January 12, 2012

#Anonymous @0xOmer - FREE Saudi`s Credit Cards! Dump2


0xOmar You are fucking gay!
You can call me 0xOmer right now,
My name is Omer Cohen from Israel,
I want you come to me house with all your friends and your country!!!

But you don`t have any friend so shut up!!!!

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Here Saudi`s Credit Cards! - Just for you!!!!:

Full name: Ahmed Raza, Email: arnoori2000@yahoo.com, Phone: 0562213219, Credit number: 4556067328967111, Expired: 10/11

Full name: issam, Email: iismail@jeraisy.com, Phone: 0554787058, Credit number: 4716485763754959, Expired: 2/14

Full name: said shrara, Email: saidshrara@yahoo.com, Phone: 0509834212, Credit number: 5539432786385363, Expired: 9/14

Full name: shafat siddiqui, Email: siddiqui_si@yahoo.com.sa, Phone: 912223063330, Credit number: 4198922193134136, Expired: 8/14


rest here http://pastebin.com/yr5B6rju


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