January 30, 2012

Anonymous #Op Music

#Op Music

Universal Music is the biggest music company currently out there. Music companies are one of the biggest supporters of ACTA and I think we should show them that the internet is fine as it is without these laws. If we can get enough people to do whatever it is they can on the dot they might listen to us a bit more. Anything that slows down their business can be helpful and will be appreciated. This will only work if we can convince enough people to actually do this and damage Universal Music. We have approximately 13 days to spread the word. This is all in protest to any laws corresponding to the internet. We can launch any ideas of attacks on February 6th at 4 PM Pacific Standard Time. Current attacks would be anyone who can do hacking to hack the website and DDoS to slow down their business as well as clog up their email and phone lines. All work done is appreciated.


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