January 31, 2012

#OpSubpoenaThis #CabinCr3w, @destructuremal: tinyurl.com/8y9h3oe #DHS #OCCUPY #OWS #PIGS

New York Authorities Demand Occupy Activist's Twitter Information: @destructuremal

demanding the Twitter information of Malcolm Harris' @destructuremal account, the subpoena appeared on Monday.

from the State of New York's District Attorney's office, the subpoena demands Twitter present any email addresses associated with and all tweets from @destructuremal to a criminal court on 8 February, 2012.

According to the document, if found guilty Harris could face up to a year in jail and a $1000 fine. @destructuremal went on to claim the request was part of a wider crackdown by the authorities on the Occupy movement. "How can they justify that scope? They clearly want to see what I was saying around Sept. 17th for unrelated reasons,"

Following Harris' public statements, Anonymous took an interest, tweeting messages of support and announcing the new OpSubpoenaThis campaign. "Subpoena on @destructuremal: tinyurl.com/8y9h3oe | #OpSubpoenaThis #CabinCr3w,"




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