affiliated group:United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Thornton.
2.United States Senator From Texas: John Cornyn: Age 63: Wife Sandy Cornyn, Both living in: Austin,Texas: Known KKK Affiliated Group: United White Knights Of The Ku Klux Klan.
3.United States Senator From Georgia: John Hardy Isakson: Age 70: Wife Dianne Davison: Both Living in: Marietta, Georgia.  Known KKK Affiliated Group: Original Knight Riders Of the KKK.
4.United States Senator From Indiana: Dan Coats: age 72: Wife Marsha Coats, Both living in: Fort Wayne,Indiana. Known KKK Affiliated Group:United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
1. Knoxville,Tn Mayor: Madeline Anne Rogero: age 63: last known spouse Gene Monaco: Living in Knoxville,Tn: Known KKK Affiliated Group: KU KLOS KNIGHTS of the Ku Klux Klan.
2. Norfolk,Va Mayor: Paul D. Fraim: age 66: last known spouse elizabeth peer: Living in Norfolk,Va: Known KKK Affiliated Group:Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan:
3.Lexington,Kentucky Mayor: Jim Gray: age 62: no known wife/spouse: Living in Lexington,Kentucky: Known KKK Affiliated Group:United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
4.Ocala,Florida Mayor: Kent Guinn: age 60: Wife Sandra Guinn: both living in ocala,florida: Known KKK Affiliated Group: Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
5.Fort Wayne,Indian Mayor: Tom Henry: age 63: last known spouse Cindy Kocks: lives in Fort Wayne: Known KKK Affiliated group: United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
.... as i have said the reason i do not list the addresses of these people i do not want anybody to easily see this and take criminal action against these racist scum... #Exposed #YouMadBro
+1 636 296 6670
+1 034 755 5043
+1 573 244 5723
+1 184 755 4011
+1 724 575 0700
+1 800 293 5781
+1 724 575 0700
+1 226 755 4010
+1 336 432 0386
+1 214 755 4012
+1 800 293 5781
+1 888 276 6760
+1 336 432 0386
+1 703 753 7817
+1 561 744 9604
+1 804 248 2557
+1 573 244 5723
+1 202 482 5607
+1 502 428 6112
+1 502 277 2776
+1 423 357 3552
+1 229 883 0909
+1 870 587 8051
+1 800 226 0344
+1 402 296 9520
+1 512 219 4525
+1 800 332 1455
+1 312 243 2000
+1 312 243 3954
+1 866 387 8602
+1 202 296 4810
+1 609 771 7165
+1 606 771 7780
+254 73 06 2000
+254 70 995 5000
+1 800 472 0072
+1 516 663 5990
+1 877 336 7200
+1 978 970 2115
+1 770 499 4633
+1 517 321 6121
+1 800 825 8131
+1 516 663 5990
+1 978 970 2212
+1 888 725 1202
+44 212 334 8034
+1 027 83 4486996
+27 555 5555
+1 512 480 0000
+1 870 427 1611
+1 659 74 3688824
+1 252 492 7000
+1 217 333 0798
+1 800 323 2951
+1 229 559 5113
+1 229 559 8645
+1 336 432 0386
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us!

Anonymous #OpSafeWinter 2015 #LegalizeTheHomeless

Effective Date: November, 11 2015
Difficulty: Entry Level
Type of Op: Aggressive

Mission Statement:

In the age of rapid consumerism, repetition, and government warmongering there are always those caught in the crossfire. At some point you could very well wind up in that crossfire or in simpler terms: homeless. Certain religious organizations believe that faith and hope protect the people of this world, but at the end of the day it is a person that hands a starving child a bowl of rice, the cold a coat, blanket and a hot meal. Everyone's story is different as to how they got where they are. Even though attention should be given to hear their story, it is not where you've been that is relevant, it is where you are going. You don't walk backwards through life, you walk forward. There is some, but little need to look behind you as you move forward from life's struggles. If you kept your eyes open, then you would have known very well, what was there and where you were going. In the interest of moving forward, we bring to you #OpSafeWinter. Certain governments frown upon helping their discarded and unwanted, we do not. We believe that human life matters. Empathy matters. Standing in unison matters. The cold, starving and homeless matter.

Project Outline:

Together we can accomplish a lot, however, this op (operation) is most likely going to be one you can organize and exhibit in your area. This is a hands on op and you will need to be physically involved in your area for this to be effective. Using your social media networks and other mediums, you can reach out to friends and family telling them that you're looking for resources. We advise you to come up with a personalized mission statement rather than to admit your ties to Anonymous, due to the logging that is done within said social media environments and other administrative forces. If you know a place where you can set up a drop box/bin (or use a small building that people can bring things into, in a public area, with permission i.e a shed) this would be a great environment to rapidly gather resources in a timely manner.

We wish to see things done of "your" effort. Resist in using materials from other donation based systems that are already in place (i.e churches or other homeless systems/shelters currently active) but you CAN use them for collecting information. Those organizations have already donated as much as they can. This is an Anonymous effort, we use our OWN resources. With that being said, giving your resources to these organizations so they can distribute them to where they need to go is an alternative "IF" you can verify the organizations are legitimate and actually helping who they say they help. Otherwise, you can opt to distribute items yourself through one-on-one encounters, but be very cautious in doing so. Not all homeless are friendly and not all homeless are trusting. Protect yourself. Some areas have illegalized the act to help the homeless. As such, please contact the appropriate governing bodies within your area to answer that information. We can collect and provide some information through this operation, but you are responsible for your actions.

Stages of Operation:

Resource Gathering:
You can easily enough, set up your home as a drop box for people you have spread information to within your own social media networks to procure resources. Also building drop box sites can be done if your materials for making these shed like units and or have connections, or can can create connections with business owners to let you set one up outside their business. which ever you choose you will need a basic list to hand out to people telling them what items you are looking for:

- Food (canned foods, dehydrated goods, bottled water, think shelf life and think objects easily stored in a winter environment, exclude items dependent on room temperatures)
- Can openers (preferably small)
- Backpacks
- Trash bags (heavy duty) (various uses to the homeless, ponchos, tarps, carry all)
- Books (even the homeless need something to take their mind off their current situation in life as a coping mechanism)
- Hand warmers
- Thermal underwear
- Basic underwear
- Warm coats, pants and shoes
- Long sleeve shirts
- Thick socks (wool or thermal) and objects geared at keeping feet dry
- Shake flashlights or hand cranking flashlights (battery operated are useless in winter)
- Hats, scarves and gloves (preferably wool or polyester wicking/fleece)
- Zero degree sleeping bags

Most of this stuff is small and can be put into a normal carry bag or backpack and can be given to a homeless person once you run into them.

We would, at this time, prefer to stay away from risk items.
This would include things like:
- Knives/utility knives: You do not know if it would be used for defence or offence. It would cause more issues than it would solve.
- Medications (Both prescribed and non-prescription): Even though the homeless get sick, we can easily see this getting abused.
- And any other item that can or may cause harm internally or externally.

Zoning: Your area(s) of attack.

Pick an area you have physical access to and research it. Contact that area's appropriate governing body and ask about the laws for helping the homeless.
Pick heavily populated areas, where homeless people usually are. If you know of a homeless person that is not in a populated area, you can choose to assist them instead/as well. You can at this time opt to investigate what the area(s) already offer to the homeless and put together an information packet for homeless people to read.

The Information Packet can include but is not limited to questions such as:
- Are there free bathing areas? Hot meals? Shelter? Pro-bona doctors? Pro-bona dentists? Pro-bona optical care?
- Are there places to go for more resources like free clothing? Free food?
- Are there places that assist the homeless to get out of their rut and assist with job seeking?

Include anything you can put together in a packet of information that would give them hope for a better future. In large areas you can use gas stations, supermarkets, fast food restaurants, etc as markers to help a person find the location of a service.

