November 4, 2012

Cyber Security Tools list 2012 [ #TOOLS]

Cyber Security Tools list 2012

This list is an collection of cyberwarfare and cybercrime tools. Security tools that have been collected from the internet can be found here. They all have an legit and trusty source.
The tools that criminals use are mostly the same tools that security experts use to audit their systems. This goes the same for cyberwarfare and cybercrime tools. Cyberwarfare or hacktivism tools like DDOS scripts are used by pentesting experts to pentest and audit an environment.
Security tools like Firewall Analyzers and password cracking tools are needed to create and provide secure environments. This list offers an wide range of tools: real time protection tools, portable anti virus programs, anti rootkit tools, sniffing tools and several company provided tools.

Cyberwarzone has listed several cyber security tools to help you gain an better understanding of security.
Most of the products you can find for security are paid security solutions. Cyberwarzone has tried to collect tools that are being provided for FREE. So if you need an free cyber security tool then you are at the right address.

Security tools

You can find a lot of security tools on the internet. But it is hard to find the right tool for the right job. Here you will be able to download firewall analyzers and several security tools. Cyberwarzone has listed these tools for you.
If you believe we missed out on a security tool you can send us an message or simply post it as an comment.

Real time protection

Avast! Free
Ad-Aware Free
AVG Free
Panda Cloud Free
Avira free antivirus Free
Microsoft Security Essentials Free
Comodo Free
Fprot (with Returnil) Free
PC Tools Free Free
FortiClient Lite Free
Unthreat Antivirus Free
Preventon Free
Rising Free
Zillya! Free
Digital Defender Free
ClearSight Free
Zoner Free
BkavHome Free
CMC Infosec Free
Clam Sentinel Free
Moon Secure Free

Ainvo Antivirus Free

Portable anti-virus programs

DrWeb cureit
Emsisoft Emergency USB Stick files
Avira DE-Cleaner
Microsoft Safety Scanner
AVZ / AVZ database
Norman malware cleaner
Panda ActiveScan Cleaner
Trendmicro Sysclean
ArcaVir MicroScan
Zillya! Scanner
Spybot Portable
ClamWin Portable
Guardiano Assembler

Anti Root kit

TDSS Killer
Avast MBR Scanner
Kernel Detective
VBA anti-rootkit
Sanity check
Rootkit Unhooker
Bitdefender Bootkit Removal Tool
mbr tool
Kill bootkits
Hypersight Rootkit Detector

Firewall analyzer

Security is effective when you know what is going on in your environment. The most of us protect ourselves with Firewalls, IDS, IPS and multiple monitor tools.
These devices and tools all create logfiles that can be analyzed to
Software Free / Paid Download link
Firemon Paid
Barracudanetworks Paid
Splunk Paid

Monitor tools

If you want to monitor your environment you can use these monitor tools to find out what is happening in your environment.
Software FREE / Paid Download link
Zenoss Core Free
NTA Monitor Free


Do you need to analyze an packet? You can use this packet analyzers to sniff packets that cross your network. You can analyze network problems, detect network intrusion attempts and more.
Software Free / Paid Download link
Wireshark Free

Code Review Tools

Tools to review code.
Software Free / Paid Download link
Rough Auditing Tool for Security Free


Config Review Tools
Tools to review config files.
Software Free / Paid Download link
Apache Benchmark Free
Microsoft Best Practice Analyzer Paid


Database Tools
Software Free / Paid Download link
SQL Server Express Utility Free
MySQL Command-Line Tool Free
Leviathan Free
WinSQL without installer Free


Debugging Tools
Software Free / Paid Download link
OllyDbg Free


Forensic Tools
Software Free / Paid Download link
Mandiant Red Curtain Free
Mandiant Red Line Free


Fuzzer Tools
Software Free / Paid Download link
Skipfish Free
WSFuzzer Project Free
FileFuzz Free
Fuzzdb Free


SAP tools
Software Free / Paid Download link


Backdoor Tools
Software Free / Paid Download link


Brute Force Tools
Software Free / Paid Download link
Hydra Brute Force Utility Free
TSGrinder Free
Patator Free


Truecrack Password cracking for truecrypt encrypted volume files click here
Interception Tools
Software Free / Paid Download link
Echomirage Free


Password Cracking Tools
Software Free / Paid Download link
Cain & Abel Free
John the Ripper Free
Ophcrack Free


Password Retrieval Tools
Have you lost your password and you need to retrieve your password? Then take a look at these password retrieval tools.
Software Free / Paid Download link
Creddump Free
FGdump Free
Pass-The-Hash toolkit Free
PWdump Free


Token Impersionation Tools
Software Free / Paid Download link
Incognito Free
Pass-The-Hash toolkit Free
Windows Credentials Editor Free


Software Free / Paid Download link
Backtrack Free
Hiren Free


Great Tool resources
Software Free / Paid Download link
HackArmoury Free
Microsoft Free
Phenoelit Free
techsupportalert Free Massive tools list

Kaspersky Free Tools

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool free Virus Removal Tool is a utility designed to remove all types of infections from your computer. It implies effective algorithms of detection used by Kaspersky Anti-Virus and AVZ. It cannot substitute a resident antivirus application.
Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 free Kaspersky Rescue Disk is designed to scan, disinfect and restore infected operating systems. It should be used when it is impossible to boot the operating system.
Security Scan
free Kaspersky Security Scan provides a free-of-charge, easy way to find viruses and other threats that may be hidden on your PC… plus get advice on your PC’s security status.

