March 11, 2012



Make NO mistake, here in America we live in a police state/surveillance society too. As you read this, perhaps even as I'm typing it, the FBI are monitoring internet communications, and operators in the field are providing as much human intelligence (HUMINT) as they possibly can. (The NSA purportedly monitors allelectronic comms worldwide.)An Overview:

Intelligence and surveillance in America is a black industry. It doesn't "exist," nobody will tell you about it, and if you catch a spook, 999/1000 they won't admit to being one. They just happen to be there, doing spooky things.

ANONTELPRO - Or Anonymous Intelligence Program is meant to be an Anti-Counter Intelligence operation. This is meant to be a one-stop-shop for modern anonymous intelligence operators. This means we work to detect, foil, and otherwise defuse the constitutionally dubious efforts and methodology of conventional government controlled intelligence (hereafter referred to as CGCI) agencies; as well as to educate fellow anons, curious onlookers, and would-be AnonInt operators in field craft, agent detection, and spookery in general. Covert or Overt, Intelligence is a fascinating world, and (if you're not in the biz, or have never been under surveillance) reading this blog may open your eyes to what is going on around you.

This blog is meant to be especially useful to our Occupier brethren. CGCI will without a doubt, if they haven't already, infiltrate their ranks. For today, various myths (and vocab that will be in frequent use in later posts) will be discussed. All posts will end with these sections, having content pertinent to above areas of the post. Tomorrow and at later dates, various dox will be highlighted in "digest mode" with links provided, illustrative pictures will be provided, and I will even supply information regarding OpSec and how to better organize and secure a movement against infiltrators. Little can be done about surveillance, except to control what you let them see as best you can, to misinform them, or to let them know you see them too.

Comment or tweet suggestions for topics if you would like anything to be expounded upon in future postings, don't be shy. I'm happy to help. For simple questions, replies may be tweeted instantly, or pm'd.

*An informed citizenry is the best defense against tyranny. Anyone who tells you anything else, is a sheep, quisling, or outright member of the enemy. When water doesn't suffice, you must fight fire with fire.

MYTHS (or as I prefer to say, half truths):

You have the right to free speech. The Clash said it best: "As long as you're not actually dumb enough to try it." Yes, you have free speech, you may not even get beaten or peppersprayed for using it.. You will, however, become a target for domestic surveillance.Occupiers and members of progressive movements across America are discovering this as I type.

CGCI only uses big black GM vehicles with huge antennae. Perhaps the worst mistake anyone can make is paying attention to Hollywood. CGCI drive everything, look like everyone, and are everywhere at all times. Impossible? Nope, the new system has been in place since shortly after 9/11, and it is ridiculously effective. It's basically a national, multi-tiered, interdepartmentally coordinated neighborhood watch on steroids. It employs alphabet soup agencies, coordinated with state authorities, down to your local precinct/neighborhood watch units. Even tradespeople and average citizens are informers in this program. Your cable provider, those lawncare guys, the local pest control people... Even churchgoers. (police love partnering with local churches that targeted dissidents don't attend.) Anyone that has access to property and persons of interest and might be unsuspected is an intel operator's delight for a T/TIPSter/source. The USPS was originally considered for inclusion into the program, but denied inclusion because of fears that their individual carriers would face dire consequences on the streets. (Not all neighborhoods have a neighborhood watch or appreciate police.)

But I'm innocent, never harmed a fly, I could never be a POI. Wrong. You might have said the wrong thing around a source. A cop might have seen you somewhere at the wrong time. You might go to that one website. You might blog. You may have bought a certain book. You might have a security clearance/someone in you family might have had one at some point. You might have been used by the govt unwittingly, or even lied on. Once you become a POI you're a deviant, and you're being profiled. The current domestic intelligence program is akin to a staggering information vacuum cleaner. It doesn't matter, you're a name on a page and there is no white-out. Your only choice is to get informed and fight back, or go somewhere and hide (good luck, CGCI will follow.)

*More Myths In Coming Posts/ Tweet Suggestions for topics @LLCStr1ng3r


CGCI - Conventional government controlled intelligence. This is an all encompassing term for your alphabet soup agencies, state & local police, informers, and military intelligence operators. Yes, if you live in a military town and are of interest to the feds, they will unconstitutionally help too, but most likely on an individual and private basis.

POI - Person of Interest. Pretty self explanatory. anyone CGCI is curious about, which is rapidly becoming everyone. Hence, surveillance society.

Field Craft- Any of the various techniques and skills an agent or intelligence operator possesses to use in carrying out their work. Includes ciphers (yes, I intend to teach you these, including 1 which the CGCI and nobody except the intended recipient can break), symbolism, signalling, lie detection methods, interrogation techniques, and methods of psychological warfare (PSYOPS).

OpSec- Operational Security. In general, keeping your intelligence gathering operation under wraps, but also securing your person or movement against outside intrusion. Think of it as you or your organization's IRL firewall.

*More Vocab In Coming Posts/ Tweet Suggestions for specific terms you don't understand or would like expanded @LLCStr1ng3rA note from the author: I will try to keep this blog updated daily. I will try to respond to tweets instantly/ when I can conveniently.

Tomorrow's Topic: An outline of the current domestic surveillance system and what you may come to expect if you fall under its auspices, as well as how to influence your newfound enemies. (PSYOPS)

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