January 13, 2012

Anonymous - #Operation Red Tape

#Operation Red Tape

January 9, 2012, 10:41

MD5 Global ID: a5846211187776988842eff72cd458bc
Issue: Military, police, and security alike rely on the administrative portion of their career/job to be complete and/or taken care of prior to any mission or deployment. Mission readiness depends on administrative readiness.
Discussion: Current command climate within military units have become tense in the awakening events within the United States and abroad. Military commanders are becoming more frustrated as promotion rates have dropped from 85% to 32% for Lieutenant Colonel to Colonel, etc, expressing their now bitter frustration for what was once a promised retirement. Soldiers returning from Iraq, NDAA passed, FEMA camps established, showing trend of a frustrated military force increasing in the US.
Recommendation: Bring the police force, military, security force to a administrative halt by planting necessary material within their personnel division. This eliminates collateral damage of actual brutality, brings the ordering of water cannons, rubber bullets, riot gear, etc to a halt, as it is a great administrative task to order. Human Resource Command Fort Knox Kentucky is central for the US Army. An administrative officer is known as S-1, G-1, J-1 and is titled a 42A or 42 "alpha".
In order for promotions to be effective in the military, ones ERB/ORB, OMPF and DA Photo must be present (Enlisted/Officer Record Brief, Official Military Personnel File). Several other courses of action can branch off this one tactic. From erasing Generals records (as they are all PDF and not hard copy) at HRC, to altering the shipping course of military supply to a requested destination, as it is all administrative. Hope this is a plausible course of action or this gets the juices going.

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