Mandiant free tools


Mandiant Redline is a free utility that accelerates the process of triaging hosts suspected of being compromised or infected while supporting in-depth live memory analysis.

IOC Editor

Mandiant IOC Editor is a free editor for Indicators of Compromise (IOCs).

IOC Finder

Mandiant IOC Finder is a free tool for collecting host system data and reporting the presence of Indicators of Compromise (IOCs).


Free memory forensics software designed to help incident responders find evil within live memory.

Audit Viewer

Audit Viewer is an open source tool that allows users to examine the results of Memoryze's analysis.


Highlighter is designed to help security analysts and system administrators rapidly review log and other structured text files.

Red Curtain

Software for incident responders that helps find and analyze unknown malware.

Web Historian

Assists users in reviewing websites that are stored in the history files of the most commonly used browsers.

Research: PdbXtract

PdbXtract is a tool to help you explore symbolic type information as extracted from Microsoft programming database files.

Research: Mandiant ApateDNS

ApateDNS is a tool for controlling DNS responses though an easy to use graphical user interface (GUI).

Research: Mandiant Find Evil

A malware discovery tool which uses disassembly to detect packed executables.

Research: Mandiant Heap Inspector

Heap Inspector is a heap visualization and analysis tool. It has the ability to collect a process' heaps using both API and raw methods.

Research: Mandiant Metasploit Forensic Framework

The Metasploit Forensic Framework (MSFF) is a proof of concept tool that can potentially reconstruct an attacker's meterpreter sessions.

Research: Mandiant MindSniffer

MindSniffer is a tool that will allow the user to translate snort signatures to either XML jobs or Python plug-ins that can be used to identify processes containing strings that match snort signatures.

Research: Mandiant Restore Point Analyzer

A simple forensic tool to analyze change.log files from restore points to determine the original paths and file names of files stored inside restore points.

BindShell Tools link
BeEF is the browser exploitation framework. Its purposes in life is to provide an easily integratable framework to demonstrate the impact of browser and cross-site scripting issues in real-time. The modular structure has focused on making module development a trivial process with the intelligence existing within BeEF. Some of the basic functionality includes Keylogging and Clipboard Theft.
The become utility changes the current effective, or real, user and group identity to those specified on the command line. The default shell (/bin/sh) is then executed.
UID and GID are specified numercially and do not have to be currently defined on the system.
Lots of fun when playing around with other peoples NFS exports.
A windows utility to encode and decode various encoding schemes. Currently supports Base64, Hex, HTTP URL Encoding and MD5.
Dnetj is a distributed client/server version of John the ripper.
It is operated in much the same way as or setiathome, but is designed to crack password hash files.
ETrace is a configurable static port network tracing tool, similar to traceroute, but supporting ICMP, TCP, UDP and other IP protocols.
Echo Mirage
Echo Mirage is a generic network proxy. It uses DLL injection and function hooking techniques to redirect network related function calls so that data transmitted and received by local applications can be observed and modified.
IA small utility, based on the NMap target specification code, for quickly and easily generating lists of IP addresses.
Does what it says on the tin: Scans the specified address, or addresses, for ICMP responses. Handles echo (type 8 ), timestamp (type 13), address mask (type 17), information (type 15) and router solicitation (type 10) requests.
John The Ripper MPI Patch
This is an updated version of Ryan Lim's patch for john the ripper to support MPI, in addition to a large number of third party patches to support additional ciphers and such.
This program performs multi-threaded reverse DNS lookups. It can be passed a netblock or a file of IP addresses to process.
ObexSend is a simple command line tool to transfer a file via OBEX FTP to a device with a Bluetooth interface. It requires the user to specify the MAC address of the desination device, the OBEX FTP channel and the name of the file to send.
Odysseus is a proxy server, which acts as a man-in-the-middle during an HTTP session. A typical HTTP proxy will relay packets to and from a client browser and a web server. Odysseus will intercept an HTTP session's data in either direction and give the user the ability to alter the data before transmission.
RFIDtool has been designed to perform atomic tasks on RFID tags. This focus allows for the tool to be easily incorporated into scripts to acheive more complex and useful tasks. One example is to load RFID tags with varying data depending up their storage size.
SSLCat is a netcat like utility with SSL support. SSLCat is a simple Unix utility that reads and writes data across an SSL enable network connection.
SSLCat accepts a hostname and optional port number (443 is used if none is specified) and attempts to form a SSLv2 connection to the specified host. If all goes well, data is read from stdin and sent across the encrypted connection, while incoming data from the encrypted connection is sent to stdout.
Screen Shooter
A windows utility to simplifies taking screen shots of either the currently focused window or the entire desktop. Screen Shooter uses configurable hot keys hot keys and supports Bitmap, GIF, JPEG, PNG and TIF image formats.
A quick half-open portscanner. This tool will send TCP packets with the SYN flag set at the destination address. SynScan will send traffic as fast as the host network interface can support.
A companion utility for Odysseus allowing further analysis and manipulation of HTTP transactions.

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