March 22, 2012

AnonTiny V0.8 - FTP Support


This anontiny SE (Special Edition) V0.8 , is specifically a remake of AnonTiny to help fix up the many complains that people had about the old one.

E.g. Webbrowser cannnot use Gmail. Need more music. Need more telnet. Need updated jtorchat.

Alot of stuff has been removed as well. Such as IRC server (no need). Webserver - as jtorchat has a page system for that.

In addition the extra 'non tor' IRC nettalk was removed, as by now, most IRC servers are okay with tor users.

Well Here it is!

WHATS NEW IN V0.8? : WE NOW HAVE FTP over tor CAPABILITY! (Though the package is a bit tad bigger, and is pushing the definition of Tiny. Know of any good small webbrowser/IRC/FTP, with Sock proxy support?). Also ssl support was added so that you can optionally secure your connection to the IRC server with ssl.

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