March 15, 2012

The operation begins At 21 May At 11.11pm Against 2 webSites how supports Olympics 2014 in Sochi / a large telephone company
2- / russian today tv cannel
you Can join The Anonymous Attack
1-go And Download the program
if you need to knlw how to use it see this vedio its very easy
2-After Download open the program and you will see an (url) box type And then press on (look up) button
3-in the Attack option you will see (theards) with Number 10 changed to 1000 And then Press On the Large button (imma Chargen mah lazer)
4-the Attack Begins And you will see on (Attack status)
the (requested) Starts given numbers That Mean That your Attack sucssfuly began
join The revoltion Adiga Hackers if you want to defend your country joine the attack is better than to stray silent demon in the land of genocide
dance gafa Abaza Chechen bchina Shashan kusha dogan - çerkes song - circassian adyga çerkes adyghe nisashe wedding ancient circassian wered Vancouver 2010 small girl from Nalchik dancing adiga Нальчик площадь Абхазии лъэпэрисэ дигулыбгъуей ...школа№10 ....адыгэ джэгу ЛЕЗГИНКА МАЛЕНЬКИЙ ДЖИГИТ Лезгинка от прикрасной Кавказкой девушки чеченка и дагестанец танцуют лезгинку в Грузии чеченка и дагестанец танцуют лезгинку в Грузии Little Dancing Circassian Boy Kafkas Müzikleri Sayfas Клип "Си Къэсэй" Начесова Марианна Барагунова

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