January 26, 2012

LegionNET main rehosted (Tumbler/Blogger/Wordpress) still up. #Legionnet

LegionNET main rehosted (Tumbler/Blogger/Wordpress) still up. #Legionnet

http://legionnet.byethost7.com  (main domein redirect to: legionnaires.awaken.nl.eu.org    ( will migrate rest over. asap.)

Tumbler: Legionnet.nl.eu.org

Blogger: Legionnet.inc.nl.eu.org

WP: iLegionnet.wordpress.com 

(btw legionnet.wordpress.com(suspended) most post are accessabe by adding a “i” infront of it :)   most lost posts were recovered.  ))

got a request or advice or intel. or even good secure thrusted hosting

email me at legionnet@cyber-rights.net 

And everyone Can make a post @main site.

Username: Anonymous password: Anonymous 

Type account: contributor

Signed, LGNNET

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