January 10, 2012



The Anti Agent Association
The current state of our music community is to be ashamed of. Once we were the top of the bill when it came to hip-hop. Once we represented hip-hop for what it really was, it was more than just music, it was a movement, a lifestyle and even a form of education.

But today it seems to us, the concerned fans and supporters that hip-hop and the art of rap is a form of egotripping and dividing the people in different camps. This is caused by the ignorant and self centered behavior of emcees and the fans. Hip-Hop should unite, not devide. We must not forget that we form a culture of resistance together. A resistance against the ruling class who have been trying to keep us silent for years. A resistance against the big corporations who try to manipulate our beloved music into something profitable for people who are already too rich. A resistance against racism, greed, imperialism and violence.

We as a legion of Hip-Hop heads should put our internal beefs aside. Who ever is behind the false press releases, creating beefs and tensions should stop or be stopped if necessary. Because we are forgetting that there is a bigger picture to be focussed on. Don't forget the struggle of the poor and needy, the struggle of the kid who was born in the wrong place and has no hope for the future. We must not forget the roots of our culture and the power we possess as a whole. As a legion we have strenght in numbers, not strenght in ego's.

The Anti Agent Association should have never seen the light of day but unfortunately in our eyes this is the only way to our message out. We also like to thank the activists of Anonymous for their support and help. And we will continuie to operate under their banner. We also want to take this oppertunity to remind everyone who will read this that we are in no way or shape a hostile movement. We are the people and we operate for the people.

We want to thank everybody who has shown their support to our cause and remember that your supporrt is essential to realize a positive change within our community.

"Hiphop is supposed to uplift and create, to educate people on a larger level and to make a change" - Doug E. Fresh.

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  1. S.S addresses AAA and Anonymous and false press and video releases