April 1, 2012

Anonymous Attack China [french vid*/eng txt]

(translated from french video description

[Loading] Press Anonymous "GlobalREvolution" #GlobalREvolution operation. Anonymous Attack in China. Last night were marked by massive attacks of Anonymous against the sites of several servers based in China including the Chinese government. Hundreds of sites were hacked and deface, ...

We recall that if developers and users of DPI (Deep Packet Inspection, a highly advanced surveillance technology) are potential targets, France, through its president, is at the heart of the problem, since we suspect the latter want to use this method of spying against citizens by devious means such as the HADOPI law.

Indeed, under the guise of fighting against piracy, this structure works the same way as a gigantic machine to monitor and censor. We also recall that France is the country of Amesys Bull subsidiary, a company specializing in computer, provided that such weapons digital, to countries like Libya Muammar Gaddafi (Eagle software.)

It thus enables tyrants to commit unspeakable acts against their own people worldwide.

There is currently no host platform secure enough for the oppressed, that is functional and anonymous. That is why we refrained for now redirect them to our networks. However, we work with that promise and then, in the future of défaçes more numerous, more interesting strategically, data leakage and reveal that aesthetics more accessible to the general public.


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