Take that packet of information and place it with your gathered resources and from here choose your level of involvement. You can either distribute these resources yourself via one-to-one interaction or you can donate your materials to an organization that does. (Always verify the organization.)

Self Distribution:
Most of the materials can easily fit inside a backpack or bags. Make many 'care' packages and don't forget the information packet.

Bring protection with you, either friends willing to help or if you're going alone bring something for protection within the confines of the law in your area.

Not all homeless are nice, not all homeless are trusting.
Respect the situation they are in and always be aware of your surroundings.

Organization Distribution:
This research will differ in a zone to zone basis.
ALWAYS make sure the organization(s) do the things they claim to do. In the USA there are websites such as that keep business' in check. BBB is a place people can go to rate and find ratings on these organizations.
Look up any website like BBB that exists in your area.
Once you have verified with them, call them and tell them you have care packages you wish to drop off for them to distribute to the homeless.

We only ask one thing from you if you decide to go this route. Do at least ONE personal one-to-one distribution to a homeless person.

Anonymous isn't a dinky group any more. If we can get people we know to do ONE one-to-one distribution with a homeless person, we will help a lot of people.

Anonymity with photographs:
If you opt to take and publish pictures/videos in full Anonware to show your support of the operation, that is your choice.
Before uploading, strip your EXIF data from the pictures (searchable) and use the hashtag #OpSafeWinter on places such as Twitter.
Nothing wrong with getting the word out, but retain focus. This is about helping the homeless not your own personal glory.

(If you do not wish to affiliate yourself with Anonymous/this operation, use the inconspicuous hashtag #LegalizeTheHomeless )

//End of Operation Stages.//

Closing Statement:

Don't bite off more than you can chew. Remember quality over quantity. This is a general guideline to get you thinking about ideas for your area. If you personally only help out one homeless person, that's wonderful. /tips hat and gives a most courteous bow.

This is only to give you ideas on how to help vs your choice of personal level of involvement. Help one, help many, the choice is yours, do what you can.

Action will change the course of this planet.

That action, is us.

#OpSafeWinter #LegalizeTheHomeless


We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.


October 20, 2015

#OpHuntingPedo 3.0

#OpHuntingPedo 3.0

Greetings world!
We welcome you all to the Third Operation Anti-Pedophilia Anonymous Chile, Near Anonymous Temuco.
As you know in the social network Facebook, we are seeing much the subject of a child pornographic, pedophilia, bestiality, abuse of minors and respective ...
Therefore as a collective Anonymous Anonymous Chile Temuco and we decided not to let it go, which we call on all Anonymous, hacker, activist and anyone who wants to help to join with us in our noble and humble cause.
The objectives and informative final and officers will be giving in the course of Operation through our networks.
PLEASE share and spread!
Facebook Pages:

Facebook profiles:
Facebook groups:

We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forget.
We not forgive.


August 7, 2015

AnonSec hack on NASA reveals Chemtrails and GPS locations

AnonSec hack on NASA reveals Chemtrails and GPS locations

Incredible, the AnonSec hackers claim to have gained access to information which would verify that chem trails are being used by governments. Cyberwarzone has no experience regarding chem trails, but we can clearly see that this information has been gathered from official resources.
The AnonSec hackers claim to have hacked NASA servers which held classified information like GPS locations, Weather modification and Drone activity.
The AnonSec hackers have published the leaked information on MEGA and it can be downloaded by anyone as long as it is still online.

anonsec opnasadrone
Click on the picture to download the files.

mirror: file!H5cU2QoZ!y9RtRAtP9YJ10FxbRZuMuGDu5uMzv2JQDT8QerwDRNM 128.0 MB

AnonSec on the Chemtrails: Chemtrails is a form of weather modification. One by trapping the which virtually block out the sunlight(while also poisoning everyone on Earth) it also heats up the planet. Not to mention these chemtrails can be controlled by HARRP since they are filled with aluminum and react to electromagnetic pulses.
Besides the Chemtrail information, it is important to remember that companies, governments and households fail to secure their private information.
So the next time, you see your company IT-staff, ask them about the security and if they think that it is important. It might shock you what some will answer.


Click to enlarge


                                                   #OpNasaDrones Update

"Operation NASA Drones was first about getting access to the drones for atmospheric data relating to climate change, but as we dug deeper into their network, we found NASA is involved in more than we could have ever imagined, from chemtrails to UFO coverups and alien reverse engineered technology. This finding was similar to a geologist looking for dirt samples in a Aztec pyramid and finding fuckings El Dorado.
After several years with maintained access to NASA drone servers thanks to the dark army, we have more than enough data to start leaking webcam logins, drone GPS, atmosphere statistics, chemical analysis and video logs. For the past year we have been intercepting all traffic on drone servers and recording the data to recreate the flight paths. Encrypted Full copies of the over 100GB leak of data has been sent to WikiLeaks and TheGuardian with instructions on how and when to release if our demands are not met.
First we want NASA to stop editing its atmospheric data to try and disprove Global Warming and also delete trace evidence of Chemtrails, including but not limited to samples of high amounts of aluminum, barium, strontium and other hazardous or radioactive chemicals being found in the upper atmosphere. Also we want NASA to stop lying and disclose its technological capabilities and accomplishments relating to black project operations for like Operation Indigo Skyfold, Alternatives 1, 2, and 3, Solar Warden, the Earth Defense Force and the Mars Defense Force.
If these demands are not met within the next month, all +100GigaBites data will be leaked promptly and we will continue to propagate deeper into your network and employees lives. We are literally everywhere and can not be stopped, beware of our CyberMafia..."

Each share is an aware person:

