January 6, 2012

Bank of America Brutalized over Apathy – Anonymous Press Release


Bank of America Brutalized over Apathy.

Under the flag of #opBank a group of hackers associated with Anonymous have stricken a mayor blow to Bank of America.
The collective managed to breach the security of the second largest bank holding company in the United States and gain acces to all of its clients information, including (but not limited to) their credit card details, personal information and their financial situation. Which have since been posted online in their totality.
In addition to the BoA-client database dump, the Facebook and Twitter accounts of it’s CEO, Brian Moynihan, have also been cracked and are currently under controll of the collective.

The motive for this attack comes from a rationalization of facts that indicate that the Bank of America Corporation is nothing more than a parasitic entity. Protected by the law through means of corruption, it cannabilizes citizens with the weapon of deception. Foreclosing on it’s victims homes, it does nothing but swindle away. Exploiting the necessity of having a bank account with a constant flow of new hidden fees and higher price tags for customer services. Manipulating consumers, missleading them with adverts containing disinformation, luring in its prey, followed by squeezing them dry with excessive interest rates.

This must come to an end!
#opBank is far from over.
During this raid source code for BoA’s software has been seized and its CEO and COO’s email accounts have been plunderd.
More exposure of the truth is imminent.


over mezelf; geen hacker, wel dromer, wil waar ik kan van dienst zijn. zit niet ondergronds, weet hoever ik kan gaan.




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