August 7, 2015

AnonSec hack on NASA reveals Chemtrails and GPS locations

AnonSec hack on NASA reveals Chemtrails and GPS locations

Incredible, the AnonSec hackers claim to have gained access to information which would verify that chem trails are being used by governments. Cyberwarzone has no experience regarding chem trails, but we can clearly see that this information has been gathered from official resources.
The AnonSec hackers claim to have hacked NASA servers which held classified information like GPS locations, Weather modification and Drone activity.
The AnonSec hackers have published the leaked information on MEGA and it can be downloaded by anyone as long as it is still online.

anonsec opnasadrone
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mirror: file!H5cU2QoZ!y9RtRAtP9YJ10FxbRZuMuGDu5uMzv2JQDT8QerwDRNM 128.0 MB

AnonSec on the Chemtrails: Chemtrails is a form of weather modification. One by trapping the which virtually block out the sunlight(while also poisoning everyone on Earth) it also heats up the planet. Not to mention these chemtrails can be controlled by HARRP since they are filled with aluminum and react to electromagnetic pulses.
Besides the Chemtrail information, it is important to remember that companies, governments and households fail to secure their private information.
So the next time, you see your company IT-staff, ask them about the security and if they think that it is important. It might shock you what some will answer.


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                                                   #OpNasaDrones Update

"Operation NASA Drones was first about getting access to the drones for atmospheric data relating to climate change, but as we dug deeper into their network, we found NASA is involved in more than we could have ever imagined, from chemtrails to UFO coverups and alien reverse engineered technology. This finding was similar to a geologist looking for dirt samples in a Aztec pyramid and finding fuckings El Dorado.
After several years with maintained access to NASA drone servers thanks to the dark army, we have more than enough data to start leaking webcam logins, drone GPS, atmosphere statistics, chemical analysis and video logs. For the past year we have been intercepting all traffic on drone servers and recording the data to recreate the flight paths. Encrypted Full copies of the over 100GB leak of data has been sent to WikiLeaks and TheGuardian with instructions on how and when to release if our demands are not met.
First we want NASA to stop editing its atmospheric data to try and disprove Global Warming and also delete trace evidence of Chemtrails, including but not limited to samples of high amounts of aluminum, barium, strontium and other hazardous or radioactive chemicals being found in the upper atmosphere. Also we want NASA to stop lying and disclose its technological capabilities and accomplishments relating to black project operations for like Operation Indigo Skyfold, Alternatives 1, 2, and 3, Solar Warden, the Earth Defense Force and the Mars Defense Force.
If these demands are not met within the next month, all +100GigaBites data will be leaked promptly and we will continue to propagate deeper into your network and employees lives. We are literally everywhere and can not be stopped, beware of our CyberMafia..."

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