March 22, 2012

Anonymous - #OpDemocracyDE
With a love of democracy - Anonymous #OpDemocracy to the parties of the Federal Republic of Germany

We are not a spectator or a receiver or end user or consumer choice, or livestock.
We are human beings - and our influence is beyond your access.
Can handle it.

Online company ... The networked society is beginning to organize themselves more quickly than the parties, which they have traditionally ruled. With the help of the Web, the company is better informed, smarter and more demanding in terms of the characteristics that most parties are missing ....

First The society calls.

Second The society consists of human beings, not demographic sectors.

Third Conversations among human beings sound human. You will be guided in a human voice.

4th Whether the goal is to share information or opinions, points of view represented, to argue or to spread stories - the human voice is typically open, natural and unpretentious.

5th People recognize the sound of that voice.

6th The Internet is enabling conversations among people who were in the age of mass media is impossible.

7th Hyperlinks subvert hierarchies.

8th Both the inter-connected society and in intra-networked parties (pirate) People talk to each other in a powerful new way

9th These networked conversations are enabling that develop powerful new forms of social organization and exchange of knowledge. Anonymous is one of the examples.

10th As a result of this development, the company is more intelligent, better informed and better organized. Participation in the networked society changes people fundamentally.

11th The people in the network society have found each other that they get far better information and more support than by Members and traditional media (no shit Sherlock) So much for the political rhetoric about adding value to their work.

12th There are no secrets anymore. The networked society knows about the work of more parties than the parties themselves whether the news is good or bad, it is passed (or we leak teh shit out of ya)

13th What happens to the company, happens between the participants of the parties. A metaphysical construct is solely between the Company and the participants of the parties.

14th Parties do not speak the same voice as these new networked conversations. In the ears of the sound of them addressed the parties hollow, flat, literally inhuman.

15th Already, the homogenized sound "voices" of the policy - the sound of mission statements and election manifestos - and thus artificially placed, as the language of the French court in the 18th century.

16th Even now reach parties who speak with the voice of Barker, anyone.

17th Whoever thinks the online society is the same company that had once endured the TV commercials on television, makes forward slightly.

18th Parties do not realize that the company is now networked person-to person, so is getting smarter and are in a constant conversation, miss their main chance.

19th Parties may communicate directly for the first time with the company. If they fail in these talks, it could be their last chance.

20th The parties should realize that society is filled with laughter - the parties themselves

21st The parties need to loosen up and take themselves less seriously. What they need is a sense of humor.

22nd Develop a sense of humor does not mean some jokes as Wulff, Eisel Heveling or even run to send. Rather it is about real values, more humility, a clear voice and a really unique position.

23rd Parties who want to "position" should, to take a position. Ideally this position should then have something to do with what the company is interested, such as direct participation in order to prepare an end to the lobby.

24th Bombastic announcements, for example, "We want to be the best for society at XYZ," are far from being a point of view, let alone a position.

25th The parties must step down from their ivory towers and talk to the people with whom they want to build relationships.

26th Public relations is not related to the public. The parties are deeply anxious before the societies.

26th With its distant and arrogant language they build walls to keep the company at a distance.

27th Most of the party programs are based on a fear that society could recognize what is really happening in politics.

28th On suspicion but can not build relationships.

29th Party loyalty is the political version of a relationship. But the separation is coming - and soon. In the networked society relations are finished with amazing speed and renegotiated.

30th The networked society may change its representatives in no time. We will enziehen legitimacy over lunch with one click. That you are not your Legitmation vertretet teaches us to think critically. "A People's Representatives of the people does not represent, what's the point?"

31st The smart company will find ways to defend their interests themselves.

32nd To speak with a human voice is not a fair trick. They can not just pick up on a posh conference.

33rd To speak with a human voice, the parties must address the concerns and anxieties of society - the community of citizens - share.

34th For this they must first of all belong to a society and not to an elite class that does not share the same problems.

35th The parties should ask themselves how far their culture. Acknowledge in particular the culture of their own mistakes and correct. Guttenberg and Wulff is the way, but this is no fault culture.

36th If their cultures end where the community begins, they will have no more voters.

37th Human communities emerge from discourses - from human conversations about human concerns.

38th The community of discourse is the society.

39th Parties that do not belong to a discursive community die, be.

40th The parties have made a religion of their safety. But this is just a red herring. Most parties to protect us from terrorism less than himself before the people who represent them should.

41st Just as in the networked society, the participants also speak directly with one another within the parties - and not just about rules, laws, and election results.

42nd Such conversations are taking place today in the internal circuits of the parties. But only if the conditions are right.

43rd Sites are typically installed top-down, to enforce the party philosophy and other party information. The participants usually give their best to ignore this information.

44th The Internet has to circumvent a rule tend to get bored. The blogs are called into existence v0on citizens who wanted to work together to create something of value - the networked exchange of information and opinion.

45th A healthy Internet contributors organized in many ways. Its effects are more radical than any manifesto.

46th Even though it scares the parties almost to death, they are directly dependent on an open Internet, where vital knowledge is created and distributed. The parties must resist the impulse to "improve" these networked conversations or control.

47th If the Internet is not forced into a cage of fear and rules, it unfolds in a conversation of the networked society.

48th Rigid hierarchies have worked in earlier times, in which strategies and plans more fully understood from the party line and were therefore able to be handed down from the top.

49th Today the Orgchat of hyperlinks, not hierarchies. The value of practical knowledge supersedes the importance of abstract authority.