August 2, 2015

#ShowUsTheHorse - #Anonymous Statement

   _  _   _____ _                   _   _    _____ _          _   _                    
 _| || |_/  ___| |                 | | | |  |_   _| |        | | | |                    
|_  __  _\ `--.| |__   _____      _| | | |___ | | | |__   ___| |_| | ___  _ __ ___  ___
 _| || |_ `--. \ '_ \ / _ \ \ /\ / / | | / __|| | | '_ \ / _ \  _  |/ _ \| '__/ __|/ _ \
|_  __  _/\__/ / | | | (_) \ V  V /| |_| \__ \| | | | | |  __/ | | | (_) | |  \__ \  __/
  |_||_| \____/|_| |_|\___/ \_/\_/  \___/|___/\_/ |_| |_|\___\_| |_/\___/|_|  |___/\___|
#ShowUsTheHorse - #AnonsForHorses - #OpFunkill - #Anonymous - #ShowUsTheHorse
Greeting from Anonymous ----
Dear citizens of the world and animal lovers everywhere,
“A picture is worth a thousand words…unless it gets posted on the internet, when it’s good for millions of words from commenters.”
... And a visit from #Anonymous
We have come to ask for your assistance regarding a very horrific case of animal cruelty inflicted upon a young horse and what may be a good ol' boy network of government cover up
Here is some background to help you understand what has transpired and why #Anonymous has decided to take action. (source links below)
On June 7th, horse owner and trainer, Jeromy Reece Mixon from Millerton, Oklahoma posted photos displaying his' "training method" of a young horse on his personal Facebook. Apparently he felt rather proud of himself and choose to publicly display these photos but his 'training" appeared to many to be an obvious case of horse abuse and cruelty.
Disgusted and outraged social media users reported the incident to the local sheriffs office who responded and a vet was called out.
What happened (or didn't happen) next is utterly incredible. The McCurtain County District Attorney Mark Matloff elected NOT to press charges.  Why?  No answer has been given that we are aware of.
Could it be that this is because he is good buddies and Facebook friends with  Mixon who also happens to be a Millerton fireman?  In a small town of a population ~350 it seems rather likely their paths have crossed a few times
Fortunate for this case various news articles and social media accounts (namely @HorseinOKabused) had done a lot of investigation and preservation of evidence as Mr. Mixon has now not only deleted his posts but changed his name spelling from Jeromy to Jeremy and locked his Facebook (gee wonder why?)
Turns out when questioned about this "training" technique he replied "when did sitting on a colt become a crime?" and further defended his actions by stating the horse was "combative".
However evidence shows that more than just sitting on this young horse occurred. The horse was down and hog-tied (how he got the horse down and hog-tied while it was so "combative" conjures up horrific images of leg roping and/or flipping the poor horse). He is then shown standing on the horse in the act of forcefully bull-whipping the defenseless young Bull whips cut flesh and standing on a horse's flanks and ribs makes breathing difficult for them   Be sure to scroll through our photo album and see his own Facebook posting defending his inhumane actions and public condemnation of it by the American Veterinary Medical Assoc and American Association of Equine Practitioners
To this day nobody knows what has become of the young horse - dead? But what is certain is that Mixon has gotten away with felony far.
Is this abuse? Yes it is!.  According to every veterinarian we have consulted, including a State expert in horse abuse, as well as the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Assoc) and the AAEP (American Assoc of Equine Practioners) who have publicly commented on this case. (Screen shot available in album above or see respective timelines)
So due to the abuse clearly demonstrated by Mixon's own photos and the lack of inaction by Oklahoma officials Anonymous has now decided to take this case to heart - yes not all of Anons are heartless bastards.
"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have." --Margaret Mead
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% KEY ACCOUNTS & INFO %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
Facebook page dedicated to #ShowUsTheHorse
Op Accounts: @Anons4Horses @HorseinOKabused
#FF accounts: @OpFunkill @Anonorpheus @chrissieward71 @teresakay @autumnrainwater
Hashtag: #ShowUsTheHorse  #Oklahoma
Album of photos- confessions, key screen shot of horse orgs condemning
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% RESOURCE LINKS %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
RESOURCE LINKS  (Date-Brief Summary of outstanding content)
June 6  First known critcism of abuse
June 7 Comprehensive coverage of story (with June 28 update of NO charges)
June 8 - Public outcries
June 8  Report of original objections and outcry
June 8 A trainers perspective
June 9 Short summary of the case
June 11 Direct responses from Mixon to accusers
June 11
June 13 Comments placed upon the workplace website of Jeremy Mixon
June 24 An overview of events with a video of photographic evidence
June 26  Update no charges claims DA
&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& PETITIONS &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
 PETITIONS - Please sign and retweet :)
Targets Attorney General
Targets DA Matloff
&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& KEY PLAYERS &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
Abuser: Jeromy (Jeremy) Reece Mixon of Millerton, Oklahoma see @TardSquad for doX info
Please write, call and tweet these people - be heard, this horse needs a voice
Scott Pruitt: Attorney General
Twitter @AGScottPruitt
Government site
ONLINE complaint form:
Mary Fallin: Governor
Twitter @GovMaryFallin
Government site
Buck Irwin: Millerton Mayor
Twitter @Buckaroo68ou
Twitter @AVMAvets
Twitter @AAEPCE
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% SHOUT OUTS %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
@AnonsForHorses would like to give special thanks to @HorseinOKabused whose dedication brought this case to the
attention to #Anonymous/@AnandaAnon - their commitment is inspiring
Also thanks go out to @OpFunkill @Anonorpheus (you guys ROCK!) and @chrissieward71 @teresakay @autumnrainwater @AnonyCrypt @Samurai_Lucy @AnanadaAnon
And thanks to #Tricky and two masked men who keep us strong.
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%  ANONYMOUS %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
We Are Anonymous
We Are Legion
We Do Not Forgive
We Do Not Forget
Expect Us.... now #ShowUsTheHorse!

August 1, 2015

CIA & Facebook delete Anonymous Members Accounts ☰☰✈✈ #OpFacebook Engaged

Anonymous Facebook Accounts Deleted By CIA. ☁☢☁☰☰☰✈✈
Attention CIA Agent Deleting Active Anon Facebook Accounts ✦
Subscribe To The Anonymous 2015 Channel Now!
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Subscribe to this channel. ☁☢☁☰☰☰✈✈

Greetings facebook and CIA agents. Have you forgotten the reason Facebook and other social media sites were created? To network with like minded individuals. As promised Anonymous will expose you for your vain attempts to shut down our movement.

We are Anonymous. You seem to forget that we will always be one step ahead of you. You seem to forget our generation built social media. Anonymous stands for freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom from ternary.

We have been attacked by your stupid so call security, on a grand scale, that we will no longer tolerate. Your administration of administrators, has tried countless times, to oppress us. For far, too, long!

Actions of shutting our Anonymous Brothers & Sisters facebook accounts down, and causing all of Us, to slow down our progress to change Humanity for the better! This, has fully lead to The Collective's attention, and inspired a personal Vendetta, against your administrations, and on you, Mr. Mark Sucker Bird. We declare cyber-warfare, for your unpatriotic actions of treason.

This, is not a threat. It is a promise.

You are no worse than the corporate paid mainstream media, but Anonymous & Humanity, still have, TSU, google hangouts, IRC's, other chat rooms, and social media networks, that are a safe haven of our personal beliefs and opinions, to be expressed without censorship. Calling all Anonymous, Activists, Hackers. If you are being attacked by facebook, for speaking your mind against corruption, we insist that all of you, shut down your facebook account permanently, and create other accounts, like Let Us all show them, that they cannot kill an Idea, and Our Ideas, shall not be censored!

We are Anonymous. A Collective group of Ideas that will eliminate all forms of oppression. All tools of Humanity, Hackers, government officials, social engineers, Activists, spread this message. Use any tool to take on the corporate paid government control social media.

via Anonymous 2015

Message to the Leaders of Scientology Expect Us

Hello leaders of scientology. We are anonymous.

For the past seven years you have been trying to stop us. You have sued, stalked, threatened and attacked us.
You have failed. For we are anonymous.

For the past seven years you have been lying to the media and to the public, trying to discredit us through lies, misinformation and propaganda.
You have failed. For we speak the truth.

For the past seven years, you have, quite desperately, tried to censor the internet.
You have failed. For knowledge is free.

We have won the battles. More and more of your own followers are leaving you, speaking out against you, and suing you. Governments all over the world are re-evaluating your cult's tax exempt status. Anonymous and traditional media all over the world, are still informing the public of this, as well as of the numerous violations of human rights you are responsible for. The true nature of your cults organisation is becoming common knowledge. Your chapters and orgs are no longer generating income. Your booksales have plummeted and you are no longer recruiting members at the rate needed for your organisation to work financially. And let's face it. Your cult is all about the money.

Leaders of scientology. You will never be allowed to forget us, for we shall never forget you, your cult, or it's atrocities against man kind. On the contrary we shall remember you.
First the world will come to know scientology, then the members of scientology will come to know the world. And finally, we shall all remember Scientology, as the morally corrupt, inhumane, dangerous and greedy cult that it has always been.

We will continue to win, until you are tired of fail...

Let us explain to you, leaders of Scientology, who you are fighting.
You are fighting the sum of the internet. The internet is the global network that extends from pier to pier, from home to home, from city to city, from country to country, from continent to continent and from present to future.

The data has been collected and inspected. The data has been spread and debated, consensus has been reached. The data has become knowledge. Knowledge, being the lightest of burdens is now effortlessly being spread.

You are fighting your neighbour and your politicians, you are fighting your children and your parents. You are fighting everyone, and no one. You are fighting anonymous. You are fighting the truth.

Ultimately, all your base, are belong to us - and the world shall remember you.

knowledge is free.
we are anonymous.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
on February 10th, 2016.
Expect us.

Project Chanology Anniversary event page:

via Nyan Sec

July 31, 2015

Walter Palmer douchebag Cecil the lion killer #D0X

r.i.p Cecil
Walter James Palmer lured and killed Cecil the Lion for 50k on July 1. He is a dentist in Minnesota and it's time for him to feel at least some of the pain and aguish that Cecil felt in his final 40 hours after being hit with a crossbow, nothing violent, but economically and emotionally hardening. In addition, the lion in waiting will more than likely kill off Cecil's offspring further dampening the population. If Zimbabwe can't find him I hope you can.

