April 16, 2012

#Android Security LegionJJ Anonymous Iberoamerica

  1. First you will want to start your phone to allow root access to a handful of applications that we will be talking in this guide. You can find tutorials on how to do this looking for a way to root your phone model on Google.
  2. With the roots of your phone and overclock your phone, or add new ROMs to further customize or by phone or get better performance, but for this guide is to be used only for the safety of the entire system.

  3. Before the following:

  4. Backup everything that is not saved in your Google Profile. You can check your Gmail contact list at gmail.com to see if your contacts are backed up. Also look at the settings to confirm that your media (images, videos and music [If you are not using Google Music would be a good time to join him music.google.com /]) The process of rooting your phone will result in the deletion of all data. Payment applications can be redownloaded after signing in your Google profile.

  5. Always encrypt first:

  6. The sandwich stock of gingerbread and vanilla ice cream, Google has given an option to encrypt all the phone with a four-pin or password. I highly recommend using a password composed of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks and symbols that is easy to remember for yourself, but it seems random. A sample password: LW0 (1b * E (V

  7. Path to encrypt the phone in action gingerbread and vanilla ice cream sandwich:
  8. Settings> Security> Encryption phone. This process takes about an hour, you must be logged in and have your PIN or password has been done to even begin. You can find this option whenever you change your lock screen. The sandwich stock of gingerbread and vanilla ice cream you can find this in Settings> Security> Lock screen.

  9. If your operator or manufacturer, for whatever reason, such as disabled this option with a cover (as MOTOBLUR Motorola, Samsung TouchWiz, Sprint ID or some Android phones Sprint) to install a new ROM that offers this option. You can easily find ROMs available and how to install it on your phone through Google.

  10. The first wave of shock after root:

  11. After his appearance rooted phone for root application. It looks like a gray skull and bones, but with a head of Android. If you see this you have access to the root and proceed with downloading the following applications, if you have this then you will have to try to get root again with the tutorial I had found.

  12. (We will use long URLs in this guide to be transparent with the links are pointing and showing that it is not tracking code in the links)

  13. Download:

  14. Rom Mod Manager by mechanical -

  15. Titanium Backup:

  16. (Optional) Backup Pro Titanium Key:

  17. Use Mod Manager Rom mechanics to back up your stock rom so if you ever want to return to the rom. This is important if you ever want to uproot the phone. After doing this backup titanium use to schedule backups on your phone. In the settings you can raise levels of encryption and storage of encrypted files on DropBox and if you lose your phone.

  18. Second wave of shock after root:

  19. In the next wave of downloads will protect your data connection at the grassroots level using Tor and Google Open DNS. Like the web version of Tor, you will see a slower response time for any use of data, since Tor is working.

  20. Download:

  21. Orbot: Tor on Android -

  22. Orweb: Proxy + Browser Privacy -

  23. Set DNS:

  24. First open Orbot: Tor on Android and follow the instructions to allow root access then you have coverage throughout the system. Next open set DNS and make sure you are using Google Open DNS DNS or anything else that you feel comfortable using. After you're done with that, open a link in Twitter or anther web-based application and you will see a system that prompts the browser to use. For optimum security you can set the Orweb: Proxy + Browser privacy as your default browser at this point.

  25. Other uses of the safety-minded fun:

  26. TextSecure -

  27. NoteCiper -

  28. Gibberbot -

original in spanish http://pastebin.com/5av0kLJF

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