March 11, 2012

ANONTELPRO #5 - 757 Specific Update

ANONTELPRO #5 - 757 Specific Update

While this update is meant specifically for our comrades throughout the 757, if you notice correlations in your area let me know @LLCStr1ng3r


Here in the 757, domestic surveillance convoys are a big thing. Aside from the standard hand signals, the participating police, fire, mil, and other lackeys will mark their vehicles in certain ways. Herein I will attempt to educate you all as to some of the various syntax and specific emblems they use.

*It is important to note that just because a vehicle bears one of these stickers or magnetic decals, that does not make it the enemy. By and large these organizations are good people, doing good things. Unfortunately, individuals among them of dubious moral character and integrity have been subverted into doing the police state's dirty work.

By And Large: Vehicles used by neighborhood watchers or other groups in surveillance convoys often have a few simple modifications. They may have one minor unnecessary light out so their turn signal strobes ultra-fast. They will often have "white" lights in their turn signals or brake lights to make it noticeably lighter than the standard "amber" or "red." In Virginia standard license plates marked XX-0000 indicate some involvement with law enforcement. These tips are from a reliable PD source, and personal experience has vetted them.

Stickers / Magnetic Decals: These are some of the many markers used by surveillance vehs with or without modifications.

Planet Fitness stickers
Wareing's Gym stickers
"red" or "blue" paw print stickers, denoting local schools.
Thin Blue/Red Line stickers, denoting direct involvement with LEAs
Route 12 stickers
OBX stickers
Pungo Off Road stickers
Mile 0/End 1 stickers
"Not of This World" Brand stickers
Monster stickers
13.1 stickers
26.2 stickers
Titleist stickers
Sunglasses/Glasses hanging from rear-view mirror
Crosses hanging from rearview-mirror
Various Churches/Christian Academies logos. (Sep. of Church and State...?)
Various NFL teams (Steelers and Redskins in particular, along with Cowboys, Colts, and Patriots featuring prominently.
Various Universities. Virginia Tech and UVA seem to feature prominently. These schools are heavily farmed by CGCI. Must be nice to be privileged, huh?

As A Rule: Presence of one or more of these stickers/logos is not necessarily an indication that the vehicle is used in domestic surveillance. Look also for hand signals from the driver or passenger, or correlate with the other indicators. If you get matches on several of the criteria, well, you know...

Syntax: CGCI watchers and lap-dogs will often have these stickers arrayed in patterns on windows or the sides of vehicles. Usually a certain number on one side, and a certain number on the opposite. The number 4 seems to be prominent in the vanity plates they use. "WER4LIF" is an example of one they like to use on hard targets. It's all a head game, pay no mind. They're only there "4" as long as we take with the rooting of corruption and purification of the world. Amirite, Anons?


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