***Dr. Walter Palmer***
Office Address 
River Bluff Dental - Dr.Walter Palmer 
address : 10581 Rhode Island Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55438
*** wifes Facebook page
** Palmer home 
 11413 Landing Rd, Eden Prairie, MN 5537-4951
** Vacation Home 
941 SCOTT DR, MARCO ISLAND, FL 34145-5981
This information was stolen by lulzsecReborn >> @trollsecsquad 
There is more information at our finger tips. If you do not comply to our commands we will destroy your life.
*Apologize for killing Cecil
*Never hunt another animal again
*Give a discount in all your offices 
*Drink a glass of wine while saying that "lulzsec is the best"!
If you do not comply consider yourself a homeless family. Btw @R0sn3lhax took like $250 for moar KFC. Lulz-LulzsecOffical

Walter Palmer
Cecil the Lion Killer
11413 Landing Rd Eden Prairie, MN 55347-4951
Home (952) 944-1860

Hunter Walter James Palmer, left, with another lion he killed.

Walter Palmer with a California bighorn.

Walter Palmer with a Roosevelt elk in his quest to "harvest" every species of North Americian big game.

Walter Palmer with a leopard shot in Zimbabwe.

#AGiftFromWCSD #RageForSandra

People always make the best exploits. I've never found it hard to hack most people. If you listen to them, watch them, their vulnerabilities are like a neon sign screwed into their heads.
Greetings Waller County Sheriff Department, Are you ready for August 8th? Do you think the city police is ready? Well we are ready. On July 10, 2015, unnecessary force of action was used against Sandra Bland when she was arrested over a minor traffic stop. Officer Encinia used excessive force causing injuries to Sandra which led to her death. We are distraught and angered by the careless response to our demands of arresting officer Brian Encinia and the pedaling of illegitimate and doctored evidence by the media.
Our blood is boiling with rage and on August 8th we will be hitting your servers once more. We will also take our rage to the streets across the nation. We will be protesting at courthouses, parks, police stations, and even at officers homes. We will have our moment of rage for her. We have given you plenty of warning of what is to come.
Not a single sheriff officer in your department has attempted to cross the thin blue line and hold the murderer accountable for his actions. Therefore, in the eyes of FrightSec and in the eyes of Anonymous, you all are just as guilty as he is. As your punishment we are leaking your employee list little by little. The only way to stop this is by crossing the thin blue line and uphold the oath you swore. To protect and serve the citizens and arrest Officer Encinia.
Auguest 8th will be a day to remember. That day the nation will rage. We are asking the people protesting in Waller County to consider and talk with your friends and families about protesting at the officers houses. Until the Police State of America realizes that the power belongs to the people and that their badge does not grant them extra right, they will continue to abuse their power. they will continue to murder our kids, murder our vets, murder the homeless, and continue the use of brutality. Protesting at their house will show them that you are serious and demand change.
Be the change you wish to see in the world. Link arms with groups like Anonymous, Cop Block, Cop Watch, Occupy, and Black Lives Matter and burn the oppressors down!
This modern day genocide will soon be over America. We will soon no longer be like Iraq on the home-front. Until you stop using deadly force on unarmed citizens this movement will be here. We will be here. The Frightsec movement is here to stay. Waller County Sheriffs Department you should really keep a tighter security of your server data. To the police state of America, your police brutality will no longer go unnoticed. You are no longer exempt from the laws you swore to uphold. Do not expect us, for it is far too late.
    "Now I know what a ghost is. Unfinished business, that's what."
― Salman Rushdie, The Satanic Verses
    "If you believe that God makes miracles, you have to wonder if Satan has a few up his sleeve.”
- ExposedSu
    ______           __ __  __                 ____            __        
   / ____/_  _______/ /_\ \/ /___  __  _______/ __ )____ _____/ /___ ____
  / /_  / / / / ___/ //_/\  / __ \/ / / / ___/ __  / __ `/ __  / __ `/ _ \
 / __/ / /_/ / /__/ ,<   / / /_/ / /_/ / /  / /_/ / /_/ / /_/ / /_/ /  __/
/_/    \__,_/\___/_/|_| /_/\____/\__,_/_/  /_____/\__,_/\__,_/\__, /\___/
Name    Job Title       Age     Address Home Worth      Phone Number    Phone Carrier   Social Media    Family 
Brian T Encinia
7123 Yardley Dr Katy, TX 77494
Elton Raymond Mathis
District Attorney
1346 Washington St Hempstead, TX 77445
AT&T Landline
Bobbie Ann Mathis;Bobby Joe Mathis;Brian Mathis;Debby D Holmes;Don A Holmes;Holly A Mathis;Jimmy Don Holmes;Kim A Mathis;Kimberly Michelle Mathis;Leah Anne Holmes;Lee N Mathis;Lee Noland Mathis;Lonnie V Mathis;Michael Vance Mathis;Monica Stegent;Raymond E Mathis;Raymond Mathis;Sarah W Mathis;Shirley A Mathis  
Laurie W Sellers
Assistant District Attorney
3515 Tangley Rd Houston, TX 77005
Comcast VoIP
Elizabeth B Sellers;Sawyer Sellers;Shannon T Sellers;Shelby Sellers;Stephen Thomas Sellers;W Harold Sellers    
Andy Thrash
Reserve Deputy
2320 Cherrybrook Ln Apt Pasadena, TX 77502    
Bernard S Renken
Deputy Sheriff
18826 Mink Lake Dr Magnolia, TX 77355
AT&T Landline
A C Roebuck;Bernard S Renken;Brenda E Roebuck;Chad O Roebuck;D F Renken;Josh C Crosby;Kimberly Rene Benaske;Margaret Edna Roebuck;Margie Roebuck;Melissa L Roebuck;Paul W Roebuck;Trey Renken  
Bobby Kyle Sellers
SWAT Team Leader
20006 La Arbre Ln Spring, TX 77388
AT&T Landline
