January 6, 2012

AnonTiny V6.4


AnonTiny V6.4


This is AnonTiny V6.4

Anontiny V5.2 
jTorchat updated
Few more links
Internet Radio Added

QtWeb:- web browser over tor (so its a bit more private) (has a few good links)
IRC:- Two nettalk folders. One presetted to redirect everything via tor. One is not presetted to tor(as most IRC blocks tor) (I2p feature requires i2p to be installed before using it)
jTorChat:- It is our instant messenger, preloaded with a few of our members (PLEASE RUN THIS FIRST)
PersonalWiki:- Tiddywiki for you to make notes
QtWeb:- Not super secure, but its pretty small, and is configured to access tor (via torchat) and hence .onion domains
NetRadio:- to listen to web radios

deaddropsWithBBS:- So you can make your own community BBS sneakernet style.
fsekrit:- Self encrypting notepad
Bunch of images
ramdrive :- temporary ram drive
AnonLogo:- same as above
AnonSec:- for anything related to security/protection of anonymous

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