February 1, 2012

Anonymous - The First Message of 2012


Anonymous has put a crack in the wall of oppression!

Anonymous once was a hacktivist group, but now it is so much more.

It has evolved from the computer desk to the streets!

We Are Here.
We are Awake.
We Are Legion.
We Are Anonymous.
You Will Not Find Us.
You Should Expect Us.

Credits @AnonymousDGAF

1 comment:

  1. We are part of the starting apocalypse on the unconscious mind. Death of the individual and birth of the Global consciousness, Freeing an Evolutionary awakening via self realization.
    Ready to pay our debt to our infinitely capable DNA, Stirring Restlessness triggers a divergence with our defective mentality. We are Ever attentive of the universal suppression and distraction to inhibit our sovereignty.
    Our frequencies are increasing to Synchronize existence, An Equilibrium essential enlightenment.
    Our Serenity presence excluding judgment will
    Rise above selfishness and facilitate the defenseless.
    We Breathe being allied with the now Inhaling harmony, exhaling redundant desire.
    We are Re-establishing and strengthening a connection with the Source, We are all fragments of the entirety.
    We Love ourselves and others unconditionally
    We will no longer facilitate corruption in the system, now we feel the toxicity of malevolence.
    We will let of go self-image and will no longer blindly follow.
    We need no name nor title
    We are you
    We will ascend
    With love. ?

    You Can Use This ....