March 11, 2012

ANONTELPRO #6 - Moles.

ANONTELPRO #6 - Moles.

An Overview: Good morning, AnonInts. I hope you're about to have some dericious turkeys... Let's talk about Moles. Moles are known by many names: Snitches, Rats, Confidential Informants... The better grades Undercovers and other Intelligence Operators. The distinction being quality, technique, and skill... All enemies to your operations, however. Money is a powerful motivator, especially in these times. If CGCI is interested in you, they will attempt (and largely succeed since they have quite a bit of money) infiltration of your life. Operational Security is important in limiting what they learn, and ultimately making sure their money was wasted. Moles can be used as weapons against your enemies by feeding them false intelligence. If your adversary has underestimated you, (as I continue to highlight that pigs of any caliber always do) they will never see it coming.

Ways To Detect & Baffle Them:

Lures: Feed every member of your cell something utterly false, sensational, and highly dangerous to the cause. If you begin to catch heat specific to that information, you're working with the enemy.

*Protip: On 2 separate occasions, 2 different CIs asked me if I had ever consumed a human before. Seriously... Weird shit. I told them no, but I'd taste the blood of a slain enemy. (for the lulz) Soon enough I was seeing a license plate 'Y8FLESH'. Snitches be marked.

Live Bait: If you suspect a recruit or member of being one of the higher caliber moles, you will want to use live bait. This means you will give him knowledge of one of your sources, and if that source disappears, you know who the enemy is. You lose a source, but you lose a dangerous adversary as well.

Agents-Provocateurs: If you suspect a member of being an AP, insist they perform their suggestion themselves, first. If they won't, they're cowards or enemies. Either useless, or worse. Get rid of them.

*Protip: Espionage is a game for foxes, not wolves. The more of what you know that you can keep under wraps, the larger advantage you hold over an enemy who openly shows his hand. Show them something to totally throw them off their course. Entice them with juicy but false possibilities for prosecution, and always, always remember that that is their goal.

Maintain your discipline. The CGCI system is the 500lb gorilla. You can't stop playing with it when you get tired, you have to wait until it gets tired. Which requires quite a bit of know-how and derring-do.

As always, @LLCStr1ng3r

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