February 3, 2012

#Anonymous intercept #FBI and #ScotlandYard phone call in which they discuss efforts against hacking

The conversation covers the tracking of Anonymous and other splinter groups, dates of planned arrests and details of evidence held by police. Anonymous also published an email from the FBI, showing the email addresses of call participants. The FBI confirmed the intercept and said it was hunting those responsible.

Link to the audio file:




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Subject: Anon-Lulz International Coordination Call
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2012 19:21:49 -0000
thread-topic: Anon-Lulz International Coordination Call
From: "Lauster, Timothy F. Jr." <Timothy.Lauster@ic.fbi.gov>
To: "Reichard, Gerald A." <Gerald.Reichard@ic.fbi.gov>,
"Gillen, Paul G" <paul.g.gillen@garda.ie>,
"Gallagher, Colm" <colm.gallagher@garda.ie>,
"Helman, Bruce C. Jr." <Bruce.Helman@ic.fbi.gov>,
"Sporre, Eric W." <Eric.Sporre@ic.fbi.gov>,
"Buckler, Lesley" <Lesley.Buckler@ic.fbi.gov>,
"Geeslin, Robert C." <Robert.Geeslin@ic.fbi.gov>,
"Plunkett, William R." <William.Plunkett@ic.fbi.gov>,
"Roberts, Stewart B." <Stewart.Roberts@ic.fbi.gov>,
"Brassanini, David" <David.Brassanini@ic.fbi.gov>,
"Stangl, Christopher K." <Christopher.Stangl@ic.fbi.gov>,
"Patel, Milan" <Milan.Patel@ic.fbi.gov>,
"Ng, William T." <William.Ng@ic.fbi.gov>,
"Adams, Melanie" <Melanie.Adams@ic.fbi.gov>,
"Culp, Mark A." <Mark.Culp@ic.fbi.gov>,
"Arico, Nicholas J." <Nicholas.Arico@ic.fbi.gov>,
"Tabatabaian, Ramyar" <Ramyar.Tabatabaian@ic.fbi.gov>,
"Penalosa, Jensen" <Jensen.Penalosa@ic.fbi.gov>,
"Bales, Will" <Will.Bales@ic.fbi.gov>,
"Burton, Kevin C." <Kevin.Burton@ic.fbi.gov>,
"Nail, Michael A." <Michael.Nail@ic.fbi.gov>,
"Grasso, Thomas X." <Thomas.Grasso@ic.fbi.gov>,
"Thomas, Christopher T." <Christopher.Thomas@ic.fbi.gov>,
"Caruthers, John" <John.Caruthers@ic.fbi.gov>,
"Phoenix, Conor I." <Conor.Phoenix@ic.fbi.gov>,
"Hunt, Chad R." <Chad.Hunt@ic.fbi.gov>,
"Willett, Bryan G." <Bryan.Willett@ic.fbi.gov>,
"Patrick, Kory D." <Kory.Patrick@ic.fbi.gov>


A conference call is planned for next Tuesday (January 17, 2012) to =
discuss the on-going investigations related to Anonymous, Lulzsec, =
Antisec, and other associated splinter groups. The conference call was =
moved to Tuesday due to a US holiday on Monday. =20

Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Time: 4:00 PM GMT=20

BridgeTN: 202-393-2430

Access Code: 6513211#

Please contact me if you have any questions.



SSA Timothy F. Lauster, Jr.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

202-651-3211 (w)

202-651-3193 (f)


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