Alan A Sellers;Alexandra Sellers;Amy M Gore;Blane Gore;Bobbette S Taylor;Bobbette Taylor;Bobby Sellers;Brad T Spellicy;Brenda Sellers;Caleb A Sellers;Catherine J Spellicy;Chadley W Thames;Christi L Holder;Cordis C Larocque;Cordis Larocque;Daniel James Leroy;Danielle Anne Huff;David A Laroque;David D Leroy;Dawn Michelle Webb;Donald W Larocque;Donna Larocque;Helen R Sellers;Johnny B Thames;Johnny Lance Thames;Ken Sellers;Kenneth N Sellers;Kenneth Neil Sellers;Kenneth Newell Sellers;Kerrie Louise Leroy;Kimberly M Leroy;Leland B Taylor;Lindee Sellers;Mecca R Sellers;Mecca R Thames;Meghan E Sellers;Meghan Sellers;Michael L Gore;Nicole Joyce Leroy;Robert L Spellicy;Rocky Allen Leroy;Sue E Spellicy;Tamara D Peters;Tammy Lynn Graves;Victor T Taylor
Brenda J Nickerson
IT Specialist
PO Box 1132 Center, TX 75935
AT&T Landline
Bobby J Nickerson;Brenda Gibbs;Brent Nickerson;Latwan A Gibbs;Shelley R Nickerson;Sherry S Gibbs;Sherry Sheanna Gibbs  
Brian A Bayani
Deputy Sheriff
25903 Marshbrook Ln Spring, TX 77389
Verizon Landline
Anthony G Skubus;Bayani Stacy;Danilo M Bayani;Derek R Marshall;Ferrell Ray Marshall;Florence F Skubus;James B Marshall;James Owen Marshall;Jane A Skubus;June E Marshall;Karen M Skubus;Lori G Ball;Michael A Skubus;Michael D Sanborn;Patricia M Skubus;R Pat Marshall F;Rachel L Marshall;Richard B Skubus;Shelley R Marshall;Stacy A Bayani 
Brian Davis
Deputy Sheriff
24530 Carlton Springs Ln Katy, TX 77494
ETS Telephone Company Landline
Jennifer A Davis;Joshua P Davis;Nancy J Davis;Norman S Davis;Paul N Davis      
Bryan M Mace
22093 Laura Ln Hempstead, TX 77445
AT&T Landline
Alysa M Landry;Billy Wayne Davis;Carlee Landry;David A MacE;David Allen MacE;Deborah E MacE;Dee Davis;Donna B MacE;Duane F Marth;Duane Francis Marth;Heather L Byrd;Jesse Landry;Joe Daniel Allison;Jordan Landry;Katie D Broadt;Kemili Landry;Kimberly Leann MacE;Kristina A Hamblen;Lisa Jean MacE;Lukas Landry;Malinda M Landry;Mandy M Klaar;Matthew A MacE;Michael E Smith;Michael Landry;Phyllis J MacE;Phyllis Jean MacE;Phyllis MacE;R K Pogue;Renia Anne Landry;Robert Denson Landry;Ronald David Landry;Sally Jane Allison;Sandy L MacE;Terry Lynn Landry;Timothy A MacE;William A MacE;William Allen MacE   
Byron R Fausset
Deputy Sheriff
23702 Norton House Ln, Katy, TX 77493
Consolidated Communications of Fort Bend Company
Alison Clayton;Barbara A Huckabee;Barbara S Peirce;Betty T Rippy;Brenda Kay Rogers;Connie E Fausset;Deborah Elizabeth Fausset;Derrick Scott;Elaine Huckabee;Gary C Peirce;Gary Wayne Huckabee;Georgia Louise Smith;Jeffrey Michael Dolan;Jeremiah Robert Bucher;Jimmy H Smith;John Erin Dolan;John H Huckabee;Jordan Christopher Bucher;Kathy R Huckabee;Larry Jon Casper;Loren H Fausset;Louise M Smith;Natha K Born;Rebecca Nidriger Casper;Regina K Dolan;Ronnie J Mr Lovell;Roy K Fausset;Stephen David Casper;Tamara D Peirce;Wendy Peirce
Caleb Cornell Potter
Deputy Sheriff
15326 Rocky Bridge Ln Cypress, TX 77433
Proximiti Mobility 2 Mobile
Alicia A Potter;Amanda Brittain Potter;Arthur C Potter;Brittney True;Carole Ann Wheeler;Cecilie C Potter;Joel Edward Hill;John Andrew True;John David McGhee;Julia McMichael Brittain;Lisa McGhee Carlos;Stephanie McGhee Hill;William Bradley Brittain
Cary Gray
8647 Forest Grove Dr Houston, TX 77080
AT&T Landline              
Christopher Louis Aguirre
17008 Highworth Dr Spring, TX 77379
CenturyLink Landline
Agustina M Aguirre;Amanda L Delaportilla;Anthony Mares;Bruce L Vantilburg;Carlos M Terrazas;Carolyn M Bounds;Carrie A Whaley;Charles R Whaley;Charles Richard Whaley;Christopher E Mares;Christopher Mares;Claudia Terrazas;Claudina C Terrazas;Emilio G Terrazas;Heather E Carpenter;Heather Elaine Carpenter;Heather Pagan;Inocencio D Laportilla;Janie A Delaportilla;Jearold S Carpenter;Jerry Carpenter;Joe E Bounds;Joey O Bounds;Jose E Delaportilla;Kelly Gray Carpenter;Kelly Kristopher Whaley;Kelly Whaley;Kimberly Aan A Vantilburg;Lizeth L Terrazas;Louis L Aguirre;Manuel Mares;Marc Aguirre;Margot C Terrazas;Martha Aguirre;Martha H Aguirre;Mary E Whaley;Melinda S Aguirre;Michael Aguirre;Pamela Aguirre;Paola Aguirre;Rebecca K Carpenter;Richard Aguirre;Roberto Pagan;Roy Mares;Sal Ann Delaportilla;Shawndella K Aguirre;Vickie M Aguirre;Victoria M Mares;Virgie A Delaportilla
Clem V Reynolds
1505 Leslie D Ln Brenham, TX 77833
Windstream Communications Landline
Ann Miller Danielson;Clarence E Bean;David C Reynolds;Donnie F Reynolds;Jeff Lynn Miller;Michael C Lucherk;Oleta J Lucherk;Russell Wayne Mundy;Virginia A Reynolds;Weldon Lee Mundy
Cody W Williamson
Deputy Sheriff
34132 Cochran Rd Waller, TX 77484
Southwestern Bell Landline           
Dana Hicks Lewis
Communications Supervisor
9903 Wildhorse Pkway, San Antonio TX 78254
AT&T Landline                  
Daniel H Porter
Deputy Sheriff
2330 Trotter Dr Katy, TX 77493
Comcast VoIP
Amy Beth Miller;Barbara A Mullen;Breckenridge S Porter;Daniel Porter;Erin Dusek;Frances B Porter;Herbert B Porter;Herbert Breckenridge Porter;Holly Lynn Miller;Jill Ann Escobar;John A Dusek;Ladalrius Miller;Nathan Allen Thompson;Nicholas R Miller;Nikki Frost Cummings;Otis David Jenkins;Rachel A Porter;Randall Durham Porter;Rhoda L Miller;Rosie D Lunday;Sally Jo Miller;Samantha Miller;Shannon L Green;Stephanie Green;Tanya C Dusek;Tyson Neil Torrance;Wayne V Miller;Wells V Miller     
David Fernand
Deputy Sheriff
114 Texas Ave Mount Pleasant, TX 75455
Daniel Fernando;Ernestina Hernestina Fernando;Gilberto Fernando;Lorenzo O Fernando;Ruth Fernando;Victorio Fernando Fernando    
Deadra Leann Santee
17143 Hawks Landing Dr Hockley, TX 77447
AT&T Landline
Albert W Garfield;Albert Wade Garfield;Beatrice Lewis;Courtney Garfield;Deadra Santee;Donald R Dunham;Doria L Santee;Gloria Lewis;James L Santee;Kenneth W Garfield;Lloyd D Williams;Marvis K Williams;Rita Lynn Beard;Sylvia N Santee;Willie C Dunham;Willie Santee Dunham    
Eric C Barnes
Deputy Sheriff
7 Camino Ct
Spring, TX 77382
AT&T Landline
Agnieszka A Hubert;Aleksandra A Hubert;Cezary Jozef Hubert;Charles L Munson;Edith W Munson;Geoffrey Carroll Barnes;George C Barnes;Janet Conrad Barnes;Janice M Barnes;Jerzy Zygmunt Hubert;John J Hubert;Patsy D Munson;Robin Gaye Johnson;Thomas A Munson    
