January 6, 2012

#Anonymous Operation Nigeria II - #Day4 - Federal Ministry Of Transport Hacked

Naija Cyber Hactivists


Greetings Nigerian Government,

We are NaijaCyberHactivists.

The fetid empire of corruption and consumption that you have created is stifling the lives of hard working Nigerians.
You have sabotaged this country into a monolithic tyranny, yet in doing so made the ties that bind its people brittle.
You shattered this country, liquidating it piecemeal for your own selfish interests.

Nigerians are stirring and with it, revolution is brewing.
Perhaps you see yourselves at the eye of the storm, luxuriating in peace and tranquility while all around is ripped apart and made anew.

The recent cutting of the fuel subsidies by you is the last straw.
Your horrendous actions have crossed the lines.
Your crimes have united this great melting pot into a white hot alloy of rage.

NaijaCyberHactivists are here to offer a gentle reminder:

You are not at the eye of the storm;
You are at the center of the crosshairs!

Nigerians have grown weary of their shackles, your greed having left us with nothing to lose, but our chains…and we JUST DID!

We: students and workers, unemployed and self-employed, bike men, taxi men, traders, teachers, mai-ruwa, barbers, mechanics, househelps, newspapermen, tomato sellers, civil servants, students, business men have ceased to stop wailing.


We will continue a relentless and devastating assault upon the web assets of the Nigerian government till the people’s demands are met!

We will cripple Nigeria’s webspace and bring it to a grinding HALT TILL our demands are met!

We will NOT stop the attacks until petroleum subsidy is returned!


We Are From The Internet

“In source code we trust
We fighting for a cause
To make them account for all OUR money in their purse
MISSION: Hand over the whip to the horse”.


http://www.fmt.gov.ng/ #Defaced

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