January 28, 2012

AnonSi - Operation ANTI-ACTA

AnonSi - Operation ANTI-ACTA


Hello brothers and sisters of Slovenia. We are Anonymous. We are decentralized, non-violent resistance movement that seeks to restore the rule of law and fight back against the organized criminal class. As we are aware, the real terrorists known as the government, continue to push for full domination and control of our Internet. They believe that it is acceptable to condition and enslave all of us. As proved in America, this just isn't the case.

On January 26th, far from media lights and public acceptance, Slovenian representatives, along with 21 other representatives of European Union countries, signed controversial, emerging, secret Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement or ACTA. With secret ACTA signature, efforts of the Ministry of Justice became much more clear - under the baton of former Minister Ales Zalar, who has pursued the criminal code as it was passing, offense copyrighted works for their own (commercial) needs.

ACTA would impose new criminal sanctions forcing Internet providers to monitor and censor online communications. Creating legal uncertainty for Internet companies, ACTA would become a major threat to freedom of expression online and another assault against the culture of sharing on the Internet. With secret and unapproved signature Slovenia showed that they believe they can successfully get away with passing this agreement, however this will not occur.

We encourage anyone out there, for the freedom of yourself or for the freedom of your brothers and sisters in Slovenia to join our operation. We encourage you to spread the word of ANTI-ACTA far and wide. The top priority is to steal and leak any classified government informations, including e-mails and documentations. If the decision of Slovenian Parliament and the representatives in European Parliament will not be a clear NO, we will disrupt and attack Slovenian government websites, leaking documentations and e-mails. We will show the government of Slovenia that they can not censor the people. To Slovenian government, this is your last chance... reject ACTA or face consequences from the people. OPERATION ANTI-ACTA has begun!

To all Slovenian brothers and sisters - join us on February 4th at Kongresni square (trg) in Ljubljana and at square (trg) Leona Štuklja in Maribor. Come in large numbers and let us all show to leaders of Slovenia we DISAGREE. Let us show that even in a small conutry, there beats a BIG heart that calls for freedom. Let us shout together : STOP ACTA!

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not Forgive
We do not Forget
Expect us.




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