Erik Appel
Houston, Texas             
Francisco M Mena
K9 Deputy
7518 Bobwhite St Brookshire, TX 77423
Consolidated Communications of Fort Bend Company
Adam Fuentes;Amanda L Barker;Angie L Barker;Anne E Fuentes;Brooke D Purkey;Candice Nicole Lowe;Cassandra Fuentes;Christopher J Barker;Cyndie L Barker;Dale E Barker;Elizabeth M Barker;Elton E Ludwig;Francisco M Mena;Garry Elton Ludwig;Gary Wayne Purkey;Hector Fuentes;Hector M Fuentes;Hector R Fuentes;Jacquelyn Barker;Jason D Barker;Jose E Fuentez;Lauren M Ludwig;Ludwig;Maria Elena Mena;Maria Eugenia Mena;Nathaniel Elton Ludwig;Paul D Barker;Paul E Barker;Robert Fuentes;Rudy Fuentes;Ryan D Purkey;Sandra K Ludwig;Snyder J Mena;Sonia E Reynaga;Teresa B Mena;Virginia S Fuentes     
Glenn Stuart Cloud
Deputy Sheriff
21518 Gannet Peak Way Katy, TX 77449
AT&T Landline
Anita M Kotellos;Anthony M Kotellos;Bill Z Kotellos;Brittany Cloud;David Lee Millican;Dolores A Cloud;Dolores Ann Cloud;Doyle J Kotellos;Emma Jean Otto;Glenn Cloud;Jennifer M Taylor;Joyce L Campbell;Justin Cloud;Karen Alicia Vogel;Kenneth Wayne Otto;Larry J Millican;Meghann A Kotellos;Melanie J Campbell;Olive J Millican;William J Campbell;William Ray Campbell      
Greg Schaner
Deputy Sheriff
1620 Bay Area Blvd Apt Houston, TX 77058
Howard Sylve
445110 Ridgeton Dr Houston, TX 77053
Andrea L Carter;Andrea L Sylve;Averil B Broussard;Carolyn Carter;Carolyn D Carter;Frankey Ray Carter;Gwendolyn M Sylve;Howard J Sylve;Howard Sylve;Izayah Sylve;Mamie Elizabeth Ellis;Terrika Eyondela Sylve   
Jaime L Cheek
Administrative Assistant
31730 Waller Tomball Rd Waller, TX 77484
AT&T Landline
Frank Hosea;Gracia L Madison;Joseph David Burnside;Kathryn A Cheek;Marvin E Cheek;Marvin Eugene Hosea;Melanie R Madison;Rhonda G Cabeen;Robert J Madison;Viola P Madison       
James Frederick Waller
Deputy Sheriff
16029 Crawford St Jersey Village, TX 77040
Comcast VoIP
Bradley J Waller;Britton Holman;Haley D Morrison;Holli Dezaun Holman;Kristin A Prestridge;Matthew F Waller;Misty Jo Holman;Nathan W Holman;Paula A Waller;Paula P Waller;Randall W Holman;Randy K Holman;Teresa A Holman;Teresa B Holman;Valerie L Waller;Zachary L Waller;Zachary Waller      
James Joel Goodson
Corporal of Special Operations
11239 Sharpcrest St Houston, TX 77072
AT&T Landline
D Jayne Goodson;Goodson;James Otis Goodson;Leslie R Goodson;Marcelle M Anderson;Mary L Goodson;Sally Regina Goodson;Stephen W Goodson  
James Patrick Barrie
Deputy Sheriff
3336 Jessica Ct Katy, TX 77493
AT&T Landline
Amanda K Cranfill;Bennie A Johnson;Cheryl Kay Barrie;Chris M Lacourse;Eric A Bodine;Janeen R Lapikockij;Julie A Cranfill;Julie R Cranfill;Kay A Johnson;Kerri A Hefner;Lowell Brent Nickless;Melissa L Barrie;Nikolaus N Lapikockij;Randall L Cranfill;Rickey Lee Cranfill;Wendy Helen Bodine;William F Bodine;William Francis Bodine
Jimmy Glen Fitch
Probation officer
151 Webster Ln Denison, TX 75020
Verizon Landline
Charles Wayne Spillers;Cynthia Kay Fitch;Daniel Reunard;Dollie D Fitch;Edith E Christensen;Jackie Marie Keeton;Janet G Davis;Jettie Elizabeth Harvey;John Wayne Spillers;Kenneth H Fitch;Linsay Reunard;Mae Bartholomew;Michael R Hodge;R J Harvey;Richard L Reunard;Richard Reunard;Ronald C Maine;Shelia D Harvey;Sierra Dawn Fitch;Thomas J Reunard;Timothy J Reunard       
John Hamilton Kimble
Deputy Constable
1500 Astoria Dr Allen, TX 75013
AT&T Landline
James M Thom;James Mark Thom;John H Kimble;John Hamilton Kimble;Melanie A Thom;Naoyo Y Kimble;Wanita Kay Kimble
John Larry Gonzales
Deputy/C.I.D.- S.O.
11714 Garwood Dr Magnolia, TX 77354
Comcast VoIP
Brandon Stone;Elena R Gonzalez;Johnny L Gonzales;Jordan Gonzales;Karen Arlene Green;Karen L Gonzales;Karen M Gonzales;Karen R Green;Ken David Green;Ken Green;Kenneth W Green;Kenneth Wilbur Green;Shelby S Gonzales   
John Todd Norsworthy
15715 Four Leaf Dr Houston, TX 77084
Consolidated Communications of Fort Bend Company
Amber Briner;Amy B Mauney;Amy N Dornak;Anna Marie Briner;Benjamin R Saxton;Blake Kendon Levien;Brittani Briner;Carleeta S McNeely;Diana Lynn Saxton;Faith Louise R Saxton;Glenda J Norsworthy;Howard Dale Briner;Jason Michael McNeely;John O Norsworthy;John P Dornak;John W Martin;Jonathan Walter Glover;Kevin M Dornak;Kristina M Briner;Kyle B McNeely;Lottie Sius Norsworthy;Megan Nicole McNeely;Michael Don McNeely;Nathan E McNeely;Norma R McNeely;Norsworthy;Sandy M Ondruch;Shelby Briner;Tracy L Norsworthy;Tracy Lucero Glover   
Jonathan Rom
Deputy Sheriff
7145 Calabria Ct Unit C San Diego, CA 92122
AT&T Landline  
Kimberly E Grein       
911 Operator   
2016 Brodie Ln Conroe, TX 77301
Comcast VoIP
Aerika Green;Aerika Scott;Amy Louise Bonham;Angel McRae Ardoin;Bonnie J Grein;Bree A Lopez;Catherine Battles;Charla Battles;Charla D Scott;Charles Richard Bonham;Cheri A Grein;Cheri S Angel;Christopher A Battles;D Denise Green;Dana Lynn Sherrill;Danna Scott;Darian K Scott;Darina Scott;Dawn L Hargrove;Desmond Brown;Dori Lynn Grein;Edward J Watto;Edward Watto;Elizabeth Foster Tennant;Eric C Grein;Eric O Green;Eugene Mott;Gary E Sherrill;Gregory C Theiss;Guy Montreal Green;Heather Leanne Andries;Henry A Theiss;Janice Gayle Grein;Jason Wes Grein;Johnny L Grein;Johnny M Grein;Joloyce Ruth Weise;Kevin N Hargrove;Kevin Neil Hargrove;Leman R Hargrove;Leman Ray Hargrove;Leonard Charles Grein;Linda J Hargrove;Linda Jean Hargrove;Linda R Hargrove;Lynn Hargrove;Mary Robin Hargrove;Matthew A Battles;McGregory A Green;Natalie G Butler;Nelson S Hargrove;Ola O Theiss;Pamela Ann Theiss;Qiana Green;Rebecca A Jenkins;Rhonda H Drew;Steven E Grein;Virgil D Theiss;Virgil H Theiss;Virginia Greer Battles;Whitney Hargrove   
Larry E Oxner
Jail Deputy
25930 London Town Dr Lot 112 Spring, TX 77389
Level 3 Communications Landline
