January 15, 2012

1/14/12 Anonymous Operation Want blog

January 14, 2012

Greetings World Citizens,

This is a message from Anonymous Operation Want.

It has been a year since Anonymous researchers throughout the world came together with the shared thought that Julian Assange was set up and his alleged crimes contrived as a possible means to being extradited to the United States.

November 2010: Anonymous researchers read and assessed all of the available Stockholm Embassy Cables published by Wikileaks. We identified the main topics, the corporations and their board members and then we followed the money trail that led to the most politically powerful Swedish family in the world.

December 2010: Anonymous Op Want researched the Swedish conservative "think tanks" TIMBRO and Prime PR and their connections to other conservative think tanks including the Stockholm Network in London, the Atlas Think Tank and the Heritage Foundation. We identified directors and staff members from Timbro and Prime PR that were trained by Karl Rove, President George W Bush's advisor, to manipulate the media and the public, including using Twitter in Sweden and other countries.

January 2011: Anonymous Operation Want published our first blogs and video. We continued to perform deep research, including uncovering the long time connections between the Bush family and Wallenberg family of Sweden.

February 2011: Anonymous compiled our research data that identified the Swedish power source, the Wallenberg family, with the means and motive to stop anyone getting in the way of their war profiteering and war crimes, corrupt activities in banking, stock markets, tech surveillance companies, drug manufactures and government.

April 1, 2011 – When Anonymous Operation Want discovered that the Wallenberg family of Sweden was trying to get a new a seat on the board of NASDAQ OMX for their Investor A B, the researchers found that an additional seat on the board by a Wallenberg asset would allow the Wallenbergs sphere to have a cartel on the NASDAQ. Therefore, Anonymous Op Want had renowned attorney, Kevin Zeese, to submit a seven page public comment letter of opposition and complaint that includes twenty pages of exhibits, written by Anonymous researchers, to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in opposition to the NASDAQ and Wallenbergs Investor A B proposal.

FORWARD TO January 2012 - Ten months later the NASDAQ has NOT received approval of their proposal to the US Securities Exchange Commission to expand the NASDAQ board to create another seat for the Wallenberg's company INVESTOR A B. All data compiled and submitted to the US Securities Exchange Commission was accurate and obtained from public websites.
Anonymous could have hacked and taken down Wallenberg company websites in a peaceful but short lived protest. Instead Operation Want has gone much further by preventing the Wallenberg Family of Sweden and NASDAQ OMX from voting dominance over the largest stock market in the world!

We are Anonymous
We are Legion

The connections between the Wallenbergs of Sweden and the attacks on WikiLeaks and Assange may appear circumstantial, yet beyond coincidence. The banking blockade led to the Swedes.
Historically, the Wallenberg’s of Sweden created Eurocard credit that has become Mastercard International. Mastercard placed a bank blockaid on Wikileaks in hopes of shutting down Assange's Wikileaks site and crippling his legal aid for his 2011 extradition case in Sweden for alleged crimes. Just as the Wallenbergs have stopped Wikileaks and Assange from accessing funds via Mastercard, Anonymous Operation Want has stopped the Wallenberg's Investor A B from accessing control of the NASDAQ OMX Stock Exchange.

We are Anonymous.
We do not forget.

The Wallenberg family assets are not only tied to the banking blockaide on Wikileaks. The Wallenbergs Investor A B has ties to the Bush administration through former U S Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, who is an advisor to Wallenbergs Investor AB. In addition, Rumsfeld was a board member of board of Wallenberg's company Asea Brown Boveri or A B B, assiting in having nuclear facilities built in North Korea.

The Wallenbergs also control Ericsson, through Investor A B and their Foundation Assets Management or FAM company. The cables published by WikiLeaks reveal that the Wallenberg companies including A B B and Ericsson put political pressure on Swedish politicians to oppose santions on Iran in 2010, so they could continue to support the dictatorship for personal profits. This murderous attitude has been repeated in 2011 for technology sanctions against Syria.

The cables also revealed information about Swedish politicans pressuring the US to acquire Wallenberg companies products for use in Iraq and Afghanistan invasions, including Scandia, Volvo vehicles and to provide spy technology to the Saab Grip fighter jets.

In addition the cables revealed that the US politicans were misleading the Swedish in regards to whether the spy technology would be shared. So both the US and Swedish politicans were embarrased by the truth that WikiLeaks revealed to the publics through publishing the cables. Perhaps the worst embarrassement was the cables revealing that the Swedish government was monitoring and gathering data on Swedish citizens to share with the US in violation of the Swedish constitution. The US was pushing for a formal agreement with Sweden and the politicans were afraid that if Swedish citizens became aware that they would not be re elected. This information, when released by WikiLeaks, made big news in Sweden. However, the media reports have failed to investigated further to reveal what technology and company was assisting the Swedish government to spy on citizens. It would not be too far of a leap to suggest that it involved Ericsson. Since they have surveillance technology in Iran, the Middle East and North Africa, why not in Sweden?

In Iraq, A B B and Wallenberg family members, including those associated with the United Nations, the Annans, were indited and prosecuted for foreign crimes involving fraud in the
U N Food for Oil programme.

We are Anonymous
Anonymous is Everyone
Anonymous is Everywhere
We do not Forget - the criminals of the Oil for Food Programme in Iraq
We do not Forgive - the censorship of Mastercard and Eurocard on Wikileaks, the support of brutal dictatorships by providing them with surveillance technologies and nuclear capabilities
We are Legion -that can smash your sphere with truth.
Esse non Videri
Expect Us


"I don’t consider Anonymous to be law breakers. In fact, you know, after this has come out, I feel very much allied with Anonymous. I think Anonymous saved us from what were a great abuse, so I’m actually a pretty big fan of Anonymous after this exposure, especially when I’ve worked with them on some other projects or at least some, you know, small sliver of Operation Anonymous people, who are not involved in hacking but involved in information gathering and trying to stop the NASDAQ exchange from being expanded to allow a Swedish banking family, the Wallenbergs, to get another seat. So I – but, you know, so I’m not going to criticize Anonymous because I think they actually are the heroes in this and that they exposed this plot.”" - Kevin Zeese, Attorney

Source: "So You've Angered the Hive"


* 4.1.2011 Anonymous Operation Want letter of opposition to the NASDAQ proposal.

* 4.3.2011 Anonymous Operation Want Press Release http://open.salon.com/blog/anonymous_operation_want/2011/04/04/4311_anonymous_news_release

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* 1.13.2011 Anonymous Operation Want blog "Swedens big trade deal for Assange. Who profits most? http://open.salon.com/blog/anonymous_operation_want/2011/01/13/swedens_big_trade_deal_for_assange_who_profits_most

* 1.19.2011 Video - Intro to Anonymous Operation Want

* Anonymous OpWant Swedish cable assessments http://pastebin.com/WXZjb0g5

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