February 3, 2012

INTEL FROM INSIDE: On #Jan28 #OO #Occupyoakland #jail #usa #shame

On #Jan28, mass arrests occured in Oakland between Occupy members, My freind was there, arrested at Santa Rita prison, in Dublin California, and just account me that:


Jailed in Santa Rita: went to jail 4 days; oh god. just wounded. but oh so so so so so so much stronger, they tortured us psychologically in jail, and i mean really. badly
Jailed in Santa Rita: i dont know if i can handle getting into it too deeply, but i dont mind crying tonight: 50 people to a 15 person cell 32 degrees celsius
AS: oh shit like in syria!
Jailed in Santa Rita: only very very hot water to drink no toilet paper for women, no toilet paper for their period i was on concrete floor for 80 hours
AS: omg!
Jailed in Santa Rita: always far too many people, no one could lay down, too many ppl i stood while the men held the crying boys, they sprayed pepper spray through the air vents when people were loud the guards pretended to open the door every 2 hours, then walked away they told us the wrong time so we had no idea what time it was, they denied someone with HIV his medicine, there were seizures, diabetic attacks, anxiety attacks, only bologna sandwiches. i ate 12 of them in 4 days,the guards watched a girl pee on purpose, looking her in the eye. they hurt my sisters, feelings so very badly and my brothers, my heart is on fire!!!!!!!!!!
Jailed in Santa Rita: i am crying now
AS: oh dear i am crying too!
Jailed in Santa Rita: it was so sad
AS: let's do a video on that
Jailed in Santa Rita: oh please help
AS: sure
Jailed in Santa Rita: i want you to know many of us did not complain: some did not sleep for 4 days, calmed everyone, told jokes, made games out of out of bread, and came out of this stronger than ever, and more militant. they have made a mistake putting us in there like, they have made a very big one.
AS: we will not let them do it again



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  1. Occupy Oaklander speaks about her experiences in Santa Rita


    some nasty nuggets from my 4 day jail experience: we were called "occupy bitches" by a sheriff. 2 of our cellmates, (not occupiers) had medical emergencies. one had a seizure from methodone withdrawal and the other was having diabetic issues. she was supposed to have insulin 4-6 times a day depending on what she ate. she asked for insulin repeatedly throughout the day and by 5pm, the left side of her face started to go numb and her skin looked grey and she was about to pass out. both times we were yelling for a nurse/medic and sheriffs took forever to come. they didn't care if these women died on the floor with us. then i was told that i "need to shave" by an aggro sheriff. i guess my naturally hairy legs would have instigated a riot or something. when another cellmate asked for her anxiety meds she was told she would have to stay in jail longer if she got them. WTF?! then right before we were released they told us we had to submit a dna sample. we are innocent and we still have to give them our cheek cells? if we refused they told us we would have to stay in jail even longer :(