January 6, 2012

#Occupy Budapest message to #anonymous #Occupy


MD5 Global ID: e879f981f4b3450c22a21dad09b8423c

As you may have heard, my fellows, the gov of hungary is rock & rolling with a chinese style wild capitalist maffia bolsevism for the last 2 years.
The gov is demolishing the freedom of press & elections, so the rights of free men. We are not amused, more like half-angered and lulzthirsty for the wannabe dictator n his company.
Servers of the defunct parliament can be accessed either the www/www2 ./@ parlament.hu
Emails of the members of governing party can be accessed at their personal pages, <a href=”http://parlament.hu/internet/plsql/ogykpv.kepvrip?PCALLMOD=%23KEPVRIP&PCKL=39&PPCS=7&PBIZ=null&PEGYENI=I&PTERULETI=I&PORSZAGOS=I&PMEZO=null&P_SORREND=null”> here </a>

please file complains here.
nota bene, the hungarian population would highly likely appreciate a kind of beware-of-the-free-people hack.
messageboard here:
ocpbp.spam.su (public, but unindexed by all major search engines)


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