50th Command structures emerge from and reinforce bureaucracy that still. The result is a paranoid political culture.

51st Paranoia kills any conversation. That is their purpose. But the lack of open conversation kills parties.

52nd Two meetings will take place simultaneously. One in parties. The other with the company.

53rd In most cases, neither of the two conversations runs optimally. Almost always the cause can be found in outdated command structures.

54th When party politics affect these structures, such as poison. As instruments, they are ineffective. The command structures of the society met with hostility and suspicion.

55th Both the discourse and mingle with each other. They speak the same language. They recognize each other by their voices.

56th Kluge parties will not stand in the way and thereby contribute to the inevitable to happen sooner.

57th If the willingness to go out of the way an indicator of IQ, then, few parties have gained in wisdom.

58th Millions of people are now surfing the internet, take the true parties only as flimsy constructs that provide the networking of these two discourses active in their way.

59th That is suicidal. The company would like to speak with the parties.

60th Unfortunately, just like always part of a party, talk to the society, hidden behind a veil of verbiage, their language sounds wrong - and often is.

61st The company does not want to talk to phrasemongers. To participate in discussions that take place behind the firewalls of the parties.

62nd We uncover the veil and talk about ourselves: We are that company. We want to speak with you.

63rd We want your party to access information about your plans and strategies, your best ideas and your genuine knowledge. We will not settle for the four-color brochure, web sites, FB profiles and all that shit from a Zuckergußfassade, but without content.

64th We are also contributors to get to run this country. We want to speak directly about problems and possible solutions, in our language and not in the platitudes of a call statement.

65th As a society and as contributors to death, we feel bored with the information we receive from you only by remote control. Why do we need faceless statistics and market research studies from third-hand in order to meet us in person?

66th As a society, and contributors, we wonder why you're not listening. You seem to speak another language.

67th The inflated, high-handed jargon with which you throw at you - in the press and on your party day - what does this have to do with us?

68th Maybe you're impressing your lobbying by friends. Maybe you're impressing your article the other impressed us not her.

69th If you do not impress us, and your votes will go swimming. Understand her not? If you would understand it, then you would not let you talk that way.

70th Your outdated ideas of "society" have clouded your vision. We recognize ourselves in your designs to reality not again - perhaps because we know that we are already somewhere else.

71st The new world we like much better. In fact, we create it ourselves namely himself.

72nd You're invited, but it's our world. Take off your shoes at the door. If you want to trade with us, then climbs down from your high horse.

73rd Against your advertising, we are immune. So forget it.

74th If you want that we talk with you, then tell us something. For a change, something interesting.

75th We have some ideas that should interest you: new tools, we need better ways. Property for which we would like to use to return to the ideals of democracy back. Have you ever a minute?

76th hr are too busy with the "Politkmachen" to answer our email? Oh my goodness, sorry, honestly, we'll be back later. Maybe.

77th You want that we choose you? Then you should give us better your attention.

78th Come down from your trip. Stop with your neurotic Selbstumkreisung. Take part in the party.

79th Do not worry, you can still make money. That is, as long as this is not the only thing you busy and you should represent.

80th Have you ever noticed that money in itself is somewhat one-dimensional and boring? What could we talk yet?

81st Your Politk did not work. Why? We would like to ask the people who made it. Your government strategy makes no sense for us. We would like to chat with our so called elected representatives. What do you want to say that just are not there?

82nd We want you to 80 million us as seriously as you take one reporter or a camera facing her you really like is a pose.

83rd We know a few people from your store. They're quite all right when we meet on the Internet. Hiding her about it even more? Could not they come out and play with us?

84th If we have questions we turn to other people on the Internet. If you had "your people" not so well under control, then they might have among the people to whom we would contact us.

85th If we are not just your "target audience" are many of us are still people in a more democratic world. We would prefer to talk with friends in the network, rather than to stand up for the future of the country need. Work together for a democracy would quickly take you 2.0 known than even the most chic image site. But it tells us that the conversation is not your thing with the company.

86th We would hope that she realizes what is happening here. That would be really nice to see you what you screwed up. But it would be a mistake to assume that if we sat here and waited.

87th We have better things to do than to make us worry about it if you change your time yet come to grips with in order to come with us this week. You have influenced some of our current life negatively and we will not tolerate this any longer. Think about it: who needs whom? Your only job is to represent us. Does it not, then we ourselves must be represented on the Internet and you may be a manager or even unnecessary.

88th We have real power - and we know it. If you do not see the light at the end of the tunnel can, then we will go another way. Ways in which the interest of the people is represented. Democracy, you know ...

89th Even in the worst case, our newfound conversation is more interesting than any of your shows, real life is much more entertaining as a comedy on television and by far than any of your party websites to which we are so far gone on the road.

90th Our oath is to ourselves, the people - our families, our friends, our new allies, even our sparring partners. Parties who do not participate in this world will have no future.

91st You give out a lot of money for surveys. Why do you könn't then this time bomb ticking not hear? This is even more.

92nd We exist both within the parties, as well as outside of them. The boundaries that separate our conversations seem to us like the Berlin Wall. In reality they are mere annoyances. We know that they fallen.Tatsächlich we work from both sides of the walls of the fact that they fall.

93rd The traditional parties may appear confused and confusing networked conversations. But we are organizing faster than they do. We have better tools, more new ideas, no rules that stop us.

94th We are waking up and linking to each other. We are watching. But we will not wait.

We do not forget!
We do not forgive!
Expect us!


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