March 22, 2012

Anonymous: MONSATO - KO in 5 days! #opMonsanto
Anonymous: MONSATAN - KO in 5 days!
  • Monsanto Hungary - total war against (opMonsanto) won the first stage!
  • 2012th 03. 21st 8:30 - For immediate release!
  • "Who controls the food supply controls the people, who controls the energy can control Whole Continents, who controls money can control the world."
  • (Henry Kissinger)
  • Welcome, Anonymous, we are the people's voice has been hidden and cowed. What we wake up and revolt in all we call our people! Many of us, our name: Legion! The corrupt, mankind's enemies fear us, support us to be honest, the heroic and join us. We want to change, and we provide truth!
  • The Hungarian legion Anonymous 2012th 16 March - join the global call for - and successfully attacked on the floor sent to Hungary, a giant Monsanto company contact information for domestic Internet site. Since then, now the fifth day of webszájt unavailable. I hereby announce that the total war against MonSatan first battle won! We reap important victory, but this fight is not over!
  • Why paralyzes why we want to discredit them? This provided the company in 1901, the foundation continued world domination and unprecedented monopoly assailed by the world food market, ranging from the natural course of evolution evolved genetic biotechnology from this change, the world's food to ensure crops seeds of expropriation and, in particular murder poisons, toxic pesticides ráerőltetésén to the producers until the small productive farmers to eliminating the world. This company CRIMINAL activity, associated with his name so many especially harmful chemicals such as DDT, "Agent Orange", aspartame and other evidence of cancer, immediate illness, permanent damage or even death-causing chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, food additives, preservatives, etc.. development, distribution and systematic implementation of a gigantic amount of pollution. This company is the genetic modification "vanguard", the génpiszkált food crops and the number one producer, distributor. This company withholds the results of research on GM crops, manipulative propaganda continue to pay the higher profits in your pocket, buying politicians, to establish a cartel, it works like a global mafia. This company is the planet, nature, humanity, bringing to life a healthy unrepentant enemy of human rights!
  • You are what you eat. If you eat poison, you yourself can become toxic! If domination of the food chain, dominates the world's population - said Kissinger. This is exactly what we see: the food moguls dominated us, poisoned us and famine are held close to a billion people on earth! MonSatan people's basic health is at risk and the nature order of thousands of years to break mérgeivel more than 100 years ago. We can not passively go on to a company breaks the elpusztításunkra, sacrifice their own children's future up in the endless greed, domination and profit-hungry desires on the altar. We, therefore, Anonymous will fight against them by all means! We also advertise total war "Monanto Operation" (Operation Monsanto) address. Our goal is that this company either in Hungary or any one point in the world can not continue to operate! On March 16 invasion of DDoS we advertise them, and we won the first clash, we can reap victory. But the struggle will continue, and we are ready to fight. We adhere to the utmost! As the company's website will be available again, and again we'll slam them down! We will not tolerate further crimes against humanity carried out with particular cruelty crimes. So far, they poisoned us, now we destroy that which comes elpusztításunkra!
  • Anonymous We are legion we create. We will not forget the crimes, the criminals do not bellow!
  • Expect MONSATAN RANK: the end of time!
  • _____
  • Note the Hungarian press, the mádiamunkásoknak, editors and journalists: amazement found that five days is totally silent about this topic. Only the extreme called portal reported on the successes accomplished during opMonsanto, which raises questions. What made this silence? Would not you want the real news, people and information relevant to the facts brought to light? Therefore, we ask you to prove that there exists an independent media in Hungary, which concentrates on the key issues affecting the people! Thank you for cooperation by!
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