October 2, 2012

Anonymous #Mexici #OpTrabajoDigno

  1. Greetings Mexico are Anonymous

  2. The country is mired in a deep social crisis, economic, political and cultural-educational. Worst of all is that this crisis is undergoing a wave of terrible social violence, bloodshed caused mainly by the inability of the federal government with his "war on drugs" and "collateral damage", and leaving one figure close to forty thousand dead, many workers and youth without access to education or employment. A war imposed on the submissive Mexican government for the American empire, with its perverse consequences of political instability and paralysis of the population by terror caused thereby.
  3. The two major bourgeois political parties (PRI-PAN), in fact agree to approve an amendment to the Federal Labor Law. A reform that would come to plunge deeper into poverty to working class Mexican

  4. The federal government continues to pursue a policy that brings disastrous neoliberal greater exploitation of labor, mass unemployment, low wages, poverty and social degradation, reported. In this situation of deep crisis contributed corporate and neo-corporatist unions union. The old union neocharrismo charrismo and have been and are accomplices of poverty wage workers because they have been selling capital protection contracts - "undetectable"
  5. Today there are more than 80 million Mexicans live in poverty and politics Calderon, input, is incapable of solving national problems, such as massive unemployment and underemployment of workers (nearly 30 million), mostly young

  6. Working people today have a government more business and rightwing roots clear. The working men and women faced with a government more and more unpopular employer, a neoliberal government more determined to take away the workers' gains, labor rights negating and destroying unions. "Javier Lozano Alarcón, is a perfect example of this policy Calderon employer. This devastating secretary has publicly stressed his onslaught to trade organizations, such as the coup against the Mexican Union of Electricians and Cananea miners ".
  7. The "president of employment", Felipe Calderon, his economic policy is causing more unemployment and underemployment, most adverse conditions, and low wages of the bulk of maquiladora employees, especially, represent the main attraction for foreign investors

  8. The labor reform by the Federal Executive among other things, states that employers may inform the employee that their services dispensed by any means, including cell phone message.

  9. We reject this reform to be deeply regressive

  10. According to the analysis of Mexican labor law specialist, reform not only generate new jobs, but also lead to a wave of unemployed due to the ease and low cost for employers to fire even if you have many years with the company.
  11. According to Larios, reform is very unflattering to the worker, then along the same mentioned the phrase "in the opinion of the employer", which gives power to the employer to decide whether or not a worker meets adequately commissioned the work and do not, have the power to fire him.
  12. As the day-time, the university teacher said that young people who are meant to help with this modality, "may well earn more begging in the streets."
  13. Moreover, Dr. Oscar de los Reyes, a researcher at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Santa Fe, a specialist in political issues, said that the proposal of the Executive no progress on the issue of transparency of union organizations, in addition to limited the duration of strikes to not continue for an indefinite period.
  14. "It tends (reform) to ensure that the payment of wages not last until the time the worker was fired," he concluded.
  15. According to Oscar de los Reyes, Monterrey Tech specialist, these are two controversial issues:
  16. • Outsourcing. We used to evade responsibility by employers in terms of providing benefits to workers. Then there was reform of the courts around the subcontractor had the same responsibilities as employers. Today, advances to stop reform expressly limited to employers who do not outsource when not guarantee the rights of workers.
  17. • Payment for hours. If not properly regulated, it can be an open door for the circumvention of benefits. I think that the opinion would have to be oriented that while be hired by the hour, that will not be detrimental to the rights or conditions of the minimum wage for normal working hours, which should be improved pay and conditions not decreased.
  18. Layoffs Express
  19. "It suggests that there is no custom notification, which can be done by mail, that can be done through the Conciliation Board. For certain sectors such as domestic work, no notification is required for dismissal, even by mail, or through the board, or in any way

  20. So before and after what I just said take the # OpTrabajoDigno in which we will demonstrate against the reform raised earlier which will only bring more poverty and chaos in our country

  21. We invite you to help and support the next

  22. TUESDAY October 2, 2012 in Internet and spend the targets that day ...

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  25. We hope to see you :) Cheers: D
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