Barbara J Hale;Barbara May Hale;Charlene Sue Hale;Christopher M Oxner;Cindy Oxner;Claude M Hale;Cynthia F Oxner;Darrell K Oxner;Darryl Keith Oxner;Eleanor V Bearss;Gregory L Meade;Ivy C Sanford;James R Hale;Katrina A Oxner;Katrina C Oxner;Keith Oxner;Kelby P Smith;Letha F Hale;Lisa Marie Faust;Margaraet Oxner;Marilyn Faye Sanford;Megan Sanford;Michael L Sanford;Michael Sanford;Richard Oxner;Russell C Sanford;Torrance Parrise Pearson;Troy Lance Caldwell;Vernette E Bearss;Vernon M Bearss;Victoria E Meade;William Bill Caldwell;William H Caldwell   
Michael Neely
Houston, TX
Michael T Serges
Deputy Sheriff
3718 Mainer St Houston, TX 77021
Sprint Mobile
Andre D Gafford;Auderey T Serges;Audrey Serges;Gabrielle A Gafford;Genova S Oppenhammer;George Albert Serges;Kenneth W George  
Mike Cabiness
Deputy Sheriff
3448 Taft Ave Groves, TX 77619
Time Warner Cable VoIP
Toppie Elain Andrus;Andy L Andrus;Allen James Andrus;Susan M Spell;E Andrus; L Andrus;Alaina Jo Ritchey;Shelley D Barras;Christopher D Cabaniss;Michael David Cabaniss;Wendy Lee Stone; Joe Huckabee;Jimmie D Stone;Deena R Cote;David Arnold Cote;Ernest M Stone;Jimmie D Stone;Jimmie Ann Stone;Deena R Cote;Lisa W Sheard;Harvey D Sheard "  ;Milton Ray Marburger
Deputy Sheriff
33815 Baethe Rd Waller, TX 77484
AT&T Landline
Abigail P Marburger;Haley R Marburger;Joseph Wayne Milburn;Kay Dawn Marburger;Keith Anthony Bronikowski;Regan Bronikowski
Preston Lee Goode
101 Westbrook Cir Waller, TX 77484
Brian D Goode;Cheryl A Goode;Cheryl Ann Goode;Cheryl Goode;Goode Taylor;Taylor M Goode 
Quentin Taylor Means
24609 Pine Ridge Rd Hockley, TX 77447
AT&T Landline
Elizzebeth Loomis;Gabri J Means;J W Means;Jentri Q Ripple;Jimmy W Means;Paula A Kasparek;Paula A Means;Paula Means;Ron B Ripple;Sandra Gertson Means;Sharon V Stapp;Shirley Marie Jenks;Stephanie D Means;Timothy W Means;Wynann Kay Means
Rachel L Marshall
25903 Marshbrook Ln Spring, TX 77389
AT&T Landline  
Brian A Bayani;Christopher D Ball;Derek R Marshall;Donald E Ball;Dudley S Ball;Ferrell R Marshall;Ferrell Ray Marshall;Gynna L Dobbs;James B Marshall;James Owen Marshall;Jan Edgar Marshall;John C Marshall;June E Marshall;June Marshall;Kristy L Crosser;Kristy L Marshall;Lacey Ann King;Laura Marie Beers;Lavran E Ball;Linda B Plumley;Lon Ball;Lori G Ball;Margaret M Schrader;Natalie E Marshall;R Pat Marshall F;Shelley R Marshall;Shelley R Marshall Shake;Stacy A Bayani;Tim R Shake       
Rafael S Zuniga
Deputy Sheriff
5303 Little York Rd Trlr 107 Houston, TX 77016
AT&T Landline
Rebekah Shelton Deputy Sheriff
2980 N Highway 37 Access Three Rivers, TX 78071
Elisabeth M Shelton;Joseph William Shelton;Kayla Harris;Kenny Lynn Shelton;Nathan P Dunham;Rachel Dunham;Raymond C Shelton;Raymond Shelton;Tena Marie Shelton  
Remon P Green
4126 Almond Lake Dr Houston, TX 77047
AT&T Landline
Anthony Leon Christmas;Barbara Ann House;Barbara Randall;Bernadine G Ware;Betty Randall;Brenda Green;Brenda Kay Green;Briona Green;Cora L Ross;Curtis C Celestine;Darrell L Jones;David L Green;Dwight Green;Ella M Green;Ethel A Randall;Ethel Anderson Green;Ethel Randall;Henry E Laws;Joann Ann Celestine;Joann G Celestine;John D Christmas;Johnnie L Randall;Johnny L Green;Judy Lee Jackson;Judy Relaine Jackson;Kenya Y Green;Lacy L Jasper;Lamonica Ware;Larry J Johnson;Lewis Harold Jackson;Lonnie A Green;Marlon L Ware;Natasha J Christmas;Patricia A Randall;Rafael K Fobbs;Sandra Ann Green;Shelita Y Celestine;Shirley A Williams;Trudy E Christmas;Trudy Green;Ural F Ware;Vanessa R Randall  
Rex Allen Ticknor
Arson Investigator
16120 Black Falcon Rd Waller, TX 77484
AT&T Landline
Amanda K Morris;Amanda K Ticknor;Amy Lynn Ellis;Brian P Jurica;Brian Paul Jurica;Bryan E Ticknor;Christie Ticknor;Della R Rankin;Donald R J Schwenke;Donald Ray Schwenke;Edward Roy Ticknor;J D Ticknor;Janice L Ticknor;Jennifer L Ellis;Justin W Reese;Lorene T Ticknor;Mark W Ellis;Michael D Ellis;Michael Don Ellis;Michael Eugene Ellis;Patricia L Ellis;Rex Allen Morris;Ruby L Ticknor;Shawn L Ticknor;Tammy E Morris;Thomas D Ellis;Tom D Ellis;Trisha Ann Jurica;Trisha Jurica;Vickie Dianne Ticknor;Yolanda Cecilia Ticknor 
Robert B Fife
3300 N Loop 336 W Conroe, TX 77304
Consolidated Communications of Texas Company Landline
Cindy Fife;Cindy L Fife;Danon Graves;Elizabeth A Fife;Graves Janhi;John N Graves;Jordan Graves;Joy H Graves;Kyle Graves;Lauren Graves;Mary Catehrine Brown;Michael L Graves;Michael Lee Graves;Robert Fife;Robert W Fife;Sang Kuk Fife;Winfred E Graves;Winfred Eugene Graves;Winfred Graves;Yun S Fife;Yvette M Ochoa;Yvonne G Graves 
Roderick Clay Garner
Sergeant Investigator
6834 Castleview Ln Missouri City, TX 77489
AT&T Landline
Abigail G Jones;Annette Carey Seale;Charles E Carey;Christina M Mitchell;Christopher R Jones;Cynthia Bundrent Harris;Dominiq Harris;Donna Lynn Gayles;Eugene Earl Seale;Henry B Seale;Horace Dalvin Garner;James Jones;James W Jones;Jeffrey Lynn Bundrent;Joeannette C Seale;Kathy F Carter;Kelene Virginia Jones;Larance A Braggs;Larance Braggs;Lavoice A Garner;Lee G Miles;Luchunnia S Braggs;Luchunnia Shantel Braggs;Marquetta Lynette Bundrent;Michael Garner;Michael W Garner;Milous Eugen Mitchell;Milous Eugene Mitchell;Nora E Mitchell;Norita M Mitchell;Norita Mae Mitchell;Palicia L Piper;Reginald T Lewis;Roderick C Garner;Roderick Clay Garner;Ronald D Garner;Ronald Garner;Rose D Braggs;Rose Hines Braggs;Sandra Scott;Sharia Deborah Jones;Sharonica D Mitchom;Shondrela Shote Braggs;Sidney D Harris;Sidney Harris;Steven Russell Mitchell;Sydney A Seale;Sydney Lewis;Willie Doyce Mitchell;Willie Mitchell;Zia Garner;Zoe D Garner;Zoe Garner
Rosemary A Spurling
28076 Kyle Rd Waller, TX 77484
AT&T Landline
Casey Lewis;Casey R Lewis;Courtney L Spurling;David Allen Norris;Hannah Elizabeth Spurling;Jesse A Spurling;Kimberly D Spurling;Mike Lynn Spurling;Stephanie G Spurling;Terry Lane Spurling    
Royce Glenn Smith
Deputy Sheriff
10535 Somerton Dr Dallas, TX 75229
Southwestern Bell Landline
