November 4, 2012

Anonymous Message to the Argentine Government. #OpArgentina8N

Anonymous Message to the Argentine Government. (Original in Portugese )

This is a warning Hacktivists Anonymous groups in Latin America.
Madam President of Argentina, these are our demands and the people to whom we belong, therefore intimamos you to take the following urgent measures demanded by mobilized citizens, that the national government should take to restore social peace.
1. The national government must comply with the law, respecting the basic principles of the Republican and democratic system. Framing all of their acts within the Constitution, respecting the separation of powers and freedom of expression.
2. The National Government shall declare an emergency in the administration of justice, applying to the National Congress to impeach corrupt judges and prosecutors, suspending while processing the case to the accused. Also request a waiver of all members of the Judicial Council, a constitutional body for the appointment and removal of judges. Calling new fair and transparent elections.
Should be covered promptly 2/1- vacancies national and provincial courts, now headless due to bureaucracy induced from the government itself and the Council of the Magistracy. 2/2- The National Government will comply IMMEDIATELY firm failures dictated by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, who order and adjust retirees pay wages.
3. The National Government shall declare an emergency Security Ministry of persecution and mistreatment of members of the Security Forces and Armed Forces of the Nation and the provincial ministries, allocating the necessary financial and human resources and putting an end.
Should be discontinued 3/1- Law 24.660, ordering judges and prosecutors cease to grant temporary release and all kinds of prisoners tried and convicted for crimes of rape, robbery, murder, kidnapping, and drugs must. Reviewing the merit of the benefits provided.
3/2- The child arrested for crimes appointees should not be released under excuse of being "minor", but under the current Youth Criminal Regime, chords being housed in schools, with surveillance and security.
4. The National Government will end the labor abuse and / or abusod of all public employees. All public employees should be actually made, respecting the right to administrative and career ladder.
5. The National Government shall appoint a committee of notable independent effects of cleaning up the INDEC, today lies institute K. On the other hand, is reported to the Executive to be declared an end to abuse of the national chain, ruling the advertising of all kinds lining the cycle Football broadcasts for everyone. Leave off the air ultraoficialista cycle "678" and other programs designed to end exclusive government propagandist.
6. The Executive Branch must leave, effective and immediate implementation of mechanisms of extortion against provincial governors. 6/1- The executive must abandon addressing public works projects to the provinces with governors "friendly" towards entrepreneurs and accomplices. 6/2- The National Executive will immediately pay final judgments of the Supreme Court of Justice for amounts owed to the provinces of San Luis and Cordoba.
7. The national government shall cease data collection, bordering on espionage by the Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP-Echegaray) and the Department of Transportation (UP).
7/1- call on citizens to report, in this web-site if your neighborhood, city or town lies a government official, and publish his home. Whether of Deputies, Senators, Judges, Prosecutors, Secretaries of State, or any position with decision on the existence and daily life of each of us, providing all possible accuracy for location and identification.
8. The National Government will send Congress a bill repealing the Act Patria Grande. Driving immediate control of immigration. Expelling immigrants who have committed crimes and / or who are in illegal activity and establishing quotas by region and for those that are would-be immigrants in Argentina.
9. The Lady President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, understand that was chosen to manage the National Trust, but should also know that embezzlement is a serious offense under the Criminal Code.
9/1- For the specific case of the frigate ARA "Freedom", an appropriate mechanism be established with sufficient means for immediate recovery.
10. Failure to find Mrs. President of the Nation, the will to correct the erratic course of management, citizenship organized public demonstrations continued steadily after November 8, 2012. With the sole aim to remind all the political leadership of the country that it does not own property and public resources, but are mere administrators and casual, with civil and criminal liability for their actions.
This Nov. 8, the teams from all over Latin America Anonymous we will be operating on servers and Argentina government sites.
We know their systems and their limited knowledge.
We see and can not see us. We the People.
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Tarry, Government of Argentina.
# OpArgentina8N launched November 8, 2012 18 Hs Arg
We thank the people of our country to all organizations, assemblies, and communities of Anonymous Teams around the world by supporting this operation.

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