January 15, 2012

Anonymous : Operation BAF/BREIN . Free Belgium


The Dutch battleships are successfully undocked! Great work, unfortunately Belgium has to deal with several ISPs who block our access to sites like The Pirate Bay. This is a direct attack on our human rights and freedom of speech. We shall not tolerate this.

Anonymous will not sit idle while BREIN removes parts of our interwebz. Undock your battle ships!
They should have expected us:
Belgian Anti-piracy Federation

Tel. België +32 2 463 15 10
Tel. Luxembourg +35 22 480 85 87
Fax +32 2 463 14 81

How to fax? Use home or work fax, or one of the free online services:

Wut do fax?

How to DoS? Download HOIC or LOIC ( http://hoic.99k.org/ )
The use of this weapon is easy, just follow the instructions.
The IP is
Join us : irc.anonops.li/6667 #opbelgium
Our population still needs to grow.
BREIN itself caught up in a huge copyright scandal in the Netherlands. Y U no PAY artists you represent?
We are Anonymous,
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

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