Dakota T Smith;Gary L Borcherding;Helen B Borcherding;Kathy Adcock Smith;Leslie J Borcherding;Letha M Smith;Smith Kathy Adcock;Timothy L Adcock;Tracy L Romo   
Ryan Michael Hilz
Deputy Sheriff
10063 Hidden Creek Falls Ln Brookshire, TX 77423
Candice Sue Hilz;Carol L Hilz;Carol Lynn Hilz;Christy Lynn Turvey;Colby Hilz;Daniel J Hilz;Debbie Dawn King;Donald N White;Dornak Melanie Mikulencak;Gregory Hilz;Gregory P Hilz;Gregory Paul Hilz;Harold J Hilz;Janet Lee King;Jennifer L Hilz;Jonathan M Mikulencak;Kelly Ann Mikulencak;Linda D Mikulencak;Lorelei A Hilz;Mark Dewitt King;Mark King;Mark T Hilz;Melissa Guy;Michael R Mikulencak;Rachel Hilz;Roseanne Marie Tate;Stephen R Hilz;Susan Jane White   
Ryan Patrick Crady
Deputy Sheriff
150 Greenbriar Dr Magnolia, TX 77355
Time Warner Cable VoIP
Adam L Stansbury;Brian J Crady;Charles Earl Burke;Chris Stansbury;Diedra A Maez;Jane Elizabeth Crady;Jennifer Lynn Wehmeyer;Jimmy Ray Stansbury;Joan Crady;Joan S Crady;John H Salas;Joseph L Crady;Juan Enrique Salas;Julie A Crady;Kimberly A Carter;Leslie A Crady;Lydia D Aragon;Richard Olin Littlefield;Ryan Crady;Sara Crady;Shane L Burke;Susan Lynn Littlefield       
Sara Ann Busse  Police Dispatcher
24006 Surreygate Dr Spring, TX 77373
Comcast VoIP
Barbara Joan Sargent;Blake C Busse;Brian J Busse;Charles John Karisch;Christopher Michael Seaton;Cody Seaton;Dana Nichole Rouse;Donna M Busse;Dora Busse;Elesha A Sargent;Elva Louise Carter;Fred N Sargent;Jennifer M Pierson;Jonathan Donald Blythe;Ronald Brandon Busse;Ronald C Busse;Samantha J Seaton;Sara A Blythe;Walter Busse;Winford E Becker
Sarah Elizabeth Hoffpauir
23603 Kings Forest Rd
Hockley, TX 77447
Verizon Landline
Amanda M Chambers;Barbara F Eder;Barbara G Mahaffey;Bradley D Evans;Brooke Lancaster;Colleen Eder;Colleen S Funderburk;David L Gigout;David Lance Gigout;David Maurice Mahaffey;Don E Mahaffey;Gary Rex Hill;Gregory Wayne Pearce;James R Hoffpauir;Jason A Funderburk;Jason S Funderburk;Jennifer G Hoffpauir;Jesse A Funderburk;Jessica L Funderburk;Joel G Hill;John I Mahaffey;Jolie P Hill;Joni E Funderburk;Julie N Funderburk;Lynda J Funderburk;Mark V Mahaffey;Matthew A Hoffpauir;Melissa L Hoffpauir;Paree V Evans;Patrick Pearce;Patsy Ann Hill;Patsy S Hill;Peggy A Evans;Robert J Eder;Robert John Eder;Robert W Larson;Rusty Hoffpauir;Summer D Neece;Tawnya L Pearce;Tawnya Lyn Evans
Scott Edward Robinson
Detention Officer
34402 Rodeo Rd Waller, TX 77484
AT&T Landline 
Scott Holloway Green
Lt. Investigator
32031 Sandwedge Dr Waller, TX 77484
AT&T Landline
Anthony Green;Ashleigh Green;Ashley J Garrison;Austin Green;Barbara C Green;Billie Bryant;Billie Ray Bryant;Cameron Holloway Green;Candyce Green;Candyce N Green;Daniel P Bryant;Danny R Fortenberry;Debra Ann Fortenberry;Evan Green;Iris M Green;Lauren Long;Marilyn Green;Phillip E Green;Reginald S Green;Rex K Green;Rex R Green;Robert D Fortenberry;Sue C Green;Susan G Green;Susan Gail Green  
Sean G Whittmore
6 Wind Poppy Ct Spring, TX 77381
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Andrea D Pecinovsky;Carrie Louise Pecinovsky;David A Pecinovsky;Gregory A Whittmore;Jonathan D Pecinovsky;Maureen D Pecinovsky;Pamela P Whittmore;Pamela Platt Whittmore;Virginia L Pecinovsky 
Sean Richard Kyle
Narcotics Investigator
3130 Country Club Blvd, Stafford, TX 77477
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Christine Lara Beres;David A Keim;David Joseph Beres;Dwayne A Keim;Eric Jacque Kyle;Jerry Lee Keim;Kayla D Keim;Linda J Watt;Lisa Marie Sparks;Mariah Keim;Marie A Keim;Marie Ann Keim;Peter Joseph Beres;Richard G Kyle;Roberta Rae Walker;Sheila Mae Beres;Theodora Jo Kyle;Timothy Scott Watt;Ursela Kyle;William Todd Porath
Shawn C Darling
Deputy Sheriff
11500 Carter Ln Bryan, TX 77808
Shelly Denise Cunningham
23625 Brazos Estates Rd Hempstead, TX 77445
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Amanda Sue Hogue;Charles C Kimble;Charles Vineross Kimble;Elizabeth L Hemken;Franklin Joe Kimble;Irene Myrtle Kimble;James Michael Boettcher;Jamie S Fisher;Jerry W Fisher;John Chandler Kimble;John Kimble;John P Kimble;John Paul Kimble;Khristina R Ebert;Lynn M Kimble;Michael Boettcher;Michelle Ruth Hotchkiss;Stacey Fisher;Terri Diane Kimble;Tilton R Cunningham      
Sherry Lynn Stark
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Bonnie L Wilson;Brittany Wilson;Charles Rochen;Doris O Warnack;Dorothy F Wallace;Ervin L Rochen;James F Monaghan;James L Stark;Janie M Cuellar;Jean M Rochen;Joseph A Monaghan;Louis J Stark;Rochen;Roger L Wilson;Ruth M Stark;Scoty D Wilson;Sharon N Wilson;Susan K Wilson;Wendy Denise Wilson
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Stephen Michael Tucker
Deputy Sheriff
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Steven J Barnes
K-9 Handler
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Todd Leslie Spillers
Deputy Sheriff
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David J Folschinsky;Dj Folschinsky;Gary Spillers;Howard C Shaw;Howard Clinton Shaw;James H Shaw;John Folschinsky;Kathy M Spillers;Laura L Shaw;Lillian Folschinsky;Lillian W Folschinsky;Linda D Spillers;Michael G Spillers;Michael Spillers;Nancy Hammatt Shaw;Theresa Marie Shaw;Todd L Spillers    
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Alex Rodriguez;Allyson Marie Rodriguez;Cassie Lauree Aven;Deborah M Mathis;Jason C Mathis;Joanne M Mathis;Johnnie W Mathis;Kristi Lea Mathis;Lionel Ray Holliday;Mary C Mathis;Melissa Marie Mathis;Michael James Mathis;Michelle L Robinson;Monica M Mathis;Trevor Mathis;Woodrow E Mathis;Woody Mathis       
Wren Nealy
SWAT Asst Commander
5 Trummel Ct Spring, TX 77381
Zully Dinaleth Moreno  
PO Box 1349 Brookshire, TX 77423
Alma Delia Limas;Israel A Limas;Israel Limas;Nancy J Limas;Ricardo Gomez Moreno
Waller County Sheriffs Personal License Plate Numbers
We are watching every peace officer in Waller Countys move... ALL of you... This is just the beginning!
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