March 13, 2012

Giorno a voi #Vatican-Files

  1. The Italian cell of Anonymous hacking collective has leaked personal data of Vatican Radio journalists (Reuters/IBTimesUK)
    The Italian cell of Anonymous hacking collective has leaked personal data of Vatican Radio journalists (Reuters/IBTimesUK)

  2. day to you.

  3. We regret having to announce that your systems are less secure than what you would like to believe, because, while the hype was directed toward the darkening of, we took the liberty to implement a small incursion into your systems.

  4. Unfortunately the outcome is very harmful pervoi, since your Sysadmin (to which both like to tease the hive that is Anonymous) have not done a good job.

  5. When bees are harassed they get angry and chase the intruder with an impressive tenacity, pricking. Today you have been bitten.

  6. Do not suppose you thought to avoid the wrath of Anonymous after the publication by Imperva a pathetic report of an attack on the holy place they call "failure". We recommend rivolgerevi to other companies, because that information was publicly available to anyone with a minimum of familiarity with the web, and secondly because, by making them public, you will get even more damage.

  7. But the reasons that led us to dedicate ourselves to you are not just so frivolous nature.

  8. Without going into the merits of the messages that your radio spreads (we have already expressed our thoughts on this matter at obscuration of we once again remind people LIKE these messages are disseminated.

  9. Unfortunately it is now an established fact that you use repeaters with power transmission largely outside the bounds of the law, and is also sadly note the correlation between exposure to electromagnetic waves of high intensity and the onset of serious diseases such as leukemia cancer, cancer and many other terrible diseases.

  10. Many citizens who have the misfortune to reside in the vicinity of your repeaters have filed lawsuits, following the decline of their health. Anonymous can not tolerate these crimes continue impunti, and we remind you that you are "guests" on Italian soil.

  11. We'd like to see from you tangible signs of concern on this front, perhaps reviewing the location of some of your power and transmission equipment.

  12. Therefore the attack will be extended again ... even just for the lulz!

  13. With anxiety, we all await the excommunication Anonymous official at a public square!

  14. We are Anonymous

  15. We are Legion

  16. We do not forgive

  17. We do not forget

  18